The pro-life argument is quite simple: abortion is murder. No justification can allow someone to kill a child. Even though most abortionists support gun control, they can’t seem to help themselves using one of the best arguments against it.

The Argument

The argument in question is also a simple one: “no law will stop abortions from happening.” Which, in the most extreme sense, is true. Just because it’s illegal doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Here’s an example in the form of a quotation from Democrat Representative Suzanne Bonamici of Oregon that democrats have been circulating.

This serves as a powerful argument for the left because it not only attempts to justify murdering children, but it allows them to frame pro-abortion legislation as a “compassionate” and “thoughful” act protecting innocent victims of consensual sex. (Yes, consensual sex. They no longer use the word “rare” and rape only accounts for less than 1% of abortions. That’s according to the Guttmacher Institute, the research arm of Planned Parenthood.) Here is Gretchen Whitmer framing her own ghoulish policies in exactly that light.

Abortion is Never Safe

The truth is, there are no safe abortions. Despite what Harvard, the Psychiatric Times, and Planned Parenthood would have you believe, women often report trama post-abortion. Even Planned Parenthood’s Guttmacher Institute admits that women nearly always have conflicting emotions after killing their baby. Mothers often report grief, pain, anger, loss, and even trauma responses after killing their unborn child. In many cases they also report feeling a need to connect with a child on the date their child would have been born. Even women’s bodies tell them that that “clump of cells” was a human being before they killed it.

So why do so many studies indicate that abortion does not cause trauma? Let’s take a look at one of the most rigorous. This Harvard study shows that only 2% of women who kill their children experience “complications.” That’s a low number which must mean that abortion is safe, right? Well, what they rule out is quite telling. They didn’t include exacerbated but pre-existing mental illnesses or anxieties as results of abortion. In reality, existing mental struggles become much worse after abortion. A Sage Journals peer-reviewed study corroborated this finding. In one study, 75% of participants experienced denial and 50% suffered long-term psychological distress. Moreover, if you continue to read the findings of that Harvard study, that 2% only includes complications from the day of the procedure. The same study shows that 40% of patients come back for emergency treatment within 6 weeks.

The incidence of abortion-related emergency department visits within six weeks of the initial abortion procedure is about 40%

40%? That doesn’t sound so safe anymore does it.

Another issue pro-abortion studies conveniently forget is how women often develop a connection to the child despite their problematic circumstances. Despite abortion killing their child, the brain still undergoes significant changes to the systems associated with maternal attachment.

Whether it’s physically or psychologically, abortion is never safe.

So What About Guns?

Well, is there ever a “safe” self-defense use of a gun? Debatable. What isn’t is that most guns are designed to kill animals and people. That much is true. But much like a fire extinguisher doesn’t put out fires, a gun does nothing without a user. At the end of the day it’s only a tool.

Yesterday, I was at the Supreme Court and asked a pro-abortion protestor for comment. She said that making abortion illegal will only push it underground but it wouldn’t stop it from happening. When I asked her if that argument also applied to guns, she didn’t have an answer. She only said that the world would be safer without them. Maybe she’s right, maybe if we get rid of all the guns, less people will die. Let’s see what that might look like.

There are approximately 400 million known guns in the United States of America. According to World Population Review, that’s the most in on the planet by a landslide. India comes in second with only 71.1 million compared to our 393.3 million and we have less than a fifth of their population.

According to AmmoLand, the vast majority of those firearms are not connected to any registry whatsoever. This is thanks to legislation that requires stores to delete records of background checks and gun sales. And there are likely even more than these estimates due to illegal trafficking, DYI projects, and 3D printing.

So, to get rid of all the guns, we have to crack down on 400 million undocumented pieces of US private property. Then, we have to find and disband the manufacturers both above and under the table. Finally, we have to track down every 3D printer plan, delete it, and somehow shut down every at home firearm project. Sounds easy enough, right?

Not a chance in hell.

Illegalizing guns only keeps them out of the hands of the innocent. It makes the streets less safe by only disarming victims. We’ve seen this play out over and over again. After all, the vast majority of mass shootings happen in gun-free zones.


At the end of the day, guns prevent young women from becoming victims of domestic violence. Guns protect happy homes with children sleeping cozy in their warm beds. Gun laws will only disarm people like these. With 400+ million guns in this country, criminals, just like abortionists, will find a way.

There is of course, one key difference. A gun can be used to prevent a murder, the second a killer sees you’re armed, they’ll think twice. Abortion on the other hand, is always murder. When 96% of biologists agree the life begins at conception, abortion always has a victim; 100% of the time. A gun, like a fire extinguisher, is a tool that can and should sit on your shelf and collect dust. And if you enforce laws against them, you will only disarm victims.

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Janice Lee
Janice Lee
7 months ago

Abortion is murder any way you slice it!

Zebra Lady
Zebra Lady
7 months ago

Abortion is the jurisdiction of EACH STATE — NOT Federal Government nor a part of the U.S. Constitution. However, gun rights ARE protected for LEGAL, LAW-ABIDING U.S. citizens. The pro-abortion terrorists ARE ENDANGERING us, and it is our right to defend ourselves from them.

7 months ago
Reply to  Zebra Lady

Doesn’t sound like you are really pro life, at least for people that have actually been born and breathe.

7 months ago

right on chris. you said it. too bad the moronic idiots can’t see it