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Stand by China, the US Army will soon be joining any future fight by fielding highly maneuverable, hypersonic missiles coming to a battlefield near YOU.

Fast Facts

  • The Army’s new Land-based missile variant of the Navy’s hypersonic weapon will be called ‘Dark Eagle.’
  •   It is expected to enter service in 2023.
  • Dark Eagle combines the unpowered Common-Hypersonic Glide Body(C-HGB) with a large rocket booster.
  • It will have speeds in excess of Mach 5 (five times the speed of sound, or 3,836 miles per hour).
  • Its 1,700-mile range will allow it to strike targets across the South China Seas, as well as deep into China from a number of nearby countries, such as the Philippines, Vietnam, and Japan.
  •  Dark Eagle missile and launchers will be air transportable via C-130 aircraft for rapid deployment to unimproved front-line locations in Asia.

The Navy’s version of the hypersonic missiles will arm the new Virginia-class submarines and the Zumwalt-class guided-missile destroyers.

See video of a test launch in 2020 in Hawaii.

According to Popular Mechanics (PopMech):

Once the booster runs out of fuel, C-HGB glides back down to earth, streaking toward its target, and delivering a high-explosive charge. Dark Eagle’s high speed allows it to engage fleeting targets, while also proving elusive for enemy air defenses. 

PopMech adds:

The Army will deploy Dark Eagle in artillery batteries of eight missiles each. That will consist of four truck-bound transporter-erector-launcher vehicles with two missiles each, plus a battery operations center. A C-130J Super Hercules transport will deploy the battery, allowing it to reach rougher airfields closer to the battle zone.


  1. A country can have the most sophisticated and deadly weaponry but if the leaders are without conviction the weapons are meaningless .

  2. Give our Confounder in Chief a week . . . . . . he will make sure China gets all the manufacturing plans they need to make the missile.

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