A bus of dozens of Nicaraguan migrants unloaded at the Naval Observatory in Washington D.C., also known as Vice President Kamala Harris’ home, Wednesday morning. According to an NBC News report the bus carrying men, women, and children, came from Texas. The migrants were not left outside her home long though, as volunteers from SAMU First Response immediately picked them up and assessed their needs. This latest bus comes after governors of southern border states have sent thousands of migrants to Democrat-led cities in the past several months.

This is also not the first time migrants have been dropped off in front of the VP’s house, as Texas has left migrants outside her home in September and October, with one bus even caring for 50 people from Venezuela.

The bussing of migrant people into Democrat ran cities has become a tactic from southern border states to highlight their claim that the Biden administration’s border policies failed. States such as Texas, Arizona, and Florida have sent many busloads to multiple Democrat-heavy areas, including Martha Vineyard, New York City, and of course the VP’s house in D.C.


  1. How can this be? Everyone KNOWS the Southern BORDER IS CLOSED!
    kamal tow said so along with the pos that is the head cocksucker, Joe! FJB

  2. If every state where these illegals would organize and request individuals, companies to donate busses, volunteers and donations to send as many busses to the invasion areas then load them with illegals, send them to california, washington dc, washington state, arizona, oregon, new york, deleware, massachusetts, maine and all those other bleeding heart liberal sanctuary states.
    I think there would be enormous support to stop this illegal invasion of the soverignty and UN-Constitutional aide by this lawless regime of the UN-United States of America.

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