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The state of California, under the order of California Governor Gavin Newsom, has been at the forefront of the movement among many blue state governors to impose draconian lockdown measures on their otherwise law-abiding citizens. Lockdowns that very well may be an infringement of the Constitutionally granted rights as American citizens. Rights that, according to America’s own founding documents, are granted not by the government but rather, as Thomas Jefferson famously noted, by “nature and nature’s God.”

Recently, however, as the lockdowns have dragged on and on, depriving millions of not only their natural rights but also, in many cases, their livelihoods as well, citizens have started to push back against the measures. 

Citizens across California gathered in cities throughout the state on Friday to exercise their Constitutionally granted rights of speech and assembly in order to demand these measures finally end. 

Yet in spite of the inherently legal and peaceful nature of the protest, the state responded with a massive show of force, with hundreds of baton waving police dressed in full riot gear ready to use force to disperse the protestors. 

In spite of the authoritarian response, which was meant to intimidate protestors, a lone Marine took center stage to directly oppose the absurd order and fascist response by the police.

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Jake Walker has written for American Action News since the summer of 2019. His passions include geopolitics, history, and contemporary American politics. Jake's arrival in Washington, D.C. followed a rural New England upbringing in a tight-knit family.


  1. I’m confirming that I Grace karausky is a register voter in Began Country, NEW JERSEY…

  2. We have a duty to do what is right. Not what we are told to do. What would our founders think of us today? I think they would be ashamed.

    1. Protesting is given RIGHT – so the government bans protest that are against the government. The Congress votes for and approves it’s own pay raises and Rolls Royce benefit packages including the best health care plan in the world – ALL paid for by the taxpayers who are prevented from protesting. And the Democrats demand more government control over YOUR lives!! Wake Up!!

    2. Protesting is a given RIGHT – so the government bans protest that are against the government. The Congress votes for and approves it’s own pay raises and Rolls Royce benefit packages including the best health care plan in the world – ALL paid for by the taxpayers who are prevented from protesting. And the Democrats demand more government control over YOUR lives!! Wake Up!!

  3. The answer is clear; don’t mess with a person who is a true patriot ( correct by the meaning of the Constitution ) and is a Jarhead. I’m 73 and was a Jarhead for four years ( Viet Vet ). The attitude never changes. Freedom and representative Democracy is our whole ‘being’ as to things of this earth. It will NOT change. And we DON’T quit.
    Fight with decency and respect; make sure to be correct and never give up! EVER!

    1. Griff Pritchard, Semper Fi. from a retired U. S. Army Vet and a father of three Marines, Grand father of two active Marines. Patriotism is in our blood. I commend you for your courage and attitude of tenacity. oooooorah!

    2. Eloquently put Griff. These wanabe ***** have no clue about who or what they are dealing with in America. Too much blood of patriots shed for our freedom over the past 243 years. Semper Fi Brother. USMC ’60-’64.

    1. Agreed!
      And this jazz won’t just be limited to dealing with COVID 19.
      Be ever wary of any and all slippery slopes!
      The Marine is a true, born leader.
      There IS a Constitutionally guaranteed right to “peacefully assemble!”
      And Americans by and large DO have good judgment, possess common sense, and are quite capable of taking care of themselves! I’ve seen it in my own neighborhood!
      Real Americans never have liked dictators.

  4. Thank G-d for people like this Marine. The demorats have to be exposed for their plan to destroy our economy and the lives of average citizens. They only care about their power and control. They disdain our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  5. Just wait until one of these jack booted thugs kills an innocent civilian? What do think might happen? Semper Fi!

    1. The US has been a fascist state / police state for years. It is just now becoming a little more obvious to the sheeple.

  6. People are beginning to wake up to what the government is doing to the people. This is all a plan to bring the people to their knees run by the billionaires that are slowly taken over this country.

  7. Having seen how this site works, this will probably not be posted, but here goes.

    Headline from an article in AAN, American Action News, a far right rag or “bullsheet.”

    Lone Marine Bravely Defies Democrat Governor’s Lockdown Police

    Sorry, but this is pure crap. First of all, what is the relevance of the description “lone” (there may very likely have been other Marines in the crowd), and where is the so-called “bravery” of standing behind a hundred people or so and yelling at cops through a bullhorn? Secondly, these are not “LOCKDOWN POLICE”; these are the same “blue lives” that “matter” so much to hypocrites when they have actually done something wrong, like killing an innocent and unarmed person. Your marine is a liar and so is this article.

