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While Americans north of the U.S.-Mexico border are consumed with plenty of news about a new immigration crisis less than two months into the Biden administration, I am actually living south of Mexico’s southern border, spending the rest of this year in Guatemala. 

The news headlines here contrast sharply with headlines from U.S. media. One of those headline’s appeared last week in Guatemala’s leading newspaper, Prensa Libre: Mexico closes its border with Guatemala.”

That border is about 541 miles, while the U.S.-Mexico border is about 1,954 miles. So, arguably, it’s a little easier to control. However, Mexico seems to be taking its border with Guatemala much more serious than the United States is taking our border with Mexico. They also do not seem to be very happy with U.S. immigration policy since Joe Biden was sworn in as President – especially as Mexico, like all other countries around the world, is facing the COVID19 pandemic.

It is no secret here in Guatemala that it is now much easier to cross the U.S. border in these opening months of the Biden administration than it was during all four years of the Trump administration. While there may not be very much change in actual laws in the United States, there have been some procedural changes by the Biden administration that have at least sent a signal to those in Central America that it is now once again easier to make your way into the United States than it was over the previous four years. 

This means more migrants who stayed home after they heard bold words about border security from President Trump, are now willing to uproot themselves from Guatemala and take the long and tedious journey through Mexico all the way up to the U.S. border. They have to journey well over 1,000 miles, possibly much further, depending on where in Central America they are coming from and where they plan to cross into the United States.  

This also means more parents are willing to send unoccupied minors on a dangerous journey to the United States, in hopes they will find better opportunity. It also means more children – and other migrants – are preyed upon by human traffickers. 

The bottom line is: over the past two months, more migrants are leaving places like Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador to go through Mexico to the United States, than they have over the past four years – and Mexico has obviously noticed. 

Last week, the Mexican government announced it would begin restricting non-essential travel from Guatemala to stop the spread of COVID19 into its country. Officers from Mexico’s National Migration Institute were deployed on the banks of the river on Saturday. On Sunday, military troops arrived. 

The Biden administration is clearly not taking the threat of immigration across the U.S. southern border seriously. That inattention is now causing a migration crisis from Central America. Mexico, on the other hand, is taking this crisis very seriously, as it is affecting their country, as tens of thousands of migrants attempt to make their way through.

One other factor is that in recent years the United States faces less migrants from Mexico than from Central America, where the economies are not as strong. As the Mexican economy has gained strength, there is less of a need for Mexicans to migrate elsewhere and thus less a desire by the Mexican government to see a porous border with the United States.

While there has always been historic sentiment in the United States that we are a land of opportunity, where immigrants are welcomed to start a new life, there seems to be very little education by some on the American Left, including the Biden administration, as to what effect such and overwhelming increase in migration has on the migrants themselves as they partake on a life-threatening journey to the U.S. border.

Mexico arguably also knows a bit more about these devastating effects on its country, its economy, and on the migrants themselves. And, they have stepped up to do something to put a stop to it. While Americans have become understandably frustrated with the Biden administration’s immigration policies, we might place more hope in the Mexican government’s efforts to control that migration first. Closing their border with Guatemala will do more to prevent migrants from Central America from taking that long and dangerous trek only to wind up in a detention facility along the U.S. border. 

I only hope that reporting these findings from Guatemala will do more to awaken the American people to this reality: America’s border and national security are now protected more by Mexico than they are by the sitting U.S. president. 

Francisco Gonzalez is a visiting professor at the Universidad Francisco Marroquin in Guatemala City and is host of the Agents of Innovation podcast.

Francisco Gonzalez is founder and CEO of Fearless Journeys and host of the Agents of Innovation podcast, where he interviews entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and artists. He is also visiting professor at the Universidad Francisco Marroquin in Guatemala City, teaching courses on entrepreneurship and innovation. He was previously the director of philanthropy for National Review Institute. He serves on the boards of The Philadelphia Society, AMIkids Orlando, and on the Advisory Council for Turning Point USA.


  1. Quite ironic that the leaders in Mexico found it prudent to take control of the crisis Biden created.

    1. Even leaders in 3rd world countries are smarter than American democrats!!!
      And we already know China and Russia’s leaders are stronger than American democrats.

      1. And are taking advantage of it as well. Wonder how many Iranian terrorist’s are here already. Maybe Colorado shooting is just the beginning, and look who is at the helm, not Joe so much, as he is just a clueless pen, to sign executive orders dreamed up by the true director of the Oval Office, PELOSI.

      1. If that’s true it’s not funny it’s disgusting. Perhaps Liberal control of the schools for the past 40 years has a lot to do with it. The dumbing down of America is certainly raising it’s alliterate head. Common Core on the streets. And they keep pushing drugs and opioids are a problem. Think again.

