Craig from Richmond, Virginia, United States via Wikimedia Commons

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam (D) extended the closure of all non-essential businesses in the Old Dominion on Wednesday from April 23 until May 8.

Northam cited the flattened virus infection curve to justify his decision, saying now is not the time to increase the danger of an infection curve rebound.

Townhall’s Marina Medvin has more:

Governor Northam, like many other leftist authoritarian governors, used his emergency powers to shut down businesses in his state in order to “save” people from coronavirus. Did he act within his powers?

Coronavirus, as of April 15, resulted in 195 deaths and 6,500 people testing positive in Virginia. We do not know how many of those cases are symptomatic, but based on research from the Princess Cruise, half of those testing positive for Coronavirus will be symptomatic, so we can predict that about 3,250 people in Virginia are actually sick from coronavirus. The coronavirus infection fatality rate in Virginia is 3%.

According to the Virginia Department of Health, the 2019-2020 flu season has resulted in 1,424 flu deaths in Virginia and 11,875 people infected. Virginia had a 12% infection fatality rate based on these numbers. We can extrapolate that Virginia had at least 23,750 flu infections if we account for the 50%  asymptomatic flu rate. This number will be even higher if you include those who were sick but didn’t go to the doctor to be tested for the flu.

Comparing the two, it is evident that coronavirus has been only a fraction of the risk to Virginians that the flu has been. Coronavirus deaths compare as only one-fourth of Virginia’s flu deaths and the coronavirus fatality rate is one-half of Virginia’s flu fatality rate.

Northam previously issued a separate stay-at-home order for Virginia’s 8.5 million residents through June 10.

Explore our interactive COVID-19 map below to learn about the latest updates from every state!


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    & N O T. !!! REPUBLICANS

      1. BOY
        B R A I N S
        S T U P I D
        DONT THEY ????

        1. We are about to find out. Georgia’s governor is opening up his state. IF there is not a huge increase in DEATHS, and I am not worried about the number of cases, then HIS state will soar. As to why the Democrat governor would extend the shut down. He wants to increase the damage to the economy.
          Yes, we are about to find out. Notice that the protests against the shut down are in NON-SOCIALISM states that are against the violation of our civil rights.
          The puppets in Yankee land don’t care as long as they get free money. That will change after the deficit spending destroys our dollar and inflation takes off. Then the Democrats will blame Trump for the SHUT DOWN.

      2. Yes, they may have a lot of extra brains, but one thing that is definitely lacking is any semblance of the ability to reason!!!
        In fact their ability to reason is practically zero.

        1. Maybe the democrats & RINO’s are not as stupid as they like to appear, but in stead they are intentionally destroying America in order to have the ignorant masses (the useful idiots 🙂 cry and scream for “government to save them”! If a big oppressive government leads to destruction of The Constitution, then an even bigger government will work???? Ha Ha Ha Ha! Insanity defined and in action, while the sheep STILL can’t see their world is on fire!

          1. Your first two sentences are correct, however, the democrats and RINOs are not so much insane as they are delusional……………..those people have been deluded into moral bankruptcy and this is a part of the grand blueprint of those at the top of this pyramid to assume total control of the world (globalists). They use knowledge and technology to promote their agenda. However, Knowledge and technology can take two divergent routes………for moral good or for moral evil. Knowledge and science, in themselves, are amoral (i.e. oblivious to morality of any kind). Those in control of the general media and their sycophants, for the most part, have taken the Machiavellian route (‘the end justifies the means’; i.e. morally evil) in order to attain their goal, however, after they do so it will fairly soon come to utter destruction as they are not nearly as smart as they think.

          2. We are being bought out by China and other foreign countries.
            Can we buy America that’s owned by an American citizen?
            How many plants are owned by foreign countries?
            Trump 2020

      3. Brains like Pelosi who sits in her mansion with servants and eats ice cream while people line up for food? Brains like the Dems best pick for President Joe Biden who can’t put a coherent sentence together or remember anything past ten minutes ago? Yeah those brainy Dems?

