The media will just call it another “Biden gaffe.” During a press conference, President Biden seemed to forget to mention the tragic partial building collapse in Miami, FL which has left more than 140 Americans unaccounted for in the massive collection of debris and rubble.

The Daily Wire reports:

“So, again, if it turns out that what I’ve done so far — what we’ve done so far is a mistake, it’s going to show,” Biden said toward the end of his press conference on Thursday afternoon. “It’s going to show. The economy is not going to grow, like it wasn’t before. People aren’t going to have jobs with increased pay, like it was before. People are going to be out of work, like it was before, with no options. Unemployment is going to continue to climb, instead of continue to go down. If that happens, then my policies didn’t make a lot of sense, but I’m counting on it not. That’s my counting how it’s working.”

“I’ve got to get a helicopter [inaudible],” Biden concluded. “Thank you.”

At that moment, Harris is seen approaching Biden before he leaves the podium and telling him something — at one point, it appears as though she says the word “Florida.”

As Harris made the remarks to Biden, reporters shouted, “Mr. President, will you travel to Florida, sir?” and “Can we ask you about Florida — what you’ve learned and what you’ve [inaudible]?”

Screenshot via Fox News

Only after Harris approached Biden did he then mention the tragic collapse. Biden said he’s reached out to Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and FEMA about the disaster. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has also issued an emergency order.

This is only Biden’s latest forgetful moment in a string of blunders that has caused Republicans to ask him to immediately submit to a cognitive exam.


  1. did he forget or did he just not give a crap because there’s no way this tragedy will help him or his family line their pockets. Biden has a singular focus…me, myself and I.

  2. Biden belongs in a nursing home. He can continue his puppet antics there to entertain others in similar or worsening circumstances, but do no more harm as the lead puppet.

  3. What to difference does it make now. The MFer has already screwed up the country. And then unchecked asshole liberals are doing what they want committing crimes and this dumb ass is allowing the lawbreakers to go unchecked It time for military to step in and rid this awlful cancer from the USA put their ass in Gitmo with the rest of the terrorists. Quit blaming white America for all this nonsense

    1. The National Guard is the only division that can be deployed within our borders. They won’t use them until the military is 100% WOKE. Right now Im not sure that any of the military would actually use force against the US population. They did once at Kent State during the Protests in the early 70s. I don’t believe that will happen again. CRT crap is being pushed in the military now to try to convince the young military folks that there brothers, sisters, and parents are the real enemy. Biden even stated that the population isn’t armed well enough to take over the government. I don’t know anyone that wants to take over the government but I do know some that would like to clean out some of the swamp people that have been there way to long. There seems to be a bunch of politicians that believe there farts smell like fresh roses. In both parties!

      1. The military was ‘woke’ loooong before Numb Nuts showed up in the Oval Office. I was in the military (USAF: 1972 to 1980) and we noticed once the Vietnam Conflict ended, women came flooding in, looking for husbands, generating speech and behavioral codes, orchestrating competition among male troops for their attention and affection, while allying with blacks to bolster their minority status as ‘special class’ troops to be accorded protections with extra-UCMJ policies. By the time I was discharged, we were not only inundated with demanding women, but when the Iran Hostage Crisis prompted an actual attack on that country, suddenly, our female Flight Operations Specialists were sent to the states from Guam, leaving the remaining males to work 12 hour shifts, seven days per week for several months.

      2. You are correct…. R and D are meaningless. CATHOLICS have ruined the USA since 1956. Now the SCOTUS is CATHOLIC and doing treason to the US Constitution.
        You will never find the term ‘globalist’ nor ‘ lib’ nor ‘conserv’ in a voting booth. All are smoke words to confuse. Vote for ANY CATHOLIC and you vote for corruption and failure forever.

  4. Well he forgot to mention the tragedy in Florida, but he was able to mention the catastrophe that he’s been so far for the nation as a whole, so I guess that’s something.

  5. I bet they say Hunter’s laptop was in the bottom of the rubble… Seriously, that is way to big of a disaster to miss speaking of it. He does not know what is going on around him. It is sad to see and scary to have him and his party in control of our country.

    1. Your “Party” has been in control of this country for much longer than this A’hole has been around. Many of those ‘party’ members call themselves “Republicans”, who pitch platitudes about traditions, family values, church, mom and apple pie (This activity occurs while they fund abortions, wars, condone and legislate protections for homosexuals, support foreign countries with our taxes, send our jobs to the same, and leave our borders unguarded, all while they luxuriate on our dime aboard opulent aircraft, and live in huge mansions.

