By Federalreserve - April 29, 2020 FOMC Press Conference, Public Domain,

Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Repubkicans are demanding a hearing with Federal Reserve Board Chair Jerome Powell and FBI leaders after a new report revealed Communist Chinese influence and information theft at U.S. Federal Reserve Banks. 

Despite being told of the information theft and influence campaign, Federal Reserve officials appear to have done nothing.

“We write today regarding the troubling issues raised by the recent Minority Staff Report from the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs (HSGAC) highlighting China’s influence and threat to the Federal Reserve System of the United States,” the senators write/ 

“As the committee charged with oversight of the federal government, HSGAC should act on the Minority Staff Report and hold a hearing with Federal Reserve Board Chair Jerome Powell and leadership at the FBI to get answers on these urgent and sensitive matters, and to better understand the next steps in responding to this threat. The American people deserve nothing less than full accountability from their government, and we urge you to take up this matter and hold a public hearing on this report.”

That report detailed a 10-year-old campaign by China carrying out “sustained malign influence and information theft campaign against the U.S. Federal Reserve System, taking advantage of America’s open and collaborative research practices.”

It concluded “the Federal Reserve lacks policies and procedures sufficient to prevent many of these malign influences and collection attempts.”   

“The report further notes that in May 2020, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) provided the Federal Reserve with ‘a number’ of policy and procedure recommendations ‘to assist in mitigating Chinese malign influence and information theft.’   The Federal Reserve, however, has not implemented the vast majority of these recommendations,” Committee Republicans note.

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  1. So much corruption in our government and govermental agencies. Where does it all end? W#ho is going to step up and call these corrupted agencies and people out? Or is everyone in the DC swamp so corrupted that they are afraid to rock the boat? I fear that that is the case.

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