        1. That has been the plan for years—dumb down the USA. It’s easier to conquer when the dumbed down are living off the government, I.e., politicians.

        1. Did not like them when I was in my 20s ….changed to the Republicans, they were the thinkers, the ones who made decisions on how it would effect ALL…….the rats were ruthless back then and used strong arm tactics, now they just do what they want and get away with anything they do, any law they spit on…for the past 30 years……

      2. Would not matter Biden is on the rampage and no one can get him to listen nor stop him with reason . Not even his fellow Rats, like they are taking to the wind…..in one ear and out the other…………..Reminds me of the old Roman emperors …their word law and no matter how bad it was people had to abide by it….someone give him a toga ?

    1. Except the Biden administration has offered to pay Mexico to keep allowing illegals to transit through Mexico.
      Democrats do not want the mass migration of 3rd World immigrants, including terrorists and unskilled/uneducated illegal immigrants to stop.

      1. Then maybe you should call your liberal representative’s and complain. After all You Voted for them.

  2. Why is the following not considered criminal and impeachable? This is an abuse of tax payor money.
    The Joe Biden administration is paying nearly $6 million a day to halt the construction of the extended border wall started under former President Donald Trump, a senior Department of Homeland Security official told Breitbart. During his first week in office, Biden signed an executive order implementing a 60-day pause on border construction contracts, including the southern border wall. But that doesn’t mean federal money has stopped flowing to the project. The contractors are still being paid for rental expenses or cost of ownership while their equipment sits idle, the official explained. The administration is also spending $86 million to put migrant families in hotels. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials confirmed that the agency was awarded the multi-million dollar contract this week as part of the federal government’s effort to mitigate the worsening humanitarian crisis at the southern border. The six-month contract provides 1,239 beds and “other necessary services.” Each family will receive a comprehensive health assessment, including coronavirus testing. Other services the government plans to provide include: “victim services, therapeutic regiments, educational resources and mental health care,” according to Fox News. Biden, however, still refuses to admit he’s dealing with a crisis. White House press secretary Jen Psaki insisted on Monday that unaccompanied minor children fleeing their countries for the U.S. “is not a crisis,” and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas maintained that border officials are just dealing with a “stressful challenge” and nothing more. But top immigration officials have privately warned that Biden’s own policies are to blame. He halted construction of the border wall, repealed the “Remain in Mexico” policy, and promised a path to citizenship for all illegal immigrants. “These are self-inflicted wounds,” one DHS official said. Recent reports suggest Biden is trying to cover up the sheer scope of the influx by shipping illegal immigrants away from the border. Montana Sen. Steve Daines, a Republican, reported that some of the Biden administration’s shipments of migrants had arrived in his state, near the Canadian border. Other reports over the weekend indicated that the administration could begin releasing illegal immigrants into the US without even providing them a court date for an asylum hearing. Headline USA Author

    1. Charles, “Normal” citizens know that many of gropin joe biden’s acts are illegal and impeachable but an impeachment attempt would be totally uselessly expensive and futile. The socialist dems would never vote against one of their own even if the were pictures of him improperly touching minor little girls, or if an employee claimed that he sexually assaulted her and penetrated her. The glee that they all showed at a fake, perjurious impeachment against Trump is reserved for only those that oppose their nazi-like controls of the government and their media allies.

  3. We’ve been giving these Cent Amer countries 10’s of billions for decades. What did they do with all this money? Why aren’t there jobs and businesses set up by now? I swear that most of these ” foreign aid” hustles are just money games between US politicians and foreign bandits, with all these taxpayer dollars being thoroughly ” laundered” and secreted ” offshore”.

  4. I heard from 3 people I know who work inside this lunatic AOC, Bernie Sanders, ilhan Omar administration that this administration is trying to PAY Mexico to keep their southern border OPEN.
    Dementia Joe is being told by the democrat party that keeping the surge of 3rd world immigration ensures democrats will stay in power and the U.S. will be a country ruled by democrats (lunatics).

  5. The Biden administration is a joke. How could anyone in there right mind create such a crisis. The US needs to stop this migration from central america by controlling it’s southern boarder.

    1. A. Garcia… Totally agree! Why is anyone in Congress not doing their jobs of protecting Americans! A total lack of bipartisan practices… Vote Republican in 2022!