    2. mcafee laptop was in the bottom of the rubble, the same mcafee that they murdered in a prison in spain, just like the epstine murder . . . . .

  6. When is this Administration and his family going to wake up and do something? They are failing our Country, every last one of them!

  7. So sad and scary! My heart goes out to
    anyone with dementia, but he/she should not
    be in the position of President of the U.S.

    1. god is too busy helping globalists and globalist puppets and libby snow flake sheep and their moderators with hurt feelings who run home crying to mommy .

  8. This stupid demented puppet, dementia jo, put in place by the communist democrats, only cares about how much money he is getting from china and Russia for selling out the United States of America!

  9. How much more of this baffoon is America going to take before something is done. Our country is falling apart. We have a senile old fool leading America into ruin and the worse he gets, the more the media ignores this doofus and still tries to blame our problems on Trump. I fear that we are seeing the last days of this once great nation as this pied piper leads America into oblvion.

    1. Numb Nuts will fashion enough rope to hang himself once his sizable ego and boundless liberal hubris exceeds the limits established by his handlers, who will quickly send him packing when he believes those limitations and obligations no longer exist. Unfortunately, we’ll have an even worse pinch hitter to take his place. We can at least be vindicated with the knowledge that Numb Nuts has demonstrated that he richly deserves that title.

    2. Can’t we all just be moderators and “imagine” we are 1,000 different genders and cry to mommy about mr potato head and dr suess . . . . .

  10. So. Once again a couple atheists protest make it seem like “the people “ are protesting. It’s time for Americans to speak up en mass. God Bless America.

    1. Learn to pray the correct way, pray god bless American the same ways he blesses globalists and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet fbi CRIMINAL organisation and globalist media and moderators and libby snow flake sheep .

    2. Back in the early thirties people would sit around and say, when is someone going to do something to stop this maniac Hitler? No one did anything until the world was on fire.

  11. Joe Biden is the most evil, worthless president in American history – and I do include the loathsome Barack Obama in that estimation. Americans must face the obvious. The Democrat Party is a group of horrid, malevolent human beings dedicated to Socialism/Communism in the United States, with no care AT ALL about human lives and human misery. The only question that remains is, can we survive until Trump takes over again in 2024?

    1. That is the sole reason they used sooooo much voter fraud to appoint globalist puppet, chester the molester biden .


    1. globalist puppet, chester the molester biden is about as dumb as moderators with hurt little feelings and run home crying to mommy .

  13. Biddey is nothing but a disgraceful to the human white race
    It should be impeached along with the deplorable vp and all of his appointed worthless deplorable communist democrats
    Schumer you big mouth bastard and the shit head pelosi should be in prison
    As for the slimy five squad they should be destroyed and eliminated
    The democratic communist socialist party should be banned forever

  14. This guy is totally a moron. He is too busy. Bending over an whispering into the microphone. Who does that. I know. A complete dementia IDiOT. Oh my how the world has to be laughing at this country. Like I say. You may not have liked President Trump. But you knew where he was coming from. The old saying. The devil know is better than the DEVIL you don’t know. Well we the American. People have no idea what this devil will subject the American people to. Higher taxes. Higher food cost. Higher gas sn oil. Higher debt to America. Higher infiltration of illegals. Where does it stop

  15. He also neglected to recognize the sacrifice of U.S. soldiers. These people don’t give two cents for Americans. They’re busy setting up some Global administration to exercise unheralded authority from the safety of foreign, un-elected administrations, while obligating Americans to underwrite those costs, commit our troops to extend aggression on distant shores, and open our sovereign borders to convert our population to a stateless rabble of competing elements. The media is very important to U.S citizens when such activities commence, but unfortunately, that media is allied with Globalists.

  16. His bald faced lying is a horrible embarrassment for him — except that his afflicted mental condition doesn’t allow him to recognize it. He’s just a simpleton and clown barely able to read what his handlers prepare for him. They, along with all of Washington, will have to be embarrassed for him.

  17. globalist puppet, chester the molester biden refused to mention the florida building collapsing sinch it was intentionally destroyed to destroy the evidence held by mcafee who was murdered in prison .

  18. R and D are meaningless. CATHOLICS have ruined the USA since 1956. Now the SCOTUS is CATHOLIC and doing treason to the US Constitution.
    You will never find the term ‘globalist’ nor ‘ lib’ nor ‘conserv’ in a voting booth. All are smoke words to confuse. Vote for ANY CATHOLIC and you vote for corruption and failure forever.

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