        1. But!! Biden bought Nancy the ICE cream for her event, just $10,000 dollars out of campaign funds.
          Are we still buying food from China for the food banks?

      4. Hey Richie Tonge ,Are you both blind and stupid? Please make a list of the smart things that you think that the democrats have done that urges you to post your fantasy.

        1. This week Newsom ordered mask from China that cost 1 billion. Couldn’t he find an American company to make them? AMERICAN COMPANIES!! Not a company in America owned by China or about foreign country. I don’t want to buy anything from China and we need to kick China out of America and control our food and drugs. Medical supplies. 13 GM plants in China while the people in Illinois and other states that lost jobs because GM went to China . My husband lost his job in late 1950 because the steel mills went to China. Clinton’s agenda to sell uranium to Russia for a donation to Clinton foundation. We need to investigate the Obama offshore accounts. Pelosi and Newsom! China, on the ordering the mask?

      5. I guess you think dictators are good because that’s what you are defending , you should live in a different country moron

      6. Nonya I can see that your brains have been washed and ready to receive all of the Democrap propaganda. Do every one a big favor, that lives in this great country of the U.S. Of A. and leave to go live in what ever dictator ship country you chose and please take all of the dictator Democrap governors with you. That way the people of this great country can go back to enjoying our freedoms and constitutional rights!!! Also take all of the brain washed idiots that voted Democrap with you so they can experience what it really is to live under a dictator ship government. No Matter what do not return to my country we have no place for brain washed idiots.

      7. Correction. Democrats have dreams. We should all have those. Something to plan and work for. Except when it involves the enslavement of a country’s population. Liberal dreams are nightmares for folks with brains.

      8. Whatever brains they have, Richard, are so filled with hate and rage toward our great President for beating their queen, Hillary, they are totally blinded to the truth! Like petulant children in full temper tantrum mode. And you know what they say, “None are so blind, as they who REFUSE to see.” That about says it all for the vacuous, hate-filled Democrats!!!

      9. Yes the Democraps have brains, just look at senile old Joe yes he says he will whip the virus the luhan virus. Yep you dims are bright.

    1. Living in California and having watch the democrats since the 80 ies destroying our state i can tell you they may have a brain but it is diseased , vicious and criminal. There is not one decent democrat that I have ever seen since beyond the 80ies. What is so tragic they were not evil like now. Living under a democratic dictatorship is like living in Cuba, China and Russia. They are the party for illegals and people that depend on the government not because they care but because they can control them and they are their voters. We are very close to losing this country and between the democrats and China our demise is pretty much a reality.

  2. Didn’t Governor Northam already make a public statement to with “the hell with the Constitution”, “I’m in charge”? Democrats should be paying more attention to who they support! Many in the House of Representatives are Democratic Socialists, not Democrats, and some are family to the mob.

  3. No Dr Tonge your completely wrong.
    Democraps think with there wallet
    not there brain. It all about power
    money and corruption. It’s clear to
    me that you are a mindless hack and
    if you are a real doctor then god help
    your patients. It’s the dumbass demos
    who want open borders unchecked
    illegal aliens as well as trying to destroy the constitution of the United States.
    So Dr Tonge pack your bags and go craw
    back under the rock from where you
    came. You are clearly a POS.
    Trump 2020 yea!

  4. Blackface Northam is trying to save his
    political ass. He is a weak and immoral
    individual who was once a well respected
    doctor. That all went to hell when he cross
    over to the demo dark side.
    I can tell you coonman Northam has lost
    his mind and is a danger to all Virginians
    as well himself. He has the Democrap virus
    which is much more dangerous and deadly
    than what we face today.
    Trump 2020 yea !!!!

  5. The governor of Virginia has turned the state into a state of hatred and nazism….what a despicable POS he is! Virginia will never recover from all the Detestable action of Swampers from D.C. What a shame such a beautiful lady has died such an ugly death….

