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PENTAGON WATCH – It isn’t only the Pentagon that is ‘Going Woke,’ America’s major defense firms are also pushing outrageously neo-Marxist and neo-racist indoctrination on their hapless employees – all under the guise of “diversity training.” Raytheon, one of America’s largest defense contractors, reportedly has adopted Critical Race Theory (CRT) and implemented ‘Intersectionality’ training for its senior executives.

The company that just won a $2 billion contract from the U.S. Air Force to build a nuclear-capable cruise missile, created a program in 2020, called “Stronger Together,” which encourages employees to “becom[e] an anti-racist today.”

Unfortunately, as expected, this “anti-racism” program blames white for everything. It encourages white employees to self-flagellate and “identify their privilege” and “step aside” in favor of minority employees, according to documents obtained by City Journal’s Christopher Rufo.

National Review notes that: “One workshop aims to teach employees about the concept of ‘intersectionality,’ which is the neo-Marxist theory about “interlocking systems of oppression” and “break[ing] down power into privilege and marginalization.” NR adds:

Other suggestions for employees include “what not to say to your black colleagues right now,” which include statements like, “I can’t wait for things to calm down and get back to normal.”

Meanwhile, also last year, Lockheed Martin Corporation, the nation’s largest defense contractor, sent white male executives to a three-day diversity-training program (aka: neo-racist, neo-Marxist indoctrination session) aimed at deconstructing their “white male culture” and encouraging them to atone for their “white male privilege,” according to documents obtainedby Christopher Rufo.

According to Rufo, the online Zoom program for 13 Lockheed senior executives, called the “White Men’s Caucus” was led by the “diversity-consulting” firm White Men as Full Diversity Partners. This firm says it specializes in “helping” white males “awaken together.” This embarrassing program of directed self-hate and flagellation included a former three-star general and the vice president of production for the $1.7 trillion F-35 fighter jet program.

The participants were asked to internalize “white privilege statements” including, “I can commit acts of terrorism, violence or crime and not have it attributed to my race.”

The training began with a “free association” exercise which asked the Lockheed executives to list words associated with “white men.” The trainers listed “old, racist, privileged, anti-women, angry, Aryan Nation, KKK, Founding Fathers, guns, guilty, can’t jump,” according to Rufo.

NR reports that:

The diversity trainers posed the question, “What’s in it for white men?” A list of responses included, “I won’t get replaced by someone who is a better full diversity partner,” “[I will] improve the brand, image, reputation of white men,” and “I [will] have less nagging sense of guilt that I am the problem.”

 The consulting firm claims that the “roots of white male culture” include traits such as “rugged individualism,” “a can-do attitude,” “hard work,” “operating from principles,” and “striving towards success”—which are “devastating” to women and minorities.

More of the racist indoctrination can be seen below:

“This is pure neo-racism from a company that receives billions of taxpayer dollars every year,” Rufo said in another tweet. “I call on the United States Senate to launch an immediate inquiry into the racist practices at @LockheedMartin. We must shut this down before it endangers our national security.”

Paul Crespo is the Managing Editor of American Defense News. A defense and national security expert, he served as a Marine Corps officer and as a military attaché with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) at US embassies worldwide. Paul holds degrees from Georgetown, London, and Cambridge Universities. He is also CEO of SPECTRE Global Risk, a security advisory firm, and President of the Center for American Defense Studies, a national security think tank.

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1 year ago

WTF. This is insane.

1 year ago

Very disturbing this is discrimination fair is being blind to race and open to qualified for the Job!!! any thing less is see you in court!!!

1 year ago

Don’t we have laws against discrimination no matter your race. This is the same thing and should be taken to court.

1 year ago

These rotten dogs from hell, along with all the rotten dogs in Congress & the rotten politicians are attempting to force white people to stop having integrity & intelligence. It’s the white people who have made this country what it is today, because, the majority of white’s don’t commit crimes, they work hard for things they want, they get educated, they believe in the family system, they follow the laws of our land. Just look at all these blacks who holler racism & they are above radical when it comes to racism. They constantly show hate in every aspect of their lives. I think what would be so funny with these idiotic companies, if all white’s refused to speak a word to anyone, all day while they are at work. If these idiots get mad, the white’s could say, we are following your requirements & if we don’t speak, we can’t be racist. Let them deal with a total walkout, like the Minneapolis police department, where their entire police force walked out all at the same time. It was more than disastrous, as they lost every ounce of control & now they who have all the answers get to show their special skills of attempting to re-raise adults. Until massive amounts of people walk out of every place that is teaching this crap, it won’t stop. This is how they take over, when there is no resistance. When the Plandemic was put into place to get Trump out of office, to take down all Americans, silence all white’s, not one ounce of resistance did 99% of people show. They closed their doors, stayed home, scared to come out of their homes, covered their faces so they couldn’t be heard & submitted to the rotten vaccine that is killing hundreds of thousands of people. An airline ticket employee has told the truth to why all these flights are being cancelled & it isn’t technical problems. A flier who was attempting to get a ticket to fly was told the real reason. That employee told the lady not to buy a ticket to fly, if she has taken the vaccine, because, the proof is already being shown that when one gets to a certain altitude, it is creating brain blood clots & causing peoples hearts to fail. Of course, the media isn’t going to tell us anything. One no longer has to take the vaccine, because, it radiates to others who haven’t taken the vaccine if one has already been vaccinated. Can’t people see this was the entire set up. Wipe out as many people as possible, allow black privilege to prevail with zero consequences against the criminal blacks, destroy businesses so people will have to get government assistance. Take away all confidence from people to work & ruin their lives. George Floyd was not murdered by Derrick. His drug dealer sat in the car beside Floyd, refused to tell what he had sold to Floyd & no one made him responsible for the death of Floyd. The drug dealer stated he would be the one to go to prison if he talked. Yet, an innocent white police officer took the wrap & according to his training in the police training guide, he did exactly what he was supposed to do. America is now a 3rd world country & there is only one way this will stop. Millions of Americans can decide to take back America & these few thousands who think they can take away our rights, will absolutely be out numbered. Portland Oregon has already decided to try & make it’s own laws & have published & informed police & people, that no matter why kind of crime blacks commit, there will be no punishment. Police are told they do nothing, even when they see the crime being committed. Just what do these fools think is going to happen when there is no punishment of any kind. Do these fools think white’s are going to just sit by & take this s…t… What kind of insanity is this???? It’s not going to get better folks, it is going to get worse until the people stand up against this horrible validation of crime.