Photo by Tech. Sgt. Joseph McKee

New York Governor Kathy Hochul has announced new anti-gun legislation in the wake of the brutal massacre carried out in a Buffalo supermarket earlier this week.

As The New York Post reports:

Gov. Kathy Hochul is pushing executive orders and legislation to combat gun crimes and domestic terrorism following the deadly, racist-fueled mass shooting in Buffalo last weekend.

The package includes an executive order that would require State Police to seize weapons under the state’s red flag law from potentially dangerous people “whenever they have probable cause to believe that an individual is a threat to themselves or others,” Hochul is announcing Wednesday afternoon.

One bill would require that semi-automatic handguns made or sold in New York include features that would mark ammunition with a microstamp after it is fired, which would help law enforcement better investigate gun crimes.

Other legislation would require law enforcement to report within 24 hours any firearm they recover from a crime scene. Hochul is also pushing a new bill that would expand the definition of firearms to include additional types of guns.

Hochul has also ordered the State Police to set up a unit dedicated to monitoring social media posts for any signs of an imminent attack.


  1. Step One in the gradual take away your guns from law abiding citizens. Big Brother knows what’s best for you. Just be good little sheeple and let them take away your 2nd Amendment rights! Stand up people and say no to overreaching laws! Criminalizing guns means only the state and criminals will have guns. We The People will be defenseless!

  2. Changing of the “we don’t know a fxxxing thing” guard to Biden the lost. Everything is blowing up in bidens face, no leadership skills, total family corruption, his America last policy has made him a traitor to the American people. Secure our borders, stop the drugs, once impeachment starts all the BS will be reversed. Jail time for all who have lied to Congress and broke their oath of office.

  3. Daily, the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ticks inch in closer to the 2nd Amkerican civil war.
    The Founders gave us the BILL OF RIGHTS , then they gave us the 2nd amendment to guarantee them.
    For about 100 years the liberal scum have been trying to take our weapons away.
    That road will take the scum to a place where the sun doesn’t shine

  4. I’ve said this a million times…”America has been penetrated by International Communist Party!” The Communist whether they be White, Black, Jewish, Asian, Mexican, has destroyed core family which has particularly devastated American Black Families. Indeed. We know them as “Rockefeller Republicans Fabian Communist” or “Progressives from the Labor Progressive Party” within the United States. Whereas the Menshevik/Bolshevik Democrat Party embraced Communism at Harvard University before Frederick Engels or Karl Marx. Harvard was teaching Hegelian Dialect which educated Marx, Engels et al.

  5. How many existing laws including gun laws did the shooter break? Criminals don’t care about any laws. If you want to do something bring back prosecution and high bail as well as the death penalty.

    1. If they are in jail, they can’t be shown to have voted for you. It’s the live version of the “graveyard vote.”

  6. If Hochul was capable of rational thought, she would realize that New York’s already-insane gun control laws were a major contributing factor in that shooter being as safe as he was from any of the victims defending themselves. But, leftists never let common sense get in the way of their madness.

  7. The CATHOLIC traitors that call themselves D do not like guns nor a wall for the border. The CATHOLIC traitors that call themselves R do not like Roe v Wade. NO CATHOLIC likes the Constitution of the USA. Vote for ANY CATHOLIC and you vote for a proven thousand years of exactly 100 FAILURE.

  8. The Leftist Democrats have declared all out War against our Constitution starting with the Second Amendment! While blaming all crime on Guns, which happen to be Inanimate Objects incapable of anything unless there is Human interaction, they have coddled those using them! That’s right, Arrested at Night, Released in the Morning, back unto our Streets! Does it sound like they are trying to stop Violence, or just take away YOUR RIGHTS!

  9. As the old saying goes, when you take away the guns, the only people who will have guns will be the CRIMINALS. Law abiding citizens MUST stand up for national & state laws which protect us, our families, our states & OUR NATION!

  10. There are only 2 requirements that must be met to become a Democrat: Ignorance and stupidity…

  11. Since the liberals on the Supreme Court of the U S kicked God, the Holy Bible, prayer, and the 10 commandments out of the public schools in the mid 1960’s, our nation’s families and culture has been degrading at an alarming rate. The current rate of brutality in our nation is a direct result of these judicial decisions. My wife and I are 74 and it’s breaking our hearts. We greatly fear for our children and grandchildren.

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