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With shocking new footage being released by the Pentagon and high profile government officials finally acknowledged the existence of UFO’s many Americans are wondering just how real UFOs might actually be.

Here are some of the most convincing evidence that UFOs might actually be real:


  1. They exist. I’ve seen one. We just have to furnish physical proof of these objects. Otherwise, people will be skeptical and dismiss individual sightings.

      1. why do you believe you are the only species in the universe that is cabable of this type of indoor. May or my not exist but I believe there are other life forms and probaably some are more advanced that us.. at least I sure hope so.

    1. me, my wife and a neighbor standing at end of driveway saw one split into 4 and went 4 different directions!

    2. This is how the NWO plans to get the sheeple to accept their great reset. The sheep will be so afraid of the fake UFO threat that they will beg the government to create a one world army to protect them from the fake threat. There will also be more plan-demics, cyber attacks, and climate change emergencies all part of their plan to shut us down and destroy the world economy.

    1. Why do we need to shoot it down? What if they are highly intelligent with advanced technology? What if they retaliate and inflicted unacceptable destruction upon us?

      1. If it is violating our airspace, then it is considered an intruder, and needs to be dealt with, one way or another, especially if it is in restricted airspace, such as a highly sensitive military base. In that case it should be shot down, because there is no telling what it is up to, and our national security could be at risk, especially if nuclear weapons are involved.

        1. If they were a threat to us, they would have destroyed us long ago. Their space ships have been surveilling us for eons.

          1. Another angle could be that humans are ‘aliens’ deposited on the planet to colonize Earth. Those ships are monitoring our progress. This theory is not entirely out of bounds for consideration. The media has depicted several similar scenarios to bolster the notion that we’re an extraterrestrial detachment.

          2. BULL…… WAKE UP.
            God didn’t create aliens on another planet. There is no purpose.

          3. Wait your the expert on purpose. Also God is an unprovable thing so maybe god didn’t make anything cause this is a great way to not ony explain unknown issues but for control. The best way to control people is to have them control themselves and have an overseer who only certian people can express what this over seer waants (priests, rabid, whom ever).

          4. But, when they see the way liberals think and act, they run like crazy to find a planet with intelligent life.

          5. I hate to say not only libs but many people of differing cultures, religions, nationalities, occupations, hell peoplein general.

        2. Restricted Airspace is closely monitored when it’s “Hot”. RADAR is used extensively to deter intruders, and steer them away from those areas. When those zones aren’t active, they can be penetrated by any plane, spaceship or balloon. My father was a civilian RADAR Chief at Edwards AFB, and his job was to ensure those facilities operated efficiently during flight testing. (Eddie’s Air Patch had their share of Restricted Areas.) His crew spotted a UFO, and radioed my father for instructions. They followed the craft on their scopes until it disappeared. This incident was recorded later by a UFO Investigator, and the entire crew was told to keep the incident under wraps. These guys weren’t rabbit trappers: They were professional RADAR Technicians, with Top Secret Clearances. Their accounts were uniform and detailed.

      2. Wishful thinking…if they’re exploring, they are most likely conquering.
        At any rate, I believe they are far more likely to be Russian or Chinese than other-worldly.

        1. could be russian or chinese but i doubt it. You assumption about because you explore you are there to conquer may not be a good assumption. These UFO’s may look at us and our world not worth the effort to conquer because maybe they could wipe us out easily. Now maybe if we get better at space travel and we start trying to colonize other plants, well maybe then they will squash us. Who knows as the possibilities are endless and we can speculate all we want, yes even if ufo’s are other world, if they exist at all or what ever.

      3. What if? LOL Obviously they are technically superior than anything we have and as far as more intelligent, that’s to be determined, you can’t judge a beings intelligence on their advanced technology IMHO.

        1. again what is intelligence of another species. We try to define intelligence but who says we are right with us much less other species of our planet and now we are trying to give possible other world species our traits? I guess that is all we have to compare to though but not sure the validity of this line of though

      4. People have been watching too many X-Files episodes.
        Research the videos of a man named Bill Cooper.
        He was trying to show people the truth but he was murdered. Wake up……

    2. We don’t have a missile or bullet fast enough to catch or even hit one, ever hear of instant karma?

    3. How about attempting to communicate before attempting to ”Shoot it down” which will not succeed since we don’t have the weaponry needed and how about if it’s our technology that the Government has developed but isn’t ready to announce to the World yet but has announced that UFO sightings can now be revealed to kind of ease into this without Paranoia setting in and having people run around trying to shoot anything that might resemble an alien or spacecraft
      Just Sayin…………………………………

      1. We have been attempting to communicate for some time now. If you view the opening scenes in the movie “Independence Day”, you’ll see a Hollywood depiction of an actual organization that monitors space and atmospheric sectors for any signal from a planet or spaceship. Giant Rock, California was developed by an aircraft mechanic and inspector who claimed he took rides aboard alien spaceships. He also built a weird building called the “Integratron”, which people would occupy to realign their molecules. (You can view that facility on a PBS “California Gold” episode.)

      1. well that era of light has this “The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) is altering its practices of data logging and testing for “Covid19” in order to make it seem the experimental gene-therapy “vaccines” are effective at preventing ” correct but the CDC already has data minuplation mastered Look at the false number of cases, numbers of deaths, and how they have scared the whole world but specificially the US, and also how the US media ranks last in trust… no s..t.

  2. Odd how people “believe” in ET’s without any proof. They will believe horoscopes, believe they can win the lottery, believe in evolution despite lack of intermediate fossil forms, believe in ghosts, etc. But they choke on believing in a creator because there is a limit to their belief. Read up a bit on science and learn its limitations. Tell me all about what came before the Big Bang or explain to me what dark matter and dark energy are. Try to explain time or gravity. Give us the grand unification theory of the universe. Tell me where to get a really good taco.

    1. The theory of evolution ground to a halt when those transitional species exhibits were mandated as a means to validate the theory. Liberals were well aware that they had hold of a red hot poker when Blacks were going to be designated as their transitional species. (The term “Missing Links” has often been used as a disparaging reference to Black people.) Liberals would have alienated one of their favorite political pets if they threw throw those people under the evolutionary bus.

      As far as “ET’s”, I saw a UFO, so I know they exist. You don’t have to believe it, but you haven’t seen one….yet.

  3. Well, the convid scamdemic didn’t work, so now let’s frighten the stupid sheople with an alien invasion. Everybody … don your tin