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The response to the Navy’s recent, wildly woke training using two rainbow-clad sailors explaining how to create a “safe space” by using “proper gender pronouns,” and “inclusive language” has been ferocious.

Retired Navy SEAL and Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw tweeted:

Here’s an idea, fire everyone in the Navy who puts pronouns in their email signature and focus on how to be better at war.

For God’s sake, stop this stupidity.

In a video posted on Facebook and Instagram on Tuesday, Crenshaw added insightfully: “And look, side note: we already have inclusive language in the military. It’s called ranks. You can just call somebody a chief, or a petty officer or a captain or a lieutenant. Boom. Inclusive. Problem solved.”

Rob O’Neill, the SEAL who killed Osama Bin Laden, echoed Crenshaw’s comments, calling the guidance “ridiculously useless.”

“Let me make it simple for the entire @USNavy: Your pronouns are shipmate/shipmates. There. I just saved the taxpayers millions by avoiding ridiculously useless training. Anchors aweigh,” he tweeted.

In the Navy video, Naval Undersea Warfare Center engineer Jony Rozon introduces himself by telling the viewer that he uses “he/him” pronouns. His co-host, engineer Conchy Vasquez, then says she uses “she/her” pronouns.

The video goes on to promote the use of “inclusive language” and being “allies,” as well as instruction on what to do if someone is “misgendered.”

Here is the absurd video:

Texas Rep. Brian Babin Tweeted that the “woke” video is an “embarrassment.”

Only in #BidensAmerica is the U.S. Navy more focused on woke, made-up pronouns than ensuring our forces are equipped and ready to defend America. This is an embarrassment – our enemies are laughing.”


  1. TOTALLY STUPID! . . . It’s ALSO an ABOMINATION and an EMBARRASSMENT. There is NO excuse for this. One Enlightened Patriot.

  2. We have nothing but a bunch of FREAKS now ruining our Military and our country is already ruined by these WEIRDOS thinking they are in CONTROL

  3. This Thoroughly Modern Milley Military is an embarrassing farce. How do we get our country back from the demented? Our adversaries must love this ridiculousness.

  4. Enough! If people are so sensitive to some word or words then they need to get out of the service. We need well trained men and women who fight for the freedom of this country. We don’t need a bunch of little milk toast service men and women. It’s bad enough we have a president that is incompetent, incoherent and just plain gutless. We need military personnel that are fighters not whiners, leaders not bleeders.

  5. God help us , our military fighting machine full of progressive woke’s ! We’re in trouble !

  6. This is a disgrace! We haven’t won a war since before Vietnam and our generals are more worried about woke policies and white rage! Millie and Austin get off your ass’s and do your job! If your more interested in woke policies and white rage then retire and study it with your own money and time! We need to purge the military of officers like this! This country is in deep chit!

  7. Sounds like a line from Shakespear would fit right in here. “What fools these mortals be”. Everyone who had anything to do with that trash should be thrown out and never allowed to come near a military institution. Has half of the country gone completely insane?

  8. I can’t believe the Federal govt has bought into this nonsensical fabrication by fringe lunatics starving for victimhood attention. Oh they’re so oppressed, “why won’t anyone respect me?” Well, propagating nonsense like “prefered” pronouns doesn’t help. The purpose of a pronoun has nothing to do with respect; pronouns are simply tools to communicate, to identify an entity being acted upon or doing the action, or identifying possession by an unknown subject. He, him, his, she, her, her’s, they, them, their, theirs, it, its, this, that, these, those, etc. These are all standardized operating pronouns across most languages, used when refering to a noun when a more specific identifier, like a proper name or noun is not known or necessary. They are not intended for respect. TITLES, like Mr. Mrs. Miss. Dr. Proff. MD. DDS, Gen. Cpt. Lt. Sgt. Pvt. etc. are intended for that. These are not pronouns. A finite limited set of standardized pronouns are used to keep more simple. Typically, when using pronouns with a person, instead of using their name, the pronouns are, you, your, yours, which are non sex or gender identifying. If I’m conversing with someone else while referring to another person, I’m not going to use prefered pronouns of the person we’re conversing about. To communicate effectively, I have to use pronouns the person I’m speaking with understands. Neither of us may know what the subject’s “prefferd” pronouns are, we don’t need to know to communicate. Effectively communicating in a conversation regarding a subject not in the conversation is not a form of disrespect, it is effective communication. If I have to ask a person what their “preferred” pronouns are before I speak to them, or with someone else about them, I may as well simply ask them their nam, and use their name instead of attempting to learn and conjugate three different versions of 600+ self fabricated pronouns. Inventing “preferred” pronouns for yourself has simply just created three new names for yourself that people have to learn, so now everyone has four different names instead of one, three of which must be conjugated with the rules of grammar. Halifax Bank has required an employee’s “prefered” pronouns to be on their employee nametag just below their name. If I look at their nametag, now that I know their name, I don’t
    need to know their “preferred” pronouns. The entire mechanics of it is futile and absurd. All of this nonsense does nothing more than cause confusion and completely defeats the entire purpose of pronouns, and provides just one more way to “offend” someone or “hurt their feelings” or “show disrespect”, inventing an excuse to claim to be oppressed. It’s all lunatic nonsense. The entire idea that we are humoring lunacy is confounding.

  9. These people are an utter disgrace not only to themselves but to thier uniforms, thier nation. I have a perfect “safe space” for you . Go back into your closets

  10. I’m sure the enemy will use your little pronoun before pulling the trigger… What a Freaking Joke.

  11. By all means Navy teach about how to cater to the Fing woke. I am a gay man and I suggest you get your s–t together. I could care less about this stupidity! I want my country safe. If the rest of the pansies can’t be adults they shouldn’t be in the military. I doubt your enemy will be waving a gay flag but ready to take you out with a rifle, grenade, or some other weapon. What a bunch of s–t! Again this gay man doesn’t back this crap at all. Get it together ladies. Even I am more of a man than what you apparently are.

    God help this screwed up country!

  12. That video is the most juvenile film I think I’ve ever seen. Unless they’re talking to 3 year olds it is insulting to everyone with a brain. Not to mention the message being unenforceable. I hate to inform the pronoun police but most adults don’t have the ability to remember all the different pronouns we’re supposed to know how to use. I know I can’t and won’t.


  14. Anyone in the military command/administration promoting, or even thinking of, such rubbish should be given an immediate dishonourable discharge. The military is a fighting machine with no need of woke ideology; those who feel intimidating and wanting a safe-space should resign and go live in some Islamic State.

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