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Over the last six weeks, America has been rocked to its cultural foundations by a wave of attacks on monuments and memorials to persons and events traditionally held to be historically significant. What began as an assault on statuary dedicated to the memory of former Confederate generals has evolved into an all-out war on the national narrative.

No one or thing is safe. Statues of George Washington. Abraham Lincoln and slave-born abolitionist Frederick Douglass have all been recently vandalized as have those dedicated to the memory of musicians Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimi Hendrix.

Little of this makes sense. The protests that began in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death have evolved into riots, looting, and general mayhem stoked by anarchists and progressives who not only want to destroy Donald Trump but everything they believe he and his presidency represent.

They have a distorted view of history – as their defacing and destruction of statues of Washington, Lincoln, and others who led crusades on behalf of freedom and equality prove. Whatever they learned in school, it had little to do with the hard decisions and moral choices we may all at some point be called upon to make in life.

Would it have been better if the founders, because they could not agree to end slavery had abandoned America’s bid for independence? Or if only those that would abolish slavery had proceeded, leaving them to fight both the British crown and the colonies that remained tied to the King? Or, as most all of us have long believed, the struggle for the independence and equality of all men and women began with this effort of some to secure liberty for themselves and those like them? And for that, we owe them our gratitude and a certain degree of reverence?

Things have progressed well beyond the sensible out to the absurd. Reason no longer applies. The U.S. and Canadian press Tuesday reported that a memorial to victims of Communism under construction in Ottawa had been vandalized. According to The Post Millennial, the fence surrounding the site in the Canadian capital city was defaced by the phrase “Communism will win” in spray-painted in yellow alongside three depictions of the Communist hammer & sickle.

The American memorial to the Victims of Communism, which was completed more than a decade ago and sits at the base of Capitol Hill was similarly defaced with graffiti related directly to the Black Lives Matter movement in early June.

If this is meant to be some sort of cry for social justice, it is wrongly directed. Adolf Hitler, typically held up as the ultimate state-sponsor of evil in the 20th-century evil if not all time, led a Holocaust in which somewhere between 11 and 13 million people were killed according to most estimates. The leaders of the countries and rebel bands that formed the international Communist bloc – Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Che, and others all the way up to Kim Jong Un, who is still with us today – are responsible for the deaths of at least 10 times as many people.

Communism is neither just not equitable. American schools don’t do a good job teaching that if they teach it at all– which may be while those responsible in recent weeks for so much destruction in Seattle have left the Lenin statue there unmolested. They and those who’ve joined with them in cities like Richmond, Atlanta, Rochester, N.Y., and Washington, D.C., aren’t interested in rewriting American history. They want to erase it so they can replace it with a narrative of their own that leads to a justification of the demands they have today. History, before it can be rewritten, must be destroyed. The Confederate statues were just the beginning, low-hanging fruit, easy to get before the progressives could start reaching for objectives much higher on the tree.

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Peter Roff is affiliated with several Washington, D.C. public policy organizations and is a former U.S. News and World Report contributing editor who appears regularly as a commentator on the One America News network. He can be reached by email at [email protected]. Follow him on Twitter @PeterRoff.


  1. Already done here not so obvious some hammer & sickle graffitti but not to extent in Canada, very scary for US Unless WE Fight Back.

    1. Hey Stephen, we are going to be fighting back, that’s why 5 million weapons were sold in the last 45 days, one million in my state alone. Our time is coming!

  2. Canada is hardly a ‘sleeping Giant’ but fortunately is waking up to what is going on in our two free countries. What a prize it would be for the Marxist, Lennon, communist socialist to capture both Canada and America and fold them into their dark ideology. We have two kinds of citizens in both countries, The WOKE, aka: liberals and Nationalists, aka conservatives. My heart and my money is on freedom loving citizens who love their respective countries. My fears I keep hidden in darkness lest they grow. .

  3. funny how they idolize Che, he was a white supremacist and big time racist. These morons are functionally illiterate especially when it comes to history

  4. Distorted view of History is putting it Mildly, they know exactly what they are doing, and they are making Government Officials look like they are unhinged. Hmm unhinged! One has to remember, what goes around, comes around, and this one is no joke.

  5. If American politicians continue capitulating to street violence, this culture and its affluence are doomed. If our leaders do not stand up to intimidation and extortion, our society will collapse, and we may be closer than we think. Collapse of society does not happen gradually; it happens before anyone even realizes it is happening. We may be closer to gone than anyone sees.

  6. The fight is not between blacks and whites.
    It is not between freedom and communism?
    It is between good and evil.
    And right now, the only good that I see is from a few remaining Christians who still walk the talk. The evil comes from perverts, racist blacks like Sharpton and Jackson. Hypocrites like Bottoms, Schumer and Pelosi.
    God help us.

  7. Teacher don’t do a good job teaching about communism or don’t teach about it at all because they are leftists themselves and are participating in the eventual destruction of the USA.

  8. Quote
    I came across an excellent quote from a book by an American who visited the USSR as a guide at an American exhibition in 1972. He describes a meeting in Moscow with Africans and their response to the question of how many students from their country study in Moscow: “Oh, yes,” one replied, “we are sending them all here to the Soviet Union.” He explained why: “We used to send quite a few of our students to Princeton, Columbia and Berkeley, but they all came back as Marxists.
    Now we send them here, and after three or four years they all return from the USSR as convinced anti-communists. “

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