Photo by Terry McAuliffe 72nd Governor of Virginia

Washington, D.C. – Virginia Democrat Terry McAuliffe has been caught using social media to steer voters to fake news sites that give favorable coverage to him while disparaging his Republican opponent, retired business executive Glenn Youngkin.  

According to published reports, McAuliffe’s campaign has spent well into six figures on the project, utilizing a campaign tactic that is increasingly frowned upon by political commentators and news officials who consider it dishonest. 

McAuliffe’s campaign purchased Facebook ads that redirected viewers to third-party websites that have all the appearance of local news outlets but which in fact publish purposefully slanted stories and what some reports described as “partisan propaganda.” 

One site, reportedly operated by the McAuliffe campaign itself, is a Facebook page called “The Download Virginia,” launched in June 2021. Though the name resembles that of an online news outlet, according to Fox News it has not published any posts or photos and has little more than 100 followers as the election entered its final week.  An analysis of data on the Facebook Ad Library Report projected spending of nearly half a million on ads distributed by the page since it was launched. 

A July advertisement including positive comments about McAuliffe’s views on small business linked to an article published by a third-party website called the Virginia Dogwood, a website designed to like a local news outlet claiming to publish “credible, fact-based reporting.” In reality, the site was operated by Courier Newsroom, a group founded and funded by progressive billionaires supportive of the big government socialist agenda who reportedly include George Soros, LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, and several Hollywood movie producers. After it began operating, the Courier site network was allegedly purchased by the group Good Information Inc., a company whose stated mission is to fight “disinformation” by investing in local news companies but who, at least one published report said, shared overlapping donors with those involved in getting the Courier Newsroom project up and running. 

Up to this point the Facebook ads, Fox estimated, have been viewed by as many as 3.5 million potential voters and others while McAuliffe, himself a former Virginia governor, and Youngkin slug it out in what most expect to be the closest election the commonwealth has seen in some time.  The latest polls have the two in a dead heat.

The McAuliffe campaign also did not respond to Fox News’ requests for comment, but the network reported that two advertisements that linked to another faux news page recently as last week were disabled after the network made inquiries. 

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  1. U know the dumbocraps, are already doing everything they can, to lie,steal and cheat to steal this election in virginia, as they always do,if the repules don’t wise up,they will never win an election again.

  2. Without phony websites, lies and misdirection, the communist democrats would have no way at all to communicate with the general populace.

  3. The only way we can beat this type of corruption is not use social media. To defeat the dictators in government is to support a convention of states.

  4. I wouldn’t lower myself to watch any ads from the criminal, evil Democrats much less listen to their criminal talks!

  5. Wise Up?! And just WHAT WOULD YOU SUGGEST?!!! I haven’t heard ANYBODY say jack shit YET on ANYTHING that CAN BE DONE!
    EVIL is Now in CONTROL of this country. When 70/80% of the people basically kick God out o’ Life and DON’T Obey Him… IN steps THIS SHIT.
    It’s Satan… and ALL he cares about is DESTROYING Mankind. God made it Reeeeeal SIMPLE to have this NOT Happen… but because Man doesn’t obey SHIT… THIS is What ya’ get.

  6. So if I use facebook to spread my opinions on the vaccines that don’t line up with what Fauci claims I’ll get kicked off for spreading “misinformation” but McAuliffe using dishonesty to LIE to voters is acceptable? Why do people still use these social media platforms?

  7. Woooow. I want EVERYONE to take a Good LOOK at this Disgusting, EVIL man at the head of This post. Just LOOK at him! THAT is Wickedness.
    You are SEEING Satan in man’s form. Satan in the flesh. I have DESPISED this character since the very First time I ever lent him an ear to hear WHAT he had to say. I am Fair and Open Minded and give EVERYONE their due, and I can say THIS about this man. He is a sorry excuse for a human being. This man has NO Scruples. He is an Immoral, Godless PRICK that Delights in being the Nasty Smartass, MUCH THE SAME AS Scummy Joe Biden. This man is SICK. The Truth is not in him, he is a Liar. He is a Deceiver. He is Unprincipled. He is EVIL.

  8. Everybody that claimed Trump was a poor loser when said the election was stolen. Know we Know it was Zuckerberg I hope I spelled his name right bayed almost a half of a Billion through two ultra left wing organization to go to the swing states to sway election official’s to sway their procedures and to allow ballot harvesting among other things to get their desired result.

    You are now exTREMEly Offensive, Maddening, and I know WHERE your offices are.

  10. They did this in GA, as well: billboards featuring fake news to discourage the Republican turnout. Inspired by their lord and master Satan, Father of Lies.

  11. It figures face book is involved. Spreading democrat hate and propaganda while they hide behind their phony community standards.

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