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Washington, D.C. – An overwhelming number of Americans likely to vote in the November 2022 election said they were troubled to one degree or another by the problem of “fake news,” a survey released Friday said, likely prompting them to view the information they are getting from traditional media outlets with a degree of distrust.

The poll conducted by the firm Rasmussen Reports found a vast majority of the 1,000 likely voters questioned – 83 percent – called “fake news” was a serious problem. A clear majority – 55 percent – defined it as “very serious.”

“Only 37 percent of voters say they trust the political news they’re getting, while 43 percent say they don’t trust political news,” the polling firm reported, calling it a “slight improvement” since April 2021 when a similar survey found only 33 percent of respondents said they “trusted political news.” That same poll had 54 percent of those participating saying they thought “most reporters, when they write or talk about President Joe Biden, are trying to help the president pass his agenda.”

Distrust of media, the poll showed, is widespread across all demographic categories, with 54 percent of whites, 56 percent of black voters, and 60 percent described as “other minorities” believing “fake news” is a “very serious problem in the media.”

Alarming as those numbers might be, even more shocking – but perhaps not unsurprising – is the number of respondents in agreement with the characterization of the media as “truly the enemy of the people,” an accusation made by former President Donald J. Trump that was widely criticized even by some journalists who are not considered members of the media elite.

The Rasmussen Reports survey found a majority of those surveyed – 58 percent — saying they agreed “at least somewhat” with Trump’s description including 56 percent of whites, 63 percent of blacks, and 60 percent of other minorities considered likely to vote in the next election.

“As might be expected, Republicans are more likely to agree with Trump’s description,” the firm said of its findings while cautioning that “37 percent of Democrats and 61 percent of voters not affiliated with either major party also at least somewhat agree.” 

The poll finds members of the GOP also more likely to identify “fake news” as a problem but, incredibly, 74 percent of Democrats and 82 percent of unaffiliated voters also thought it was “at least a somewhat serious problem in the media.”

The numbers concerning Democrats and independents are surprising considering that, as Rasmussen Reports found, it’s President Joe Biden’s strongest supporters who “have more trust” in the media than those who are not satisfied with the direction his presidency is taking. 

“Among voters who strongly approve of Biden’s job performance as president, 72 percent trust the political news they’re getting,” Rasmussen Reports said. “By contrast, among voters who strongly disapprove of Biden’s performance, 74 percent don’t trust the political news they’re getting.” 

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  1. Well you can mark me down for NOT TRUSTING the LYING media and the NOW VERY DISHONEST FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. But when it come to voting, I DO NOT VOTE party lines, I vote for who I think is the best person for the job, which with the political weather being extremely volitional, I vote RED

    1. Vote for ANY CATHOLIC and you do not vote for AMERICA. R and D are meaningless now. A third of all elected are TRAITORS to the USA…AOC is a CATHOLIC “C” traitor! Biden is a CATHOLIC traitor. Pelosi is a CATHOLIC traitor. Cuomo is a CATHOLIC traitor. Newsom is a CATHOLIC traitor. No CATHOLIC is an American. They have their allegiance with the bi-babble, which is not compatible with the Constitution. They have their allegiance with the poopie not the president of the USA. They have their allegiance with the VATICAN which is a NATION at perpetual undeclared war with all nations.

      1. Correction, they may have been Christian Catholic but they became money prostitutes. Nothing in Pelosi’s behaviour or Biden’s shows any obedience to Gods 10 Commandments. They worship Baal. As do many atheist’s, Jewish people (in name only)Satan infiltrated the Church, Government, and all other fields of influence Only a small percentage are genuine Jews, the Rothchild’s, Rockefellers and many others are actually Luciferans who infiltrated all Faiths. Pope included

  2. News???? Wapo Bezos CATHOLIC TRAITOR Twitter Dorsey, CATHOLIC TRAITOR, MSNBC Gates CATHOLIC TRAITOR. The list goes on….  Biden already left the USA to be consumed by the ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC INVADERS! Did I mention that Biden is CATHOLIC? Pelosi CATHOLIC. SCOTUS CATHOLIC. The USA is now being invaded by 30 Billion ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC INVADERS. Once Catholic, forever failed. Americans are being killed by Biden and the CATHOLIC traitors. look at Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, NY and the list goes on. Every one for themselves, because Biden and the CATHOLIC TRAITORS want the defeat of the USA.

