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In a surprise move, the two researchers from the University of California at Berkeley, who were brought on CNN to criticize Fox News by lefty host, and chief media correspondent, Brian Stelter, ended up bashing CNN for bias as well.

Stelter is obsessed with Fox. His book “Hoax” delves into the network’s bias and pro-Trump programming, while his “Reliable Sources” Sunday show, a newsletter and a CNN Plus show — covers every Fox News scandal.

The researchers, David E. Broockman and Joshua L. Kalla, conducted a study where 700 Fox News viewers were paid $15 an hour, up to seven hours a day, to watch CNN for a month to analyze their reactions. The results, not surprisingly, showed that the Fox viewers were surprised by the news topics they had not heard about on Fox, or the way they were covered.

However, when Stelter tried to pound that theme home, his guest flipped the script by criticizing CNN as well. This left Stelter sputtering.

As the Washington Post reported:

“You call this partisan coverage filtering,” Stelter told Kalla. “And basically, you’re proving what we’ve sensed for a while, which is that Fox viewers are in the dark about bad news for the GOP.”

 Kalla confirmed the Fox News coverage model but put a stop to the victory lap:

 “On the flip side, CNN engages in this partisan coverage filtering as well as that we find. For example, during this time, the Abraham Accords were signed, and these were the agreements where Israel, the UAE and Bahrain signed a major peace agreement. And we see that Fox News covered this really major accomplishment about 15 times more than CNN did. So we established both networks are really engaging in this partisan coverage filtering. It’s not about one side, it’s about the media writ large.”

The Blaze continued describing the engagement on CNN:

“I think you’re engaging in some both-sides-ism there, Josh,” Stelter admonished him.

“Not trying to lay out a moral equivalency,” Kalla replied. “It’s not about what an objective standard is. It’s really about how all networks do engage in this. And in order for viewers to get a realistic picture of the world, we need viewers to see all types of information. And unfortunately, what we find in the study is that the viewers don’t want to engage in watching both sides.”

While most people understand that Fox News, like other conservative media, focuses on stories and angles not reported by the liberal establishment media, hence has a bias, most liberals continue to believe their media is fair and balanced.

Which it clearly is not. Both sides live in bubbles.

As Kally noted, to properly inform the public, all news outlets need to do a better job of presenting all sides fairly. We all benefit when we are fully informed. That means maybe Fox News viewers watching some CNN, and CNN viewers watching some FOX News.

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  1. What benefit is there in being poisoned by CNN’s constant lies? Stelter, the Pillsbury Dough Boy, got what he deserved.

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