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President Joe Biden announced a new series of executive orders targeting the 2nd amendment rights of Americans on Thursday after calling gun violence in America ‘an epidemic.’

Biden’s announced 6 new executive actions which include (Per The White House):

-The Justice Department, within 30 days, will issue a proposed rule to help stop the proliferation of “ghost guns.”

-The Justice Department, within 60 days, will issue a proposed rule to make clear when a device marketed as a stabilizing brace effectively turns a pistol into a short-barreled rifle subject to the requirements of the National Firearms Act.

-The Justice Department, within 60 days, will publish model “red flag” legislation for states.

-The Administration is investing in evidence-based community violence interventions.

-The Justice Department will issue an annual report on firearms trafficking.

-The President will nominate David Chipman to serve as Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.

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    1. Not most of ours, he stole it… Well, his handlers stole it, he doesn’t have the brains to pull off such a feat.

      1. But he is the one who said, back in 2007, that the Dominion machines were ripe for fraud, and should not be used.

      2. That’s true, but the apparatus designed to provoke the American people to action when the(ir..) media publishes these issues is activated by Numb Nuts, who most people regard as demented and unfit for office. Biden can utter any inane statement he wishes, particularly statements that will reveal unconstitutional agendas. Now we’re being closely watched–which was a measure developed after 9/11, and instituted under the PATRIOT Act–in order to detect “Terrorism” within our posts. We can kick and scream all we want, but the minute our objections gain traction among the gentry, the anti-terrorist/extremist boom will fall on our heads. Believe me, censorship of dissidents paves the road toward tyranny.

        1. This is nothing more than a repeat of Hitler (CATHOLIC) and his brown shirts (CATHOLIC) in Germany 1933. Now Biden (CATHOLIC) is doing a repeat. Look south, a hundred nations, a thousand years (CATHOLIC) AND NOT ONE SUCCESS IN THE LOT!

      3. He also admitted on camera that the Dems had the largest fraud effort going before the election.

        1. Hitler did the ‘long knives” thing about 1932 and killed a bunch of legislators that were not CATHOLIC.. This is nothing more than a repeat of Hitler (CATHOLIC) and his brown shirts (CATHOLIC) in Germany 1933. Now Biden (CATHOLIC) is doing a repeat. Look south, a hundred nations, a thousand years (CATHOLIC) AND NOT ONE SUCCESS IN THE LOT!

      4. He knew of it though..
        Didn’t he say (paraphrasing) “we’ve built the largest election fraud organization, ever” On a Zoom call?
        There’s video

  1. we are in a dictatorship government with sleepy joe in charge and the demtards if he cant get it passed he will use the executive orders which go against what the American people want and would vote for it is a sad day in this country when sleepy joe became president

    1. I agree with you except one thing, Joe is not in charge. He is a puppet, with Obama pulling the strings.

        1. There were too many Republicans in Congress for Obama to get away with everything he wanted to do while he was in office. Now it’s open season. Look for the Dems to push through as much as they can of their socialist agenda before sanity returns are they tossed out in 2022 – Unless they manage to change the election laws to ensure their continued control before then; things like packing the Supreme Court and getting PR and/or DC admitted as states. If that happens, buckle up for the long ride down from leader of the free world to vassal state to China.

          1. That is obviously the plan they will never loose another election!!!!!!

          2. “….tossed out in 2022..” I hope so, but the voting system that installed the current regime will be in place during the 2022 election. (We might also have a relapse of the Covid 19 virus..) Not only the system, but the stupi…uhh….’enlightened’ liberal electorate will parade into the polls to reelect the very regime that will enslave them, and wave even more illegal aliens across the border. These visiting ‘voters’ will soon comprise the bulk of democrat party constituents, and you’ll witness the transformation of our government to a Hispanic Dominated (And egregiously corrupted…) version of their former nation.

      1. Yes and obama gets no heat for it and joey boy doesn’t care about the heat as he doesn’t understand there is any .

    2. Yes Faux Joe definitely isn’t steering this ship… and that, right there!! is an ice berg just off the port now

    3. Joe is CATHOLIC. NO CATHOLIC is an AMERICAN……This is nothing more than a repeat of Hitler (CATHOLIC) and his brown shirts (CATHOLIC) in Germany 1933. Now Biden (CATHOLIC) is doing a repeat. Look south, a hundred nations, a thousand years (CATHOLIC) AND NOT ONE SUCCESS IN THE LOT!

  2. Biden the brain dead is a blithering idiot. The proposals, or EO’s, are a bunch of feel good nuisance regulations trying to circumvent the 2nd Amendment.

  3. Dementia jo is violating our Constitution and Bill of Rights. period.


  4. Buy gun and ammunition stocks now as Sleepy, Creepy Joe prepares to set all-time sales records. Nobody sells more firearms than a gun-grabbing Democrat with his own armed security detail.