  6. I hope nobody derives from Mexico’s decision to close their border with Guatemala as to help the USA. There are several reasons why they are doing this:
    1) COVID spread into Mexico.
    2) While the majority of the hordes do make it all the way to the US border, many do not, and those people disappear into Mexico. Some of them will eventually venture up to the US, but many will not. The Mexican people have let their own government know that they are sick and tired of the crime and filth the hordes leave behind.
    3) Over the past several decades, Mexico has solved its poverty issue by encouraging their uneducated poor to go to the US. As a result one of 2 things happened – they had entire families leave, which eliminated that problem, or just the man of the family left, works in the US, and sends money back to families in Mexico. This is an economic cottage industry for Mexico. The last thing Mexico wants is for the Guatamalans, Salvadoran, and Hondurans to come to the US and enter the underground economy, undercut the “wages” of the illegal Mexicans, take their “jobs”, remittances back to Mexico dry up, and the men return home.
    4) Mexico knows that the coyotes who bring these people up and into the US are making oodles of money. By and large, these human traffickers are run by the drug cartels. The last thing Mexico wants and needs is for the cartels to get more money and power.
    5) The word has gotten out to the rest of the world that the US border is open, and as a result people are travelling to these Central American countries from many third world countries. Many of these people are being sent here to infiltrate the US. They are bad hombres. Mexico does not want them to get into Mexico’s interior and then somehow not be able to get into the US.
    6). As a result of President Trump’s ” Stay in Mexico” plan, tens of thousands of Central Americans are living in tents in northern Mexico. Mexico wants those people gone (who can blame them). I am sure Mexico has calculated that if the onslaught of new arrivals keep flowing into the US, the US will keep putting those already in the tent cities on the back burner for acceptance, and that only hurts Mexico. I am sure the powers that be in Mexico have calculated that if Mexico cuts the flow of new arrivals, then the US will start allowing the ones sitting in tents to start coming in in larger numbers

    So, perhaps we should not look at Mexico as our big ” amigo” just because they have closed their southern border.

  7. Hopefully this will send a message to Biden, to let he and the Democrats, Pelosi , Schumer and the rest know their reckless actions show they only are doing this for political gain, and don’t give a damn about human lives , the children, nor the damage it does to other countries . I highly doubt they care just as long as they have their way. A total disregard for humanity all for power, corruption, and money.

  8. The New Radicalized Far Left Demoncrat Socialist Party along with the Deep Dark State Aggression Have and Are Weaponizing Illegal Immigration Against America, Our Economy, Our National and Personal Security, Our Rule Of Law and Our Constitution !!!! Unlike Mexico, who seem to care about their country and it’s people, Washington, DC ( District Of Monumental Corruption ) Does Not Care !!!!!
    Wake Up America, We Are In Very, Very Serious and Dire Danger “From Within” !!!!!!

  9. Mexico is SMART…..same needs to be done here but our fool of a President won’t do it…..wonder WHY that is besides him being brainless, not making fun…..he has dementia and is senile as a rock !!

  10. It’s Obama soros and the Democrats way of destroying America. Let the illegals in it will cost us taxpayers dearly and everyone ends up on government welfare. They want total control over our lives. The problem is the illegals are being fed a lie they will end up not any better than what they came from in the end because the Democrats are just using them.

  11. They think more clearly and more humanely in Mexico than our leadership. The trip is way to dangerous for unaccompanied minors. So much for any clear thinking from our President! But wait, there’s help on the way. The VP is now on the way. Oh, wait a second. She’s not coming to the border. Good move Kamala.

  12. Since the work on the wall has stopped maybe it’s time to join hands across the border. If we filled in the gap between the wall maybe we could make a difference.

  13. bidum b says this administration is the most diverse and inclusive, ON WHAT PLANET??? How come people don’t see whats going on??? We know they keep any reporter that doesn’t agree with the communist administration out of press conference, which the first press conference being a JOKE, they only pre picked 10 reporters to ask questions, but they can only ask the SCRIPTED questions. Diverse, inclusive I THINK NOT!!! They, the democunt pelosi, want to cry voter fraud in Iowa, but when it comes to the obvious stolen presidential election, NO THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN!!!

  14. I can’t believe that the current administration is blaming spring time for the SURGE AT THE BORDER. During PRESIDENT TRUMP’S PRESIDENCY, spring time surge DID NOT HAPPEN!!!
    biden SUCKS pelosi’s d#@k. THEY HAVE TO BE VOTED OUT!!!

  15. I find it somewhat funny that a GOOD FRIEND OF biden is a grand dragon of the KKK. He and his failing administration will pay down the road, and pay dearly hopefully!!!

  16. LISTEN UP….PREZ BIDEN Needs to PICK UP the TAB on ALL the IMMIGRANTS Who are DROWNING in the RIO GRANDE… DYI NG in the DESERT…at the MERCY of Drug Dealers…G ANGS etc HE invited THEM. THEIR LIVES are in HIS HANDS. I T Brings TEARS to MINE EYES…What the PEOPLE are Going Thru. From SamuraiQueen. 😩😩😩

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