    These policeman have done nothing wrong, and they have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. They have simply equipped themselves with gear to protect their lives from the potential threat that is ever present in such gatherings. They are standing peacefully. They have not threatened anyone. They are not brandishing their weapons. They have not attempted to disperse the crowd. They have legitimately been turned out to protect our public property and to protect the lives of innocents as well as those who might very well threaten the lives of others in the guise of protest (as has so often happened in the past).

    It is comforting, at least, to see that despite the genuine fear, trauma, and deep misunderstanding of this group, they do not appear to be waving Confederate flags or **** symbols that have accompanied so many of these demonstrations across the country. Of course, they may well have been at this one, too, but it would not serve the pretense of this AAN article to show them if they were there. If, in fact, they were not in evidence, that is one small bonus point for Californians.

    This crowd does NOT have the right to invade the state house. Furthermore, as you can see from this video, they have in no way been prevented from exercising their right to peaceful protest. Anyone who calls this Fascism is too ignorant to argue with. We have definitely seen movements toward Fascism and demagoguery, but not from the Governors who actually took careful and considered actions to prevent millions more people from becoming deathly ill or dying long before the current Federal government did ANYTHING! They followed the advice of scientists and doctors and took careful and sensible, though difficult and daunting, measures to protect people. And reasonable and knowledgeable people have complied.

    Defiance of science is not courage. It is stupidity. Refusing to social distance is an abuse of freedom. It is license, not liberty. Despite this article’s hypocrisy, these people are not being courageous when they whine about the reasonable attempt by the governor and the county supervisors and the mayors across California and this nation to protect the public health.

    I have attended many protests, and I’m sorry to say that these protestors are dupes. They are following the instigation of a disgraced president and administration who have completely failed this country in a time of crisis. It is a failure brought about by consistent lying and denying and a failed philosophy of giving to the very wealthiest individuals and corporations and screwing nearly all of the rest of the people in this country. These protestors are the dupes of wealthy right wing organizations and pundits who are not actually at these rallies, but who use their millions and their media pipelines to con ignorant people into threatening their own lives and the lives of others so that those wealthy can make millions more despite the potential suffering, including the death of untold thousands.

    People are hurting and scared. Businesses may, in fact, have been lost, and the same may happen to many others. People who have little or no savings have lost their jobs, and because the system has been rigged against them by the very people that they are blindly following, they may very well be desperate. This is precisely the time that the government “of the people, by the people, and for the people” should be mustering ALL of its potential, the “greatest in the world,” to be helping the people. In fact, this administration and the Republicans in Congress have been doing exactly the opposite. “Let the states go bankrupt!” declares the Republican Senate Majority Leader. In other news, let giant corporations steal all the money designated for SMALL businesses. Force small businesses to reopen so that workers must go back to work in order to eliminate their access to the unemployment insurance that they have earned. Force workers to go back to work under the same conditions in which hundreds of their co-workers have caught the virus, and many have died. Instead of protecting workers, pass laws that indemnify companies and corporations even if they openly defy logic, science, and medical advice and their workers catch the virus or die. Open up the country to help our election and our bottom line, and the public health be damned.

    Believing that doctors and scientists are conspiring to enslave you is not only patently absurd, it is simply incomprehensibly stupid. These foolish conspiracy theories are propagated by the same corrupt, craven, failed politicians and pundits who tell you to “liberate” your state so that they can bolster their chances of reelection by sowing dissension, discord, and division when we should be fighting this devastating pandemic together.

    One final example. Imagine that you have a gun. You do not know if it is loaded, and under these specific circumstances, you have no way of determining whether your gun is loaded or not. Does the constitution or your right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” give you the right to walk down the street and point the gun and pull the trigger at every passerby? These individuals who gather in these demonstrations “for freedom” and “against tyranny,” who do not practice social distancing in a large group of strangers, and who do not wear face coverings, are your walking guns.

    Most of them do not and cannot know if their bodies are loaded with a deadly virus. They cannot know because the Federal government has done and is doing an incredibly inadequate job of testing them to find out if they are “loaded” with the virus. Even if they know that they did not have the virus when they arrived (doubtful), in a gathering like this, they are engaging in the very behavior that could well become deadly, not merely to themselves but to many others, both loved ones and strangers. It is NOT tyranny to insist that, as the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States declares, we “promote the general Welfare.” In this case, “general,” means everyone, not merely the privileged few.

    “The Greatest Threat to Democracy is Hypocrisy. Seek Truth! Speak Truth!” Tim McMullen

    1. Your diatribe(full of lies) was posted. Whenever there are a host of Gestapo in tactical gear all lined up, there is a very good chance of violence. Unless of course, you are AntiFa–the cops just let them go about beating and maiming the passersby. The cops need to understand that we will only be pushed so far. Then, all hell is going to break loose.

