Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Pelosi to Trump: Use New Powers to Mass Produce Critical Supplies

Instead of being perturbed by President Trump’s expanded presidential powers under the Defense Production Act, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is urging the president to wield his newfound authority immediately. 

Topping in the list of Pelosi’s concerns is the critical shortage of medical supplies necessary to handle the coming influx of patients likely to require intensive care. Experts fear the numbers will overwhelm our healthcare apparatus, especially if young people don’t take COVID-19 risks seriously.

Since the last people who survived the deadly Spanish Flu as adults (which probably originated in Kansas) died twenty years ago, it’s unclear if those who haven’t will start taking anything seriously. Perhaps dire warnings from epidemiologists and policymakers will change their minds.

All of this makes Trump’s willingness to act decisively critical, according to Pelosi. 

Fox News further reports:

“The President must immediately use the powers of the Defense Production Act to mass produce and coordinate distribution of these critical supplies, before the need worsens and the shortages become even more dire,” the California Democrat said in a statement. “There is not a day to lose. We must put more testing, more protective equipment and more ventilators into the hands of our frontline workers immediately.”

The act, which was first enacted in 1950 as a response to the Korean War and has since been re-invoked more than 50 times, would streamline production of medical supplies to help the country battle the coronavirus pandemic and require businesses to sign contracts or fulfill orders deemed necessary for national defense.

It’s part of an expansive effort to combat the coronavirus pandemic that has shut down most of daily life in the U.S. in recent weeks.

But he tweeted late Wednesday that he was only using it if deemed necessary “in a worst case scenario.”

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4 months ago

We don’t need a cow like you to tell OUR President what to do, he know best. Now f……off

4 months ago
Reply to  skai

Senile cow!

4 months ago

Bella Pelosi, better known as Dracula. Sneaked in a 1 billion Dollar funding for Plan Parenthood (The abortion factory) in the Coronavirus bill. Never let a crisis go to waste is one of the Demoncrat 10 Satan Commandments.

Wuhan Virus AKA: Coronavirus weaponized by China and their treasonous Godless demoncratic Commie party and cohorts the fake media, academia, Hollywood, Millennials…to crash the greatest US economy ever! And to take down the greatest president ever, President Trump!! Keep up the great work President Trump! 2020 and beyond! From the Patriots of a Commie Demoncrat free America!

Dale Brown
4 months ago
Reply to  Nr

I sure hope your statement about the insert of this in the bill is inaccurate! She will be held responsible if this is true. So help me God.

4 months ago
Reply to  Dale Brown

all the companies that pelosi is talking about are sending her under the table monies. CORRUPTION at its best.
No wonder she pushes for this.

4 months ago

Yes Pelosi did insert funding for Planned Murder hood. Not sure of all the reasons why but I can assure you one was alot of that money would have made its way back to the Democrat party in the form of so called donations.
The dims are fond of calling a fetus just a piece of tissue yet when someone kills a pregnant woman they are charged with 2 murders. Leftist liberal dim-ocrats confused & confusing as always.

4 months ago

The Republicans got the abortion out of the Corona funding bill.

4 months ago

Nance the Ripper is a very stupid woman inserting herself where she is not needed at all just to get attention, that woman is monstrous.
Her mind was definitely wandering when President licketysplit invoked the Defense Act to put GM Assembly Plants (AGAIN !) under the authorization of the Commander in Chief, and she missed it, but she’s pretending b/c she’s shaking in her knees just like the Witch of the West in Oz. – this time GM Assembly space will be producing vital medical supplies such as respirators, etc. instead of Tommy Guns (which the Germans said won the war for America, not b/c they were better than the sophisticated firearms of the Germans who had spent ten years refining before moving into Warsaw to announce they were doing it again, starting up another world war, WW2, just like Frederick the Great of Prussia which is what Germany was called with his WW1 and losing very badly to the Allies but b/c there were so very many of those Tommy Guns, probably 10 to 1, which helped to crush Hitler.)
Now have to check to see if all of Pelosi’s fatty stuff was yanked out of the bills, all of ’em, she was porking right and left and center the last time I looked just blatantly ignoring the Trump Administration dictum that he will not sign anything from Congress that has any fat in it for personal use by any of the Parties.
Have a feeling those ‘technical difficulties’ Nance the Ripper mentioned which delayed the bill b/c it had to go back to the House from the Senate is her fatty stuff, let’s hope so !

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