  5. Unconstitutional Actions by the current Occupant of the Oval Office against the 2nd Amendment Rights of the citizens of the United States, activate the 2nd Amendments intent and purpose: to Resist and Overthrow a Tyrannical Government.

    Tread On This Snake At Your Own Peril.

    1. The First Amendment is in their cross hairs, too. Odumbo signed into law the bill to repeal our 5th Amendment, and would sanction government surveillance, arrests, indefinite detainment and assassinations of U.S. citizens without a warrant, trial or legal representation. These are TYRANTS people.

  6. Lets see if uncle Joe can get the criminals and gang members to turn theirs in. Those are the only people doing gun crime. After you get the shot and die a horrible death in a few months or year, they can just go get your stuff and bury you with your mask on.

  7. Make all new gun laws you want Mr. Joe Joe. You Joe Biden are not my president and I will not abide by new laws made by a lier and a bunch of cheaters

    1. Our country was ‘destroyed’ after WWII, when our debts to the FED skyrocketed, and rendered our politicians as bootlickers to foreign banks, the U.N. and other potentates (The latest being Soros..) What Trump tried to do was to restore American Sovereignty, and he identified those politicians who were continuing the process of selling out our country. America can be made sovereign, economically viable and secure. First, though, we must rid our leadership of so-called “Globalists”.


  9. biden, there isn’t a bigger failure than you and the rest of your drivel spewing colleges. ALL OF YOU SUCK!!! What goes around comes around, YOU PEOPLE WILL BE GOING TO PURGATORY 1st, then down to LUCIFER, FOR ETERNITY!!!! I hope that happens SOON, because Americans can’t take any more of your BULLSHIT!!!

  10. Pray for America to get on our knees, repent, humble ourselves and turn back to GOD or He will lift hedge of protection! Rule

  11. no one will abide by this crap and not very many will try to enforce it and if they do you known that their very smart

  12. He has to be the dopiest president we have ever had. We all know that Obama is running our country and is getting all the policies he wasn’t powerful enough to get through. WE NEED OUR TRUMP!

  13. The “people” in control in Washington right now don’t know what they are pushing. To them, the Constitutional limits on the federal government do not exist, in fact in their minds, the Constitution is irrelevant. They think since such a large segment of the population rolled over and submitted to the demands made related to the pandemic, the population is prime to submit to any and all other unlawful and unconstitutional demands they will make in the future.

    I don’t think so.

  14. Just more of the same. All Democrats HATE the American Constitution – especially the 2nd Amendment. All Democrats want absolute power over American citizens. Just why on earth, do voters elect Democrats? Do all of them truly hate America?

  15. A little less talk and a lot more action. Numb Nuts does not have authority to deprive the American People of their Constitutional Rights. This particular Right affords Americans with the means to remove tyrants BY FORCE, if they ignore Constitutional Limitations. THAT is why the 2nd Amendment is under attack. Our leaders intend to dismantle our Bill of Rights.

  16. I believe if Mr Biden decides to foolishly strat taking guns away from last abiding citizens. Ies not sure if he will enjoy much any more.

  17. You can’t call them Executive Orders in one sentence and then call the Executive Actions in the next, they are NOT the same thing.

  18. The FOUNDERS Gave us the BILL OF RIGHTS, Then they added the 2nd amendment to guarantee them.The liberal dems have bee trying to take them for about a 100 years. Get off that road liberals, it will take you to a place where the sun doesn’t shine.

  19. Another idiotic worthless set of gun control rules
    Hobby guns for personal use (when’s the last time you hear of a bad guy making his own weapon? )
    An arm brace stabilize a heavy pistol (hey, they can get heavy for folks with less strength, (lottsa bad guys use those? – the tx atthole may have) .
    And “Red flag” Yeah there’s no chance someone gets mislabeled because some bureaucrat doesn’t like what you say, believe, or stand for…Noooo. (seen any of that recently? )
    More rules haven’t fix nuthin
    1. Bad guys don’t follow rules (ie the definition of bad guy is won’t follow laws and such..)
    2. Only people who do follow rules will be affected. And… they were prolly already following the original rules – and now, well, possible they instantly become bad guys, unfairly.
    3. Bad guys generally try to hide that they’re bad guys. So you can’t tell them apart. Except now the good guys may be more vulnerable.
    Thank you Faux Joe.

  20. It’s going to be impossible for biden to enforce anything related to any kind of gun ban.
    He hasn’t taken into account that it would years to do want he wants to do in the short time he has left in the presidency.
    He doesn’t have the time.

  21. It is not guns that is a so called epidemic it is the judicial system that is the problem there is no harsh punishment for mass killings.

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