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ANALYSIS – I recently wrote about U.S. defense experts decrying the Biden Pentagon’s push for gender bending pronouns and other transgender indoctrination of our military, and its impact on its effectiveness.

This is in addition to the barrage of anti-white racial indoctrination being imposed under the divisive ‘diversity and inclusion’ mantra.

Please see prior ADN reports on Team Biden pushing Critical Race Theory (CRT) at DoD hereherehere, and here.

But the Left’s ‘War on Straight White Folks’ isn’t just at DoD, it’s extending down to our schools, as LGBTQ indoctrination of our children is in full swing.

Often this is done under the guise of celebrating ‘Pride’ week or month.

In one prominent example, on Tuesday Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton blasted “Pride Week” activities at the Austin Independent School District in a letter posted to Twitter.

Paxton noted that these activities reportedly including “Queer Eye” showings and “nail painting” parties at a district high school, constitute “human sexuality instruction” allowable only with parents’ consent. He also accused the district of participating in LGBTQ “indoctrination.”

In a follow-up tweet, the Attorney General added:

Liberal school districts are aggressively pushing LGBTQ+ views on Texas kids! All behind parents’ backs! This is immoral and illegal. I will work with and for parents to hold deceptive sexual propagandists and predators accountable.

Paxton’s letter argued that the district’s activities are “at best” an “instructional effort in human sexuality without parental consent” or “worse” the district is “cynically pushing … indoctrination of your students that … subtly cuts parents out of the loop. Either way you’re breaking the law.”

Twitter user ‘Libs of TikTok’ posted a video of the young kids parading their rainbow ‘Pride’ flags with teachers waving them at the children, saying:

I knew she would delete it so I saved it. The assistant principal posted this video of a pride parade in school to her Twitter account.

Paxton also said he heard reports about “community circles” in which “sensitive topics” are discussed and that “students are encouraged to keep [them] confidential, presumably from parents.”

Ironically, in typical gaslighting fashion, the perpetrators this LGBTQ indoctrination pushing children to celebrate everything but being straight, claim they are protecting their LGBTQ students, rather than maybe making some straight students feel inadequate or bad for not being gay.

Austin ISD Superintendent Stephanie S. Elizalde tweeted a reply to Paxton: “I want all our LGBTQIA+ students to know that we are proud of them and that we will protect them against political attacks.”

Stanford also said Paxton is wrong, legally and factually, to equate Pride Week with sex education. The Austin American-Statesman quoted Stanford as saying:

Pride is about celebrating who people are, particularly members of the LGBT community who are bullied much more than the community at large, who experience suicide at much higher rates, who skip school at twice the rate of straight kids because of worries about their safety.

And while Paxton’s letter advised the Austin ISD to “rectify this situation” and warned that parents could take action against the school district, Stanford reportedly brushed off the attorney general’s cautions.

“This is nothing our lawyers are taking seriously at all because he’s so wrong about the law,” Stanford told the American-Statesman. “We thank the attorney general for his interest, but we will continue to celebrate Pride.”

On a related note, The Blaze reported the ongoing effort focused on ‘queering’ our nation’s libraries:

Over 4,000 people will attend the Public Library Association’s national conference, which is happening this week in Portland, Oregon. There are more than 100 programs for library professionals at the three-day event, including a session titled: “Queering the Library: Strategically Creating Space for the LGBTQ+ Community.”

Perhaps it is time for parents to take action. It’s unacceptable for our troops to be getting transgender indoctrination from their leaders, but is far worse when our children are receiving ‘sexual orientation’ or gender-bender indoctrination from their teachers and schools, or our nation’s libraries.

If you don’t take actions to protect them, others will. Actually, they already are.

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  1. The hypocrisy of the LGBTQ+ Community is unbearable, especially when it comes to children. Plus the fact, many want their own children and insist the straight community produce them.

  2. Paul holds degrees from Georgetown, London, and Cambridge Universities. He is also CEO of SPECTRE Global Risk, a security advisory firm, and President of the Center for American Defense Studies, a national security think tank

  3. DOWN with LGBTQ+ Not the people just the Principles. Sorry there is no such thing as Gay Marriage plus other outrageous ideas tranny’s etc. Bring America back to its original Glory!!!!!

  4. Wouldn’t it be something if “straight white folks” just stopped all ties with America? No paying taxes, no military service, no corporate America, no small business America? How long do these woke, black, LGBT ignorant pukes think they’d last?
    “Let’s go LGBT, BLM, Antifa, etc.”


  6. One of Satan’s greatest desires is to destroy the lives of our children and he is certainly getting a lot of help in doing this from the government, the politicians and even from many of the parents.

  7. I hope these morphadikes do declare war then we can send them to hell where they belong I would not waste a minute of my time on these low bred freaks that all should be put to sleep You know like sick animals They are like mad cows put them down and use them for fertilizer

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