As Elizabeth Warren ascended into the upper echelon of the Democratic Party, the Massachusetts Senator quietly transferred the royalties she earned from oil and gas companies to her children. 

The Daily Wire’s Ashe Schow explains:

The Wall Street Journal editorial board used its latest editorial to remind readers that in 2011, Warren’s husband, Bruce Mann, sold his interest in “all of the oil, gas, and other minerals” throughout properties in Latimer and Pittsburg County in their home state of Oklahoma. The person who purchased the deed to was none other than Warren’s son Alexander. The effective transfer date of the royalties was two weeks before Warren announced her candidacy for senate in Massachusetts. [emphasis added]

In 2014, the Journal reported, there were more transfers as Warren’s “political profile was rising.”

“‘We are on the cusp of a climate crisis,’ she told the Senate that March, ‘a point of no return that will threaten our health, our economy and our planet.’ Two months later, deeds dated May 19 say Ms. Warren conveyed to her two children, Alexander and Amelia, her mineral rights for lands in Okfuskee County and Hughes County, amid the Woodford shale field in the state’s southeast,” the Journal reported.

“One of those Hughes County parcels appears on oil-and-gas leases from June and July 2017, signed by Alexander and Amelia, along with Ms. Warren’s three brothers. The agreements allow exploration and drilling on an 80-acre plot in exchange for royalties on any potential output. The leases had an initial term of three years, so they would appear to remain in effect through this summer,” the outlet continued.

One of the companies linked to Warren has a history of environmental and leasing violations to the tune of $17 million in fines since 2007.

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