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A San Francisco lawyer has filed the first lawsuit against Antifa, days after President Trump tweeted that the extremist group would be designated a terrorist organization.

Attorney Harmeet Dhillon explained the details of her latest lawsuit to Fox News’ Laura Ingraham last night.


Fox News’ Yael Halon reports:

Dhillon filed the lawsuit on behalf of journalist Andy Ngo after he was repeatedly attacked in 2019 while covering the violence incited by the group in Portland, Ore. On one occasion, the lawsuit claims, Ngo was beaten by a mob that continued to harass him as he attempted to walk away.

Dhillon told host Laura Ingraham that Ngo “continues to be stalked” and claimed the Portland authorities “continue to do nothing” to protect his safety.

“By the way, that includes the United States attorney who I spoke to at the beginning of the process,” she said. “We waited several months and this is a job for law enforcement because … law enforcement has the tools to go surveil and get warrants and all of that.

“It should have been law enforcement doing this action, not me,” Dhillon said, “but because they refuse to do that, we cannot let Andy continue to live under these threats.”

Support the Landmark Lawsuit Against Antifa


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  2. Why wont ANTIFA come to PA? Because they will all get Xteminated by the Gun owning Citizens. The United States needs to take out George Soros because he is the one funding ANTIFA the Terririst group so sines Soros is funding Antifa that means George Soros should be taken out as well because that makes him a terrorist as well.

  3. Freedom of the press will be changed under Democrats. Only those who report the “right” way will be protected and not allowed to be killed by the thugs.

  4. In order to file a lawsuit you have to have a person to serve. Serving an organization requires some sort of petson responsible to tecieve notice. Since they have named ANTIFA a domestic terror group it should be easy to find them for service. He will already be in jail right? Oh, that’s right Soros has Democratic immunity. Good luck with that.

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