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Protesters in Albuquerque had their sights on a statue of Juan de Oñate. On Monday, they lassoed the bronze likeness of the conquistador. Oñate made history by exploring the last frontiers of the Spanish Empire, which he governed harshly before dying on or around June 4, 1626.

After getting a chain around the neck of Oñate’s statue, they began tugging while chanting, “Tear it down.” At one point, protesters took a pick-ax to the monument prompting a member of a so-called militia group to try to take it away. 

Shortly afterward, protesters descended on a Steven Ray Baca, who, according to the militia group is not affiliated with them. One anarchist pummeled Baca with his stake board. He attempted to evade the crowd and brandished pepper spray, which only incensed his attackers further, as people can be heard on camera screaming, “Let’s kill him!” After the mob rushed Baca and began savagely fighting with him, he pulled out a handgun and fired four shots, leaving one man in critical but stable condition.


Authorities have since arrested Baca and charged him with aggravated battery with the use of a firearm.

Of course, you’re not getting the full story from various news outlets nor New Mexico’s Democrat Party leaders.

Per RedState:

The top line of the headlines is now all about the “New Mexico Civil Guard”, and the fact that Albuquerque PD arrested several members of the group at the location of the protest. Today the most notable elected officials in New Mexico are condemning the presence of the group, and blaming the violence on them — with not very subtle implications that they were involved in the episode that led to the shooting. So, let’s identify the players and relevant details about them:

  • New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham (D): Grisham said she was “horrified and disgusted beyond words” by the violence.
  • Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller (D)
  • Albuquerque Police Chief Michael Geier: Geier, appointed by Keller, said that his office had received reports of vigilante groups instigating violence against protesters — and that if proven, offenders would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

While it’s clear that Democrat Party officials want the blame to fall squarely on the “far-right,” even Chief Geier can’t confirm if the supposed vigilantes started the violence.

So how is it again Gov. Lujan Grisham and Mayor Keller that the “civil guard” were responsible for the violence? Where is it reported anywhere that the man in the blue shirt who was attacked, and then fired his handgun in defense of himself, had anything to do with the “civil guard” folks??

We know what the Mayor and Governor would like you to believe — but it looks like they are lying.

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  1. It should be against the law to alter true history, or to destroy true books statues, etc. All have sinned and been wrong at one time or another. Lear from history, but never lie about it or attempt to destroy the truth. That makes you just as bad as your predecessors.

  2. Grisham, you arrested the wrong man! What’s wrong with you? Baca’s arrest is completely imbecilic!

  3. He was in defense for his life. No charges against those beating him with a skate board which can be lethal? Didn’t think so.

  4. ANTIFA and BLM leaders WANT some of their mentally insane followers to get shot for any reason. It doesn’t matter to them whether it’s a home owner who shoots an arsonist or the wife of a 90 y/o man being mob beaten by their peons. They just want them shot so they can get more press. Hey peon…you don’t mind being shot do you?

  5. They have arrested the wrong man! What’s wrong with them?
    ……Baca’s actions were 100% SELF-DEFENSE, his arrest
    ……… completely both, HYPOCRITICAL and IMBECILIC!

    1. It is Ok for socialist’s to tear down our history,but illegal for us to stop them.Comunisium at it’s finest.Vote socialist and this is what we get.

  6. well it seems that they got off lucky, you attack me and you’ll be met with a 45 and you won’t get up ever.

  7. Might just be me but….’Grown men’ with skateboards? Serious? I quit playing with those toys when I was 12-13 yrs old.

  8. This man’s life was being threatened, minimally he was going to get the crap beat out of him and some serious injuries. The use of lethal force to protect one’s life or that of a third party outside of the home remains a legal gray area in New Mexico, and such situations are handled by authorities on a case-by-case basis. Only someone with a demented ideology would find that Mr. Baca wasn’t justified in using legal force, and hopefully, after the proper reviews are done (watch the damn video), Mr. Baca will be exonerated and allowed to go home. The fact that the governor and mayor spoke out the way they did is not surprising in this liberal state, but hopefully they will put their oath to support the constitution ahead of their emotions. Time will ultimately determine how far our country is out of balance. Of course, this is predicated on Mr. Baca following the law and was able to be carrying a weapon to begin with. Wait for the facts people.

  9. Too bad he only tagged one attacker.
    Quite obviously he was walking away when they chased him down and attacked him.
    Time for the purge is near.

  10. More of this will prove a very big point to those little soy boys (and girls) that adult shit is real and acting like children has consequences! WE THE PEOPLE can and will take care of ourselves at all costs. “Scattered like rats” is a fitting statement for those juvenile history deniers.

  11. How come the police apparently made only a single arrest, that of an individual who was seemingly defending himself? Answers required.

  12. Time to push back people.

    If these terrorists aren’t met with force the won’t stop. They are cowards and only brave in numbers and when they face push back, the run away.

    They are not the majority, they are the minority (no racism intended)

    1. Armed, chambered, extra magazine soros.
      Army vet here ready, waitin.
      Just like in the service, lots of wait time. Then all hell breaks loose.
      Revolution time is close at hand.

      1. Joey, my good man…it DOES seem as if the Shit will hit the fan, and that right soon. USN vet here, served during the Cold War. I’m locked and loaded also. I don’t want to be a Communist slave…and I WON’T be one! Go, Joey!

  13. “Grisham said she was “horrified and disgusted beyond words” by the violence.”

    What Bull$hit! But then lying comes second nature to democrats.

