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While President Joe Biden is certainly guilty of a botched, reckless retreat from Afghanistan that has damaged American national security interests worldwide, cost countless Afghan lives, and left hundreds of Americans trapped behind enemy lines, it appears he also guilty of releasing the ISIS-K terrorist who killed 13 American troops at Kabul airport.

The ISIS-K suicide bomber who blew himself up near the main gate of Kabul airport on August 26 has now been identified as Abdul Rehman. He was a jihadi who had been in Afghanistan’s Bagram prison for the last four years.

Rehman escaped Bagram prison on August 15, along with THOUSANDs of others, just after Biden ordered the secretive, late-night withdrawal of all U.S. forces from the base, without even informing the Afghan military or intelligence services.

The CIA’s first detention center in Afghanistan, known as the ‘Salt Pit,’ was also at Bagram.

As reported previously by ADN,  “Prisoners reported to have been held in these detention facilities include thousands of Taliban fighters, senior Al-Qaeda operatives, Islamic State Afghanistan (ISKP) members, and former Guantanamo Bay detainees — all of whom pose serious concern to the security of the United States.”

Just 11 days later, Rehman reportedly carried out the attack that killed 13 American service members and at least 169 Afghan civilians.

According to Western Journalism:

“America’s disorganized retreat from Afghanistan has led to hundreds of highly competent and highly committed terrorists being set free to rejoin the Islamic State, al-Qaida and other terrorist groups,” an officer who worked on the Rehman case told Firstpost.

“Literally a decade’s work on counterterrorism has been undone by the U.S.’ failure to secure key prisoners in Bagram.”

Rehman was captured in 2017 during a failed terror bombing plot in India. He was interrogated by the CIA and Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security. He eventually exposed multiple ISIS leaders, who were later killed via drone strikes in 2019.

Western Journalism added:

“There’s no clarity on what happened to Abdul Rehman between his escape from Bagram and the suicide attack,” an intelligence official said. “It is possible he wanted revenge, or that he was persuaded by his old jihadist friends to atone for his role in the killings of his associates in this manner.”

Sadly, Biden’s criminal incompetence not only directly led to the escape of thousands of deadly terrorists from Bagram prison, it appears to tragically have also led directly to the killing of the 13 American warriors as well.

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charles A wilkins
charles A wilkins
1 year ago

The pretend president who is in so far above his IQ level, this is what happens when fraud has played a part in our election process.Garland has turned out to be a total Biden flunky, a long with the other biden implants in thr AG office, remember who fired all the Trump AG hires, corruption,corruption, corruption protect Hunter Biden.We have a part time president with inabilty to govern ,his decisions are not in our Country’s best interest, his personal family greed has resulted in China and Russia best interest.The Supreme Court dealt President Biden a loss over his attempts to block funding for a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico. On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled that a district court in California should should “consider what further proceedings are necessary and appropriate in light of the changed circumstances in this case.” The California court previously ruled against President Trump’s allocation of Pentagon funds for the border wall. No body wants to talk about election fraud now ,yet it happened, now it’s being looked into,but where is that leaving our Country? joe, the gutless biden, off to see the corrupt governor of Michigan who refused election monitoring, screened off their fraudulent activity under her direction, to push his lunacris spendind spree and tax programs, that’s right, we have a president who is a coward all day long, Fxxx our open borders with crime,drugs, illegal virus invasion etc. Biden has no guts, a weak pawn put in , because he and his family are so easy corruptable, joe why not go off to Arizona or Georgia, or even Pennsylvania where te the election process because of fraud, is under very serious investigations and review. Arizona election results below.
284,412 ballot images were “corrupt or missing”
255,326 early votes don’t have a record in the county
173,104 votes were lost
96,389 ghost votes
23,344 mail-in ballots from people who no longer lived at their recorded address
17,322 duplicate ballots were discovered
9,041 mail-in voters returned more than one ballot
2,382 Arizonans voted in person who did not live in Maricopa County anymore
2,081 people who voted were no longer residents of the state
277 precincts had more ballots cast than residents

1 year ago

Not only is Biden stupid and senile but he has blood of many on his hands . It is becoming increasingly apparent he cares nothing about America , her military defenders to say nothing about her everyday citizens . Since day one , this senile and demented old fossil has more damage in his 9 mos. in office than any President in history . I do not know if he is a continuation of the harmful Obama administration or if Joe has gotten a God complex and now believes he is omnipotent and the only person qualified to run this nation . Of course he has gotten a lot of encouragement from the likes?of Pelosi , Schumer and Shiff plus a few other dimwitted leftists that wish to destroy our country . Can we endure another 3 years of Biden ? I do not know but I do know that what awaits behind him will be just as bad if not worse and more chaotic .
God Help America !

Lee Higby
Lee Higby
1 year ago
Reply to  Wyatt

Every elected president swears or affirms that he will protect this nation from all enemies, from abroad and domestic. However, who will protect us from an elected domestic enemy?
Robinet Biden is a traitor. That’s as plain as the gravity that keeps all from floating away.

1 year ago

And the hits just keep on coming for #FJB