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Even as President Joe Biden falsely claims energy prices are high because oil and gas companies stopped drilling, the Biden administration this week announced a shutdown of oil and gas drilling across 35 million acres of the U.S.

“The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) announced its plans to stifle oil and gas development across Colorado on 8.3 million acres of BLM-managed and 27 million acres of subsurface mineral estate under the guise of ‘safeguarding’ big game migration,” reports Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO.)

“Biden’s latest Colorado land grab is another example of this radical regime’s deliberate assault on American energy and the economy. While Coloradans are facing historically high gas prices, the Biden regime is using every excuse and tactic in the book to block responsible domestic energy production,” said Boebert.

“Instead of creating affordable gas and jobs under the highest standards in the world, Biden would rather fly with his entourage overseas to beg and fist bump the Saudi Prince to try and convince him to produce more foreign oil,” Boebert notes.

“Mayor Pete’s solution for high gas prices is to tell Americans to just buy a new electric vehicle. They couldn’t be more out of touch. I encourage everyone that is tired of wildfires and high gas prices to submit a comment in opposition to this Colorado land grab,” said Boebert.

Boebert notes Americans can submit comments in opposition through September 2, 2022, by mailing a letter to BLM Colorado State Office, Attn: Big Game Corridor Amendment/EIS, 2850 Youngfield St., Lakewood, CO 80215.

The Biden scheme also shuts down timber harvesting, leaving millions of acres now vulnerable to deadly wildfires.  Radical liberals have openly promoted using the threat of wildfires to remove human populations from much of the middle of the country.

Biden’s BLM Administrator, Tracy Stone-Manning is a confessed ecoterrorist, having confessed to FBI agents in 1989 she planted metal spikes in trees in the hopes it would cause loggers’ chainsaws to explode, causing injuries or death.  Stone-Manning also threatened to kill federal agents before flipping and testifying against other ecoterrorists.

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  1. You can’t tell me now that the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue isn’t a foreign agent he’ll bent on destroying America.

  2. Commie Joey is doing the Worlds Communist a favor for getting him fraudulently ensconced in OUT WITH HOUSE and now he is paying them back by destroying this Nations economy and Military.

  3. And while Americans are distracted by this crisis, the DAVOES ACCORD is taking hold. Signed by bidens own hand. Be happy peons America

  4. Deliberate sabotage of the American energy sector for political purposes. The average American is paying the price.

  5. Do you ignorant brandon lovers not realize that a barrel of oil pumped and used does not matter if it comes out of the ground here or Saudi Arabi or Slobovia. It is the same amount. It just screws up the economy here. If you buy a gallon of gas in Georgia and drive it out in Virginia, it is still a gallon burned. brandon goes to other countries (most of which hate us) begging them to pump more oil. Maybe you think that the bad stuff disappears whilst it is in transport. As one Earl Pitts says “wake up America”.

  6. Business records from China’s National Credit Information Publicity System continue to identify Skaneateles as a 10% owner in BHR, and U.S. business records have listed Hunter as the only owner of Skaneateles. China owns the bidens.Never forget lead painted toys, fxxxed up dry wall,poison pet food, the virus,this is what America got fro China.

  7. State Governors should resume drilling, fracking, and anything else on non-Federal lands and ignore all regulations and then ignore any Federal Courts. It’s well past time when Governors, Legislatures, and anyone that can combats Biden’s and Congress’s destruction of America.

  8. The USA has the Most and Highest-Quality (e.g., light sweet) Oil in the World – More than the Entire Middle East and Enough to Supply the Entire World’s Needs for the Next 2041 years as the current best estimate!

    It is simply Insanity and Foolish Democrat / Environmentalist Policies that are Cheating Americans and Destroying their Economy which is Only Justified by their False & Unscientific Claims of an Impending Man-Made Global Warming Crisis due to CO2 for which there is Absolutely No Factual or Rational Scientific Justification!

    The Progressive & Democrat Leftist Ideology’s & Environmental Global-Warming Alarmists are Simply Lying to the Public or Parroting their False & Unscientific Claims – When Solid Scientific Proof exists showing that Today’s Climate during the current 11,600 years of this Interglacial Period (called the Holocene Period) is one of the Mildest in our Earth’s long 4.6 Billion years of existence.

    Science has solid scientific proof that our Climate is “Insensitive” to Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels of atmospheric concentrations — CO2 is Essential to All Plant & Animal Life on Earth and certainly Not a Threat!

    It is merely a Progressive Ploy to Impose a One-Party Democrat Fascist Socialist Tyranny on the Citizens of the USA and Justify their Inane, Unaffordable and Unjustified “Green New Deal”.
    Biden & the Democrat / Environmentalists ARE RESPONSIBLE for curtailing and demolishing the USA’s Energy Sector creating both Rampant Inflation and Soaring Gas & Energy Prices including the cost of Electricity and Food!

    Trump created a roaring Economy & USA Energy Independence with low-cost Gas and other forms of energy including the ability to profitably export Oil, Gas and Natural Gas to supply the world — Denying Russia its main source of Revenue!

    Here are the scientific true facts about our Earth’s “Purely Natural Climate Change” of the past which will continue into the future without any Significant Impact by Man to cause, change or his vain attempts to control it.

    Currently No One, all Scientists Included, knows how to accurately predict any Climate Changes or Weather beyond a few weeks and certainly No One knows How to Control our Earth’s Massive & Complex Natural Climate Systems.

    Also, despite all of the irrational Democrat, Progressive Alarmist “Global Warming Climate Change” Rhetoric since 1998 about Man-Made fossil fuel & CO2 as a “Catastrophic Global Warming Existential Threat” — It is worthwhile noting that very accurate NASA Satellite Temperature Monitoring System performed two-times daily covering almost ALL of the Globe since it was deployed in 1979 SHOWS:  

    Only what honest and rational scientists call Moderate “Natural Variability” despite increases in CO2 levels.

    Thus, No Climate Crisis and the Earth’s Climate is now proven to be “Insensitive” to Increases as well as Decreases in Atmospheric CO2-levels!

    This Means that CO2 Emissions which a colorless, odorless and Non-Polluting Trace Gas at a mere 400 ppm today is Not a Problem — It is simply Good for our Environment as Plant Food that produce most of the 21% of Oxygen (O2) in our atmosphere that is essential to all life and our currently CO2-Starved Earth would become much Greener and have Considerably better Crop Yields if we doubled, tripled or even quadrupled (i.e., 800 ppm, 1,200 ppm or 1,600 ppm) the Earth’s Atmospheric CO2 levels with little impact on Warming.

    Also note: Today we are in the “Modern Global Warming Period” (1850 AD – present) that warmed when coming out of the prior natural “Little Ice Age Global Cooling Period (1300 – 1850 AD) which has not been quite a warm as the prior natural “Medieval Global Warming Period” (900 – 1300 AD).

    There have been multiple alternating Global Warming and Global Cooling periods since our previous Ice-Age Glacial which has been followed by 11,600 years on a much milder “Interglacial Period” called the Holocene that has hosted very many of these fullynatural alternating warming & cooling cycles — None of these cycles over the last 11,600 years were affected by CO2-levels!

    Such Natural Climate History will certainly repeat itself on Mother Nature’s own time and the Next Cycle will be the Next Modern Global Cooling Period – Not Warming!

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