  6. Do you really think this guy cares about saving lives? He has already told everyone he doesn’t care about babies. So why would he care about anyone else? Make no mistake, this is a power grab. Resist! Resist! Resist! Assemble! Protest! Tell him he’s not welcome in Virginia anymore. Re-call him.

    1. Good luck with your re-call effort. it doesn’t work here in California we are trying to re-call our governor Gavin Newsome who is Nancy Pelosi’s nephew who is destroying our state more like Jerry Brown but Gavin is a Brown on steroids. The dems are very powerful and they protect their own rats. just look at what the Clinton’s have gotten away with for decades. Since Obama that party has gotten more evil and some of the people that have been elected to the congress are down right scary. The squad is a good example of the deterioration of that party. But the true blame goes to people that vote for them.

  7. Yes this is all from a pediatrician who championed abortions and told the country how to let a live baby die. So much for this compassionate physician?

  8. Virginians of every political affiliation do not fail your state your country or yourselves, vote the Socialist/Democrat despot Northam, the Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General out of office. To complete the purge of treasonous un-American politicians from your state and the nation make certain that you also unseat each and everyone of their political allies from the Virginia legislature. Virginia has not faced a more egregious foe since the days of King George. The republic cannot stand when dictatorial socialist such as Northam and his ilk occupy our state houses.

  9. As suspected from the beginning, this “emergency” is being exposed as another democrat flimflam intended to create chaos in a general election year. Citizens who pine for an honest government need to use their idle time, made available by democrats, to read the entirety of and verify the details of this virus.

    Only well informed voters can save the U.S. from a free-fall into the socialist nation democrats are determined to create. They’ve already made colossal headway in transforming America’s youth and convincing uninformed adults. Consider how democrat representatives and senators have used their time and choose wisely.

  10. I think that many of those employed in our government live in Virginia. Could be why Virginia is so liberal.

  11. Are you enjoying your egotistical power trip Northam? What are you planning to do when you’re voted out of office? You seem to think that you’re invincible but you’re angering a bi-partisan citizenry bud.

  12. Some restrictions are reasonable, but this is too much. Regardless of motive (like getting us used to further extensions of government power and civil rights deprivation?), why arrest and handcuff a man playing catch with his daughter in their own yard? Why dictate which of a family’s homes (city or lakeside cabin) in which they can self quarantine? Why outlaw fishing from a one man boat on the lake or buying non food items in a store that sells food, but allow unfettered purchase of marijuana? Why allow liquor stores to stay open, but arrest someone sitting alone in a park or on a beach? Why are abortions essential, but spiritual worship (WITH social distancing) is not? (I, personally, am not a religious person.). It is a matter of reasonability and judgment, and of our constitutionally guaranteed civil rights. The New Jersey governor said in an interview that whether his orders violated the Bill of Rights was “ above his pay grade.” Wrong. He swore an oath to uphold both the State and federal constitutions, and he has no right to violate our constitution just because he thinks it is OK. But he has the POWER, so he does it. The old saying is still true— “Power corrupts absolutely.”

  13. Please understand the basic fact about democrats in 2020 the majority who support such losers as Pelosi, Schumer, and the like have been brainwashed for decades and would not know truth it it was placed before them. Decades of progressive BS in our public schools and universities have trained them to think like their mentors in communist countries. Yes all those who vote democrat hate America as they have been trained to do!

  14. This is the same “man” who will not admit he is the one in blackface, and that the KKK hooded person is his date (possibly his current wife?).

  15. WOW!!! This creature is even more evil than I knew! This is what we get when we don’t do our homework before voting, or when honourable people (whether they are people of faith or not) fail to vote. Friends, our right to vote is a rare privilege, and should be treated as such. We should use it responsibly.

    This does not mitigate, however, the inexcusably egregious abuses of his power. This man, who calls himself a pediatric neurosurgeon, treats unborn children and abortion survivors, little teeny innocent babies who never did anything to him, like pieces of garbage, easily disposable, and has the unmitigated gall to declare abortion “clinics” “necessary services,” while proclaiming churches, where people go for corporate prayer and worship, “non-essential.” What kind of doctor is THAT?

