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OPINION – I’m with him. On Friday, former Green Beret, now Army Chaplain Maj. Brian T. Hargis, the brigade chaplain for the 157th Infantry Brigade sent an email to the Army Reserve unit’s “ALL USERS” inbox celebrating the end of Roe v Wade and the “murder of millions of people.”

In his email, according to Task and Purpose, Hargis, who served as a Green Beret for over a decade before becoming a chaplain in 2007, wrote:

This is a monumental victory of the highest spiritual context, as it upholds the sanctity of life of the unborn, honors the US Constitution, makes right the wrong of 1973, and ends the murder of millions of people.

 REJOICE & CELEBRATE! Today is NOT a ‘tragic error’ nor a ‘very solemn moment for the United States.’ We should not condemn the Supreme Court to Hell as [Rep.] Maxine Waters did today. Instead, we should rejoice in this decision because it honors God.

After quoting from several Bible verses, he advised soldiers to “LIVE THE OATH!” to the Constitution and pray not only for the safety of Supreme Court justices and families “whose lives are in danger from Satanic-influenced evildoers,” but “that the curse on America will be lifted as a result of the ruling.”

While many in today’s increasingly secular world may not like the major’s spiritual language, he is a Chaplain after all, and I believe he simply said out loud what many of us feel.

Ya, there are a lot of “Satanic-influenced evildoers” out there.

Of course, there was blowback from cowardly and politically correct (PC) senior officers, who wrongly critiqued Major Hargis for doing his job.

Task and Purpose noted that Lt. Col. Joshua Hunter, a battalion commander in the brigade, replied to Hargis by saying:

This is an inappropriate message to send on this medium and I cannot endorse your statements or sentiment. I ask that you recall this message and allow individuals to hold their own opinions on this matter.

How about this, Lt Col. Hunter? Let Hargis hold his own opinion on this matter and express it as part of his job as chaplain, and let others decide on their own as well.

Task and Purpose added that:

In a separate email, the chaplain’s boss, Col. Troy Mills, wrote to the brigade and addressed the “many difficult societal and political issues evoking strong emotions” that can make it difficult for some to “constrain one’s response” in light of deeply held beliefs. Hargis was not mentioned by name.

“Members of the Armed Forces maintain their First Amendment rights, however, there are appropriate times and places to express opinions,” wrote Mills. “At work, in uniform, or using government equipment/systems is not the correct method. It can erode the trust and confidence of others and appear that the individual speaks on behalf of the military.”

How about this, Col. Troy?  Hargis was doing his job providing spiritual counseling to his troops and providing a much-needed spiritual corrective to the overwhelming secular, leftist propaganda bombarding all Americans including our troops regarding the Supreme Court decision reversing Roe v Wade.

The troops need to hear all sides and decide for themselves.

Meanwhile one soldier in the brigade defended the chaplain as a “phenomenal dude” who is now getting blowback for “standing up for his faith.”

“I don’t feel the chaplain stepped outside his bounds,” the soldier told Task & Purpose. “If you ever met this guy you would understand, he spent the bulk of his career in the Special Forces realm.”

I’m with this soldier too. We need more courageous officers like Major Hargis, and less PC cowards like Lt Col. Hunter and Col. Troy. God bless him, and God bless the Supreme Court.

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  2. The Chaplain was RIGHT!!! he is responsible for his job!!! That is why he is there to do it with out
    being called out for it. All these woke military officers out of line…just give it a rest ok???? Don’t
    be part of the problem….be part of the solution!!!!!

  3. A chaplain who proclaims the word of G-d?
    How dare he!
    That’s not PC, and only Wokeness is the True Religion. Right?

  4. Major Harris had every right as a chaplain to speak his beliefs. I am proud of the soldiers who stood up for hi. Embarrassed and disappointed in the fools that complained about him. Proud of this former Green Beret now Chaplain. God Bless this Man who is devoted to God Our Savior

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