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A man facing felony terrorism charges for threatening to assassinate Texas Senator Ted Cruz and other Republican officials has vanished after he was released by a Harris County judge.

Isaac A. Nformangum, 22, was booked into the Harris County jail July 2 and charged with making a terrorist threat after calling Cruz’s office and leaving explicit death threats.

Despite making violent felony threats to assassinate officials, Harris County officials released Nformangum from custody and gave him a court date.

Nformangum is now a fugitive after he did not show up for his hearing. 

After Democrats swept elections for Harris County judicial posts, liberal judges have been releasing many criminals on bond.  Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg was elected with the support of liberal billionaire George Soros.

It is unknown if Nformangum’s release was ordered by an unknown judge or prosecutors.

According to prosecutors, in a June 26 call to Cruz’s office, Nformangum stated:

“Hello and good afternoon Senator Rafael. This is one of the many Afro-American constituents of whom you are representative of here in Texas, as you currently serve from the Senate. I have just read the, uh, Texas Republican parties platform for this current 2022 year, uh, wherein it is apparent that your many colleagues intend, intend to have the voting right acts repealed and not reauthorized? Every last one of your republican colleagues to have signed off on that platform is to be found, and is to be found and killed, be it by a bullet to the face or by the smashing of a brick in your skull.

It is a civic duty of every American citizen or resident to see to it that every last one of your colleagues is to be killed. Killed. Be it by finding you in a public space or by trailing you to your very, by your very public homes. The addresses of which are public knowledge. You and every one of your colleagues is to be shot dead. Found and killed. You sick pieces of human scum will not have the (explicit) audacity to aggressive any further and to strip us of our rights like you did our grandparents so many years ago. You’ll be found and killed. As a civic do you have every American to do so (explicit). (explicit) Rafael. You piece of human scum.”

The threats come as liberals have stepped campaigns of harassment and intimidation against Republicans.  Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was forced to leave a restaurant through a back entrance after liberals, alerted to his presence, quickly formed a mob outside.  A California man was arrested last month for traveling to Kavanaugh’s home, armed with a rifle, with the intent to kill him.

Previous mugshot of Isaac A. Nformangum (Photo: Harris Co. District Attorney’s Office)

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    1. His full name is Senator Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz. He has gone by Ted for years since he was a youth.

  1. Any criminal actions by the lunatic will require the judge to be charged as an accomplice before the fact and JAILED

  2. It would be a real shame if by releasing this person we lose a Damn good Senator, and it ignites a Firestorm of reprisals against the Leftist Democrats!

    1. Ted Cruz is a “damn good senator ?” ROFLMAO !!! I don’t condone the attempt to kill him, but Cruz is about as loathsome a human being as they come . Remember when he flew off to Cancun last winter when people were suffering. because of severe problems with. unusually cold, snowy weather in Texas ?

  3. Should he be spotted, neutralize this threat to public safety “by a bullet to the face or by the smashing of a brick in your skull.”

  4. i HAVE HOPE FOR liberals. Jellyfish have survived for 165 million years without a brain, so there is hope for a few of them. Isaac A. Nformangum [sic] is a predator shark. A shark has a brain the size of a walnut. I have personally watched a gutted shark thrown back into the ocean, along with its entrails, and watched the shark eat those entrails, discharge them through the opened belly, and watched the process repeat until the feeding frenzy consumed the gutted shark.

  5. What previous mug shot? Where is it? N’s libtards are asking to be exterminated. They are on the verge of getting their wish.

  6. This liberal assassin and his cohort judge buddies shod all be locked up and dealt with individually as enemies of justice. Including George Soros who is using his wealth to subvert and manipulate America.

  7. If Isaac A. Nformangum, 22 is intent on hunting someone down I would suggest hunting down whoever taught him English because he probably should not be trying to convey his thoughts in writing not only because he is making violent threats against elected officials but that grammar is atrocious! Just another shining product of the public school system I presume? Perhaps you should be angry with the Democrat representatives that never support school choice because it would have done wonders for you.

  8. Where are all the ALPHABET AGENCIES that are supposed to act on cases such as this? Where is the condemnation from Biden that should be forthcoming? doesn’t fit the AGENDA the democrats are pushing?

  9. God forbid if any thing happens. IF so this pile of crap, so called judge, should be charged along with the one they let loose. Actions have reactions sad to say.

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