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Unexpected violent crime hotspots have emerged throughout the United States, the latest salient reminder that violence doesn’t restrict itself to a few particular jurisdictions.

Cincinnati became one of the latest problem areas this weekend, with four homicides one night alone.

The violence coincides with ever more aggressive calls to defund the police following the death of George Floyd.

While Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R) hasn’t endorsed that misguided movement, he did promote legislation in response to this weekend’s bloodshed that would curtail the right of law-abiding Ohioans to bear arms. (Journal-News)

An outbreak of gun violence in Cincinnati early Sunday killed four people, injured 14 in four separate incidents, and renewed calls for action statewide on gun violence which were first voiced a year ago after Dayton’s Oregon District shooting.

“Ohio must act,” Gov Mike DeWine said in a statement issues Sunday. “As more and more people are hurt and killed by gun violence, I am again urging Ohio’s legislature to pass our #STRONGOhio bill. This bill will help protect our citizens while also respecting the Second Amendment and due process rights.”

The Ohio STRONG Bill goes too far for many on the political right, including Bearing Arms’ Tom Knighton, who explains that far too little is known about this weekend’s tragedy in Cincinnati to make an informed decision:

In other words, we have absolutely no information to suggest that DeWine’s gun control proposals would have done a damn thing to stop this attack or not. Based on how effective gun control historically has been, I’d say it wouldn’t have done much.

However, that’s especially true for DeWine’s bill. It pushes non-mandatory background checks and increased penalties for gun crime, which may be all fine and good, as well as crisis intervention, but we don’t know whether this was a “crisis” kind of attack or if it was something else. DeWine is taking a page out of the Democrats’ playbook, though, and making a shooting all about his gun control bill.

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  1. These stupid politicians, work on getting the illegal guns off the streets that’s the problem. I guess because most of them are in black neighborhoods and god forbid you go after them. Leave the legal guns owners alone we have followed the laws.

    1. Why don’t they “Poll” the ones in prison? I’m sure they would “Tell the TRUTH”! Right! How stupid can you be and get elected? Writing words “Crafted” by lawyers in their “Language” which I have NEVER read any of, are going to stop “Criminals” from “Doing their Business”? Like write a letter to your 3 year old as to what the “Rules Are”! What an I D I O T !!!

  2. Guns are NOT and Never were the Problem People are, and All the Gun Control in the World will NOT Stop Violence! Gun Control is an Absolute Failure and Only serves 2 Purposes 1st Disarm the Innocent and 2nd make it Easier to Control the Public. Prosecutors Rarely Include the Gun part of the Crime when Prosecuting which would Increase the Penalties and Keep the Scum off the Streets Longer. Stop being Soft on Crime and Criminals!

  3. More nonsense that guns kill people. Has he, Dewine, become senile? People kill people. Are you going to ban knives also, shovels, hammers??? Do younot understand plain English??? “Shall not be infringed.” Look up the words and get the meaning. Any politician that goes along with the Bill he is pushing will lose my vote come election day. A promise given.

    1. No! He’s most likely been “Bought” by Soros? Get a new person that is NOT a career politician. Look at all the “GOOD” Donald Trump has done? And he is NOT a “POLITICIAN”! I’d NEVER call him that! l He is an “Honest, Caring, Intelligent, Hard Working, and Generous, Loving, Christian, Man! Welcome in my home anytime! Please do me a small favor? List all of Biden’s “Accomplishments”? Hillary has one, “I flew millions of miles as Sec. of State”.

    1. I can put 17 rounds of .22LR into the bullseye. Or six with my .22WMR revolver. Does that count as “Gun Control”?

  4. He has hurt his reelection and possibly Republican control. Gun control is nothing but attacking the constitutional right of law abiding citizens. It does nothing for the criminala who love control of legal owners to protect themselves.

    1. How many “Home breakins” do you hear about from Alabama? We have legal, “Open Carry”, and most rural homes eat venison every week. I don’t have one neighbor that doesn’t have “Weapons”, and can score every round into the bullseye. You just “DON”T Mess with US”! Country Boys Will Survive”!

  5. Another “RINO” bought by Soros? Look at Chicago? May 31st, 92 people shot, ONLY 26 died. Yesterday only 30 shot, with one dead so far. YTD?, 2,539 shot, Killed 438! He11 Yes “Gun Control”works “Wonders” in Chicago. In my Alabama county only 7 deaths from the Covid-19 virus “TO DATE”! NO! you folks in Chicago are NOT welcome here! Murders here? Haven’t heard of any this year so far?

  6. Let math and an intelligent understanding of statistics frame the legislation. The more legal gun owners in a given area, the lower the crime rate in that area.

  7. Hey, DeWine, how about enforcing the penalty provisions of GCA ‘68. That is the most effective gun control available and it’s already on the books.

  8. the 2nd amendment was made exactly for this governor.and his attacks and abuse of americans evertwher.e.he needs to first dismiss the armned guards frotecting his sorry rino ass.

  9. No way at this time in this nation no way needs all states Constitutional Carry no registration no license no government INFRINGEMENT

  10. It’s obvious that it’s Democratic states that have the biggest problem, look at Illinois with the strictest gun laws and highest murders. Goes without saying it’s illegal guns that are the problem. So wake up and let the legal gun owners protect themselves.



    Mike did not think that one through.

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