      1. Typically, Joe, you accuse my comment of being “full of lies,” yet you don’t cite a single one. A quick question, are all policemen “Gestapo”? Clearly, it is not the tactical gear that “makes” them Gestapo since you call them “Gestapo in tactical gear.”

        Should an angry crowd being goaded into imprudent action by liars and cowards be allowed to storm the state house? (By the way, if they were “libtards,” without a single gun amongst them, would you call them a crowd or a mob? Hmm?).

        How about those armed cowards in Michigan who paraded in the gallery while the legislature was in session, some of whom, with guns, actually attempted to get onto the floor of the chamber itself? Even Scalia’s absurd and illogical decision in Heller argued that guns should be forbidden in many places. Those guns were absolutely intended to intimidate. They had absolutely no other purpose. In fact, that armed mob was much more akin to the Brownshirts in **** Germany and the Blackshirts in Fascist Italy than the police defending the State House in California could be called “Gestapo.” That’s history. You could look them up.

        Finally, Joe, tell me just how you folks in Texas or Michigan or anywhere else in this country have been “pushed too far.” Seriously! Assuming that you are actually willing to engage in rational dialogue—which is the only way that we will ever be able to find common ground and work together to control this pandemic and protect millions of human lives—can you tell me this: Do you or does anyone else have the right to knowingly infect someone? The answer is no; that is literally a crime.

        We pass many laws that are designed to prevent people from harming others, whether that harm is intentional or unintentional. Does an individual’s reluctance to wear a mask or to stay 6 feet away from others or to have limited access to crowded public venues override the government’s legitimate constitutional requirement to serve the “public welfare”? Is that truly a greater infringement of a constitutional “right” than the willingness of individuals knowingly or unknowingly to infect others?

        Do those who wish to be protected from the virus and who wish to have the government accept its legitimate responsibility and fight the virus with all the means at its disposal (this group, according to every poll that I have seen, is the vast majority of Americans), does that vast majority have fewer or lesser rights than those politicians or their acolytes who are perfectly content to have many millions be infected with what appears to be a truly horrendous virus for most and an absolutely deadly virus for what could well be many hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Americans? This question truly requires an answer.

        I repeat my statement from the previous comment:
        People are hurting and scared. Businesses may, in fact, have been lost, and the same may happen to many others. People who have little or no savings have lost their jobs, and because the system has been rigged against them by the very people that they are blindly following, they may very well be desperate. This is precisely the time that the government “of the people, by the people, and for the people” should be mustering ALL of its potential, the “greatest in the world,” to be helping the people.

        Using scientific knowledge, medical knowledge, even our understanding of psychology, sociology, and economics, we should be doing everything that we can to get through this together. “Let me do whatever I want and screw everyone else” is NOT an act of courage. “I don’t care who dies as long as I can sit in Starbucks or Waffle House and cough on people all I want” is not a battle cry for freedom. It is petty, selfish foolishness. “I don’t believe that the virus is really much of a problem at all because the president and FOX and Limbaugh and Jones told me that it’s all a big lie by libtards to defeat the president” is simply gullible ignorance on an unimaginable scale.

        “I don’t care if millions die due to a horrendous resurgence of this deadly virus in a few months (as the doctors and scientists predict if we open prematurely) as long as we pretend that the economy will come screaming back so that I can get re-elected,” is not the rationale of a politician who should be followed by ANYONE!

        “All hell is going to break loose” because people are being asked to work together to do their part to save lives. Because they are being asked to wear face coverings in public? Because they are being asked to stay a reasonable distance from others? Because of these minimal patriotic expectations “all hell is going to break loose”?

        Because this administration dismantled services that were in place to respond quickly to such disasters? Because they ignored, downplayed, and outright lied about this pandemic for MONTHS? Because this administration refused to actively respond to the danger while interfering and contradicting the states who were forced to respond on their own to this NATIONAL crisis? Because those governors, county supervisors, and mayors were forced to take much harsher steps because the federal response was intentionally delayed, outrageously inept, consistently counterproductive? These are the reasons that “all hell is going to break lose” against the cops and the state governments? Really? Tell us again about this “freedom” and this “bravery” that demands all hell break loose under these current circumstances.

        By the way, I am actually impressed that AAN posted my original comment. I await your response to these comments as well.

  8. Welcome to government control over the people. ( Communism ) Step 4 of the Karl Marx Communist Manifesto. Total government control. Covid-19 in charge. Just the beginning. God help us all.

  9. Let the Revolution begin. ANARCHY RULES! I’ve been a doomsday prepper since 1980. Long before anyone ever heard that terminology. I’m prepared.

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