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The latest in George Santos’s lies – using his dead mom to garner support from New Yorkers. Multiple times,  in 2021 and still to this day, Santos has made claims that his mother was in the South Tower of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Though, through a Freedom on Information Act request by genealogical researcher Alex Calzareth – which was first reported by The Washington Post – Santos’s mother, Fatima Caruso Devolder, was not even in the country on 9/11 and didn’t return until 2003. But it gets worse.

Who is George Santos?
George Santos is the 34-year-old openly-gay son of Brazillian immigrants. This year he comes into the House of Representatives as a freshman elected in November to serve New York’s third district which serves a small portion of Queens and a large portion of the North Shore of Long Island in Nassau County. He is a Trump supporter and had even attended the January 6, 2021, Trump Ellipse rally. One component of his résumé we do know is that one of his confirmed jobs – Harbor City Capitol – has been accused of being a Ponzi scheme by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The latest:
He received his committee assignments, which he was righted as an elected member of the House but the lies keep surfacing, and at this point, it’s hard to tell the truth from the lies.

The latest in a string of lies in the debunking of claims Santos had made at least twice that we know of – but they don’t even add up.

Santos’s campaign website still states:

“George’s mother was in her office in the South Tower on September 11, 2001, when the horrific events of that day unfolded. She survived the tragic events on September 11th, but she passed away a few years later when she lost her battle to cancer.”

Though in 2021, while he was running for Congress – and using that campaign website – Santos claimed in a reply to a Twitter post, that 9/11 claimed his mother’s life.

While his mother wasn’t even in the country at the time of the attacks on 9/11, the differences in the story leave many questioning his morals. Clearly, a lie to gain support from the New Yorkers he was seeking to represent but who lies about this sort of thing, especially a “New Yorker.” Though this isn’t all, if you thought his lies were already despicable, what about the fact that he can stomach making these claims when his mother died “a few years later” when she passed from a battle with cancer? A lie on his own mother’s grave. Who is this guy?


  1. He actually is the son of Jim Jones, so the deceit runs deep. Probably the Dem’s have placed him as a mole to spy on the RINO’s and this country. Everything so far has been a fraud.

  2. Although I detest a liar like Santos, I have to point out that his lies are no worse than those of many politicians, one of the worst among them being Joseph R. Biden. Examine some of the claims that he has made abouut his past, to the truth, and you find that he is one of the worst liars that has ever existed in the political realm. If everyone, including the media, is going to vilify and demean Santos, they should do no less in their reactions to Biden, Harris, Obama, Trump, and a legion of other political figures.


  4. When Biden, Schiff and Richard Blumenthal step down, then maybe we can talk. In the meantime, I won’t care unless he votes like a RINO.

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