    Furthermore, this man is squeezing us where it will hurt the most–right in our liberty-loving hearts. He has done everything he could to deprive us of our God-given 1st Amendment rights. He is taking away our right to freely exercise our religious beliefs and our right to peaceably assemble. What frosts my PJ’s is that we have forgotten that America was born as a refuge from tyranny. In fact, Virginia’s motto is “Sic semper tyranis,” Latin for “thus ever to tyrants.” In the immortal words of Benjamin Franklin, “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.” If we as Virginians do not rise up in protest, we will lose everything for which this country stands. This man has cronies in Lansing, New York City, Albany, and Sacramento–and perhaps others–and they will spread the poison until America is no longer America unless we make some kind of move to stop him. We must obey the law, but there are lawful ways to deal with him. I don’t know what it would take to recall him, but it must be done. If we do not succeed in removing this monster from OUR governor’s mansion, who knows how much more damage he will do? And who knows how much of this damage can be repaired even with a true liberty-loving American at the helm? It may already be too late.

    Maybe I sound a bit whacked, and if so, I apologize. But this situation is untenable, and there are Constitutional remedies. These need to be implemented lawfully before it is too late. No violence whatsoever. But we cannot afford to wait to vote him out in November.

  16. It is an act of genius that President Trump is suggesting that every State be reopened for business by order of its own Governor. Reopening will bring people into further contact with each other and likely raise the COV-19 infection rate, if only slightly. If Trump was to order this, he would be blamed for killing those who became infected and died. Further, ordering reopening brings back economic prosperity. Governors who order reopening sooner will have more prosperous states, and there will be pressure from business and labor in each state to reopen. There will be competition to reopen sooner. Thank you, President Trump!

  17. Pamela, you are absolutely correct. I enjoyed your post and agreed with everything you stated.

    For those who might not know, there is already a Recall effort underway for “His Bastardy Blackface of Northam”, via

    I believe something like 402,000 signatures are required to effect a Recall. Not sure how that number is arrived at, but I heard Blackface of Northam attempted to try to double that number because he is/was likely afraid such a number could be attained. Virginia Conservatives started the recall during the Bloomberg-funded gun-grab laws (that have mostly been signed now) during the most recent legislative session.

    I would urge yourself, your friends, and other like-minded individuals to sign this recall as soon as possible, because Virginia, unlike most states, limit the Governor to only one term. Therefore, he started out his term in office believing he had little to lose.

    We need to prove him wrong.

    During colonial days, the populace had a pretty grand way of dealing with reprobates like ‘Blackface of Northam’. It involved the sweet smell of petroleum distillates simmering in large open-air kettles, and the adornment of plumage from certain barnyard foul. The free “Uber” service afforded the hapless “lump” as they were carried on a wooden rail to the outskirts of town, was an added nicety….

    Sometimes, I am left wondering whether so-called “civility” and “modern”, non-violent means are as effective, today.

  18. Northam went too far the day he stepped foot over the threshold of our Capitol building to begin his “reign!!” The man is a communist at heart, and is absolutely basking in the dictatorial control and power he is wielding against his “subjects” in the once great State of Virginia. It makes me so sad to see how far we have fallen since the liberals invaded the northern part of our State. May God help us restore our Constitutional freedoms and liberties.

  19. What the hell do you all care if the economy reopens? None of you had any real jobs.
    Maybe Virginia thinks the people’s lives are more valuable…and the most valuable people have what it takes financially to get through this.

  20. I have much compassion for the true Virginians, the bold patriotic and dedicated Americans. Unfortunately you made the gravest mistake of your long illustrious history when you elected or helped to elect one of the most aggressive socialist in U.S. history, Governor Northam. Now, you are sitting back without rebellion watching him and the equally socialist Virginia legislature take away one personal freedom and God given right after another. Where is the patriotic fight that inspired Washington and Jefferson to refuse to acquiesce to King George? Will you sit idly by and watch them take away all of your Constitutional rights?

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