Home Government Seventeen States Sue Trump White House Over Foreign-Student Rule

Seventeen States Sue Trump White House Over Foreign-Student Rule


Firing back…

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced yesterday that international students whose college classes move entirely online due to the COVID pandemic will be stripped of their visas and have to leave the country.

The decision rescinds a previous plan granting exemptions to student visa holders.

Seventeen states responded by suing to block the Trump administration.

Their lawsuit alleges multiple violations of the Administration Procedure Act, which addresses the decision-making power of federal agencies.

The following states argue ICE’s new policy is “arbitrary and capricious” and therefore illegal under the act.


DrunkDriver / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)









New Jersey

New Mexico



Rhode Island



Hermann Luyken via Wikimedia Commons


BONUS: District of Columbia

Carol M. Highsmith via Wikimedia Commons

Do you think this lawsuit will be successful? Or will student visa holders at schools that transition to online classes have to leave the country? Let us know in the comments below!

Support the Landmark Lawsuit Against Antifa

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Sandra Mcintosh
Sandra Mcintosh
23 days ago

I live in Michigan and don’t want my tax money to pay for a lawsuit against Washington! Had to go online to find out about it and do not like that the news is so biased against anything positive. By the way why didn’t the news report anything about fiasco on Friday night? Did our great police chief foil this protest?

23 days ago

The Universities should not get one cent of tax payer funds, they are all a bunch of anti Americans and all universities should throw out all books containing how to indoctrinate and get in text books approved by a commission on our history and they all should tar giving the trut about our country!

23 days ago

F those communist schittholes!

21 days ago
Reply to  Jojodmonkey

A little crude but to the point. The question is, is it the liberal states suing or the pretend students that are spying or infiltrating for their governments, or both, or the rabid anti-America Professors. Absolutely no students from Red China should be enrolled in any of our schools for obvious reason. This might stem the flood of bribe money to all the communist tenured professors that teach nothing but hate America in our schools..

Bobby Myrick
Bobby Myrick
23 days ago

I back Trump 100% on this issue. It’s time these type things come to a screeching halt. GO TRUMP

Bama Bill
Bama Bill
23 days ago

All part of the “New World Order’s” plan to give us what Europe got. Google “European Union” and it says “Soros started buying European politicians in 1972”. The plan is to have “No governments, borders, or religions, with the elite billionaires in total control”. How would like to be under Soros friends like Hillary and Pelosi if he appoints them as his Czars in New York and California?

John Vieira
22 days ago

Was I a foreign student and was not physically allowed on campus…like hell, it would be preferable and cheaper to attend from my own home…

A. D Roberts
22 days ago

Trump caved. WhY?

22 days ago

Let the students return to their home country and take the courses on line. This is the best way to handle the situation. The students will not be paying for housing while the school is doing the off campus on line courses. Makes sense. But since most of the States in opposition will loose revenue, too bad.