  14. The elected DOUCHE-BAG DEMS… have been CASTRATED by these punks.. They are SCARED TO DEATH to do anything tho these MISCREANTS & HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE… TIME to ERADICATE the DEMS, & these SCUMBAG RADICALS… & MAY GOD HAVE PITY on THEIR DEAD SOULS.

  15. I hope people remember all of these issues and when the “come to Jesus meeting ” happens : I hope I don’t hear “How did something like this happen ” ? Keep bending and breaking the rules and there will be a time that there are no rules !!!

  16. The only way racism is going to stop is when the racist blacks decide to pull themselves out and make changes in their own communities. Lets quit playing we do not know the answers. How can you have a society that has 75% of families without fathers, and allow the dead beats to just walk away? How do you expect a child to look to the future when they are scrounging to survive. These kids do not have a chance, and if you really look at it, it has not changed in over 100 years. Why, because of Politics, it seems that the Democrats want to keep them just below the poverty line with outdated entitlements that have never been held accountable to produce results. It is the closes thing to Communism you can get and they want to go even further bring down the Middle Class.

    You talk about discrepancies in sharing the wealth when there is little hope them digging their way out of their situation. Look at the billions that have been spent on programs, non profits, over the past 100 years and then look at the results. The Government has increased, Al Sharpton, and Jessie Jackson and the like have become rich and the Poor are still poor and obligated to the government.

    Actually it is negative results, granted there is a larger population, and inflation, but when adjusted the numbers have increased the poor rather then eliminate it. If for example Planned Parenthood can contribute $500,000,000.00 to the Democrat party, pay their so called leader Millions in salaries, and get subsidized in return by the Government does that not sound ODD. Sounds like a scam to me and even worse a slap in the face to the tax payers. The idea is right, the thinking is right, but the execution is wrong. Al Sharpton has more non profits that all scam the poor and the tax payers as well. Just think what could happen if they were held accountable for results over the past 100 years. We would not be debating Racism at this point.

    Pelosi demands OVER SITE, yet she has it, So I ask “why does she be held accountable for the mis use of APPROPRIATIONS. The last time I checked the Constitution that was and is the Responsibility of the House of Representatives. The same thing holds true for every state in the Union.

  17. Why is the video gone? I’m really tired of having strangers decide what i can and can not see.

    1. They block everything I write. Inexplicably, we agree on every ideological point except censorship.

  18. It is time for these uneducated peons get what they deserve. A rude awakening to what is going to happen to all of them. This is just the beginning!!!! War is coming and they are NOT going like the outcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. The Governor and the Mayor, both Democrats, will lie with impunity as they are protected by a sympathetic press. The American press is no longer the defender of the Republic. The American press has become the lying enemy of the people. Sad but true.

  20. This is a large dose of socialism. Dems are only in it for that soros money..
    Please, America, Wake the F. Up

  21. Is this what Hitler was thinking of racial purity yes it was. This country was founded on Christianity. It was founded on Democracy not facism or communism. Our country has always had an open heart and we are now suffering for it. I don`t understand people who run away from a country. In turn they want to make our country the same as the one they ran away from. It`s the old Einstein theory. Trying for a different outcome while doing the same thing is insanity. If you`re an American like myself I`m only waiting for the word.

  22. Please donate to the ANTIFA lawsuit fund, any fund set up to defend Mr. Baca, and any fund set up to run democrats out of office this November. What is really needed at these protests is a repeat of Kent State. The last sentence said it all, “they scattered like rats when one of them was shot”…. I would care less if I read in the paper that crazy NM governor and his thugs caught the coronavirus with terminal results…

    PS: Buy the Indians plenty of liquor the day before elections to insure they are drunk and don’t show up at the polls to vote democrat…lol

  23. You must realize that Albuquerque is now sending Social Workers out on 911 calls instead of Police! This will not end well and we shall see! Lived in Albuquerque almost 50 years ago and loved the town. Now you couldn’t pay me to live there, sadly!!

  24. Man is attacked my unreasonable mad crowd hit with skateboard and generally life is in jeopardy, hell yes he has every right to defend himself and the video’s show people enticing harm to him so its a closed case he didn’t have a choice or bodily harm would have been the end result. It’s going to come down to innocent Americans are getting sick and tired of the spectacle of rioting anarchists destroying our history and attacking mainstream American principles and the end result we will stand up and defend ourselves and our culture.

  25. I often wonder what goes on in the minds of those who feel a need to destroy public property to make their point. They seem hysterical and deranged. Most people are offended by one or more publicly funded statues, monuments and other works of art. But only a relative handful actually wield sledge and fuel. I’m on the brink of believing these fools cannot be changed.

    Perhaps those who vandalize or destroy are too stupid to recognize that destruction of monuments magnifies the fame and prestige of the historical events they represent. Perhaps they don’t know this because they don’t read enough history. Perhaps they’re misguided bigots who hate everyone who respects anything. Regardless, they’ve not bolstered any respect for their own causes that might have existed before these stupid tantrums.

  26. I believe in Law and Order but if people keep bowing to the extremists and they’re not held responsible for their violence it will cause an uprising of Good against evil.That man who was trying to preserve history has his rights too. When they attacked him, a lot more of them than him, if he hadn’t pulled out his firearm these evil pigs would have killed him. If the evil comes to my town with my NO Trespassing signs up with intentions of looting, burning, destroying my property or bodily harm will meet my Doberman & my 2 friends- Mr. Smith, Mr. Wesson

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