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West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin revealed on Tuesday that he opposed a bill recently passed by his colleagues in the House of Representatives which would have required background checks for any and all individuals purchasing any sort of firearm.

As The Hill reports:

“What the House passed? Not at all,” Manchin said, when asked if he supports the legislation.

The House passed two bills this month: one to extend the window for completing a background check before a gun sale and a second that would extend background checks to all sales and transfers. However, the second bill provides exemptions including for transfers between family members, responding to an immediate threat or temporary transfer for hunting.

Manchin apparently is seeking a carve out to exempt sales between individuals who know each other:

“I come from a gun culture. I’m a law-abiding gun owner,” Manchin said, adding that he supports “basically saying that commercial transactions should be background checked. You don’t know a person.”

“If I know a person, no,” Manchin said.

The bill is unlikely to pass the Senate without Manchin’s support, so whatever demands he makes will likely be listened to quite closely by Democrat leadership.



  1. W. Virginia is a pro gun state. I think it was #8 on the list of 10 states. Manchin is more Republican than democrap.

    1. Be careful though. Some of these democrats appear to be more republican, but when it really matters they vote with the dems. We don’t need more RINOs! However, if he truly embraces the republican platform, then he should switch parties.

        1. NO worries “Sell out Manchin” will hold out for what is behind door #3 promise from the CORRUPT DNC and fold like a cheap card table! Anyone remember Obumbles “cornhusker deal”!
          This is worse then a shell game!!

          1. Finally someone that knows Manchin how about his daughter getting a college degree dated before she started college when he was governor and got a high paying job with drug manufacturer and raised the price sky high on one of there drugs that I think was for people with allergies

    2. I live in West Virginia he’s not more republican than democrat he says one thing on camera then votes different if it’s close to time for him to get re-elected he might go conservative and then only if someone runs against him most of the time no one runs against him

    3. Manchin isn’t even close to being conservative, he plays the game , gets the attention, pretends and then goes with the left almost every time, ie. COVID Bill, he voted with Obama over 90% of the time. We shall all see now when the vote to do away with the filibuster and gun control how this man rolls

  2. “If society is honest and historically accurate, the only question that has any relevance to the gun control debate is:

    Do you trust those in government, now and, forever in the future, to not take your life, liberty, or property through force of government?

    If the answer to that question is “no”, then the gun control debate is over.”
    Kris Anne Hall

    1. The whole point of the 2nd amendment was to protect the citizens from an over-reaching, out of control government – like we have now!

  3. Thank God there is at least one Democrat, Mancin, who has common sense and understands the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment. It appears the other Democrats are willfully ignorant. They don’t understand the American people, the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment. They are anti-American.

  4. The 2nd amendment is a GOD-GIVEN PROTECTION RIGHT, not particularly for ourselves, BUT AGAINST FUTURE ACTIONS OF THEIR NEWLY FORMED GOVERNMENT BECOMING A TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT THAT WOULD SEEK TO CONTROL AND DICTATE AND ORDER THE DETERIORATION OF OUR GOD GIVEN FREEDOMS!! And our fore-fathers DESIGNED THE WORDING OF AND ENSHRINED THE 2ND AMENDMENT IN THE CONSTITUTION/BILL OF RIGHTS IN SUCH A WAY THAT “THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE” to bear arms(GUNS) SHALL NEVER BE, banned, regulated, ignored, or to knowingly break terms of an agreement(of the 2nd amendment)…… all words given in every dictionary in the world for the word…..INFRINGED!! Listen to the WORDS that are being spoken by DEMOCRATS AND THEIR COMMUNIST LEFT CONCERNING GUN CONTROL AND THE 2ND AMENDMENT, because every single word is used in the DICTIONARIES OF THE WORLD to define the word INFRINGE(i.e. INFRINGED, INFRINGEMENT, INFRINGING etc etc etc)!!!

    Post Script,
    by the way, it’s NOT JUST THE 2ND AMENDMENT, democrats are procedurally infringing on! Now, it’s the 1st amendment, the 3rd, 4th and 14th amendments ARE ALSO BEING BANNED, REGULATED, IGNORED, OVERRIDDEN AND DISHONORED…….in another word…..INFRINGED!

  5. I hope he helps to stop the hole bill. It’s not constitutional even without the background checks. It’s only reason is to make it harder for citizens to arm themselves.

  6. Manchin represents a red state with a long history of hunting and fishing. While I agree it is courageous to stand up to Pelousi and Chuckie he also knows that support for gun control in his state is political suicide.

  7. It really doesn’t matter how Manchin votes if the usual bunch of RINO’s ( Romney, Collins, Murkowsky, Portman, Cassidy, and a few others) vote with the dems.

  8. Joe!!! You must KNOW you are in the WRONG party!!!! You are no democrat!! You have ETHICS!! You believe in America!! You believe in Constitutional rights!!! Leave the dark side and become a REPUBLICAN!!!! We want you!!!

  9. Whith Manchin you have to watch how he votes because sometimes he saids one time thing on camera then votes different watch how he votes to see if he’s a man of his word remember he said he wouldn’t vote for COVID bill if the republicans weren’t in on it and they weren’t and voted for it anyway

  10. The only thing that should change is putting the crazies on list so they can’t own or buy a gun. The 2en amendment is to protect the americans from a take over from a foreign country and to protect us from enemies with in like the ractical democrates.

  11. The Bill of Rights does not say anything about friends and family, no exceptions were listed. Nothing about personal defense, nothing about hunting. What it does say is “the Right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. There are no exceptions here either.

  12. Gun control is people control and this is the creed of tyrants. Democrats have to have a drum to beat global warming guns many others and they say we know whats best for you. Lies we all know whats best not the politicians who are welcoming 120,000 Hispanics a month into our country in 3 more years whites will be a minority blacks second Hispanics third for 4 more years after this blacks first whites second and Hispanics 3rd for 4 more years after this blacks first Hispanics second and whites last RIP United States

  13. I fully agree with Senator Manchin! So proud of him for manning up! Family members & personal friends should be exempt from this!

  14. I live in West Virginia, Manchin is two faced…he says one thing and does something else. He can not be trusted to do the right thing..

  15. Bravo, Mr. Manchin! Country people know all about guns and why righteous, responsible persons need them.

  16. They are going to keep pushing until they get pushback from the people. We must now stand firm and say NO. They are following the Communist playbook. This must be stopped now. How many have the guts to stand up for your future and your family’s future? A well armed militia is what they are trying to destroy. Time to cut bait and fish!

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