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The latest Michigan primary poll shows former Vice President Joe Biden with a 24-point lead over Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders with less than a day until the polls open.

Attempting to reclaim its previous frontrunner status, the Sanders campaign hired civil rights activist Phillip Agnew to make inroads with minority groups, particularly African Americans, who heavily favor Biden.

Unfortunately, for Sanders, Agnew has a long history of spewing hateful, anti-American rhetoric on social media.

Per Twitchy:

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  1. Read B.S ( Bernie) is hiring more people who are anti American. With strong left leaning communists. Liberal socialist ideas & activities in the pasted & present.
    Do not be fooled by him.
    I feel sorry for those who think he is a democrat
    Lets face it the whole democrat party has had nothing to offer the American citizens, But lies for decades while that fill their own bank account on the backs of the American citizens
    Think about it when you vote. .
    No one has returned their salaries to the American citizens since JFK till now with President Trump. Think about that long & hard when you vote
    We are now still supporting 3 democrat Ex-Presidents & 1 Republican Not one of them have offered to return their salaries or pensions & perks to the American citizens. Two of that 4 should be in prison.
    Remember that when you step into the polling booth

  2. This clown even talks about his “comrades,” i.e. fellow travelers. He is a dangerous snake-in-the-grass. Bolshevik Bernie has completely taken off his mask.

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