  3. Now, they, at Fake-news ‘lame’ Stream-media seem to be working hard to become “Public-enemy #1”, in propping-up, that incompetent old fool O’bidet, for ‘O’bumf#€!<' third-term.

  4. I stopped watching ALL news near the end of Trump’s term as president due to the flagrant hatred, attacks and misrepersentations against him and his administration. While he may lack some things as a human being, what Trump did was best for this country. I can not say the same for the Democrats. Ultimately, I think the US needs a third political party choice as neither the Republicans nor the Democrats have our people’s and our country’s best interests at heart. AND SCOTUS needs to reverse its decision that corporations are people! Far too much big money in politics.


  6. There hasn’t been a “mainstream media” for a long time, they are the propaganda arm of the communist DNC. No one with any modicum of sense should be watching or listening to that lying garbage. The purveyors of the commie propaganda are all treasonous criminals.


  8. BO should be worried, because the same way his boss joKe bidet stole the election against BSanders and TRUMP, they stole it in the primaries for the 2008 presidential election, Hillary very likely was the winner of that election, ACORN and many helped joKe “the big Man” to be the VP and BO to be the sitting POTUS puppet.

  9. Got another one here, who DOESN’T trust the lying, corrupt, puppets, in the media!
    They should ALL be ashamed of themselves! They’re also so stupid. They don’t even know that their lies and corruption, will come back to haunt them later.
    Their involvement with the RADICAL, LEFTIST DEMOCRATIC PARTY, will end up hurting them and their families, too. They nor their families, will NOT be exempt from their LEFT’S communist agenda.
    They better WAKE UP soon and fight back (WITH THE PEOPLE!) Or they will end up in the same boat as everyone else!
    The Globalist Elites, DON’T care about the PEOPLE! They DON’T care about the MEDIA either! They’re just USING them to achieve their goal of turning this country into a communist COUNTRY. When they have used them for what they need from them. They will consider them useless. Just like they consider “The People” useless. These are tyrannical, nasty, evil, people. They DON’T care about ANYONE but themselves! If the MEDIA can’t see that. They are IDIOTS!
    People BETTER stand up to this TYRANNY! Or your’s, your children’s and grandchildren’s future, will be DOWN the toilet! We’re CIRCLING the drain right NOW! There will be NO coming back from it, in ALL our lifetimes! Our future is up to THE PEOPLE!

  10. The media is the Enemy of the people primarily because they are the propaganda arm of the Deep Stat/corrupt politicians. Sad to say that Americas’ worst enemy is American Politicians that are working hard to destroy the Constitution.

  11. As if guided by their demons, the liars in the press sometimes confuse us by telling the truth.

  12. The enemy is the Democratic Party and those Rhinos that claim to be Republican or conservatives. Guess what they aren’t. They ate backstabbing scum bags and don’t forget any of the news media. They’ve lied about everything and now they want to rectify their position. Once a traitor always a traitor.

  13. The MEDIA has EARNED their Nickname MORON MEDIA. Their BLIND support of all Democraps to the point of LYING for them and being their RECTUM SUCKING PUPPETS earned them that name fair and squarely.

  14. Anyone with half a brain or 12 grand education knows that the media isn’t the number one enemy of American Citizens.

  15. Guess what. I am writing this on media, and you’re reading it as news, since I just wrote it this very second. people should no longer read the newspaper read anything on the Internet will take the Google app off, never read a magazine or newspaper. Anyone who says the media is the enemy of the people are hypocrites if they’re still reading or listening to the above list of media. And “fake news”was invented by FOX not our president

  16. Polls, I love to see the questions, order of the questions, the sample and pertenant demographics of the sample, basically the methods section. I know that the media, they call it fake news and I hate this term because the truth is fake news is LYING plain and simple. The media lies all the time. In fact the media lies way more often than they tell the truth. In fact, if any one has an example of the media telling the truth please list it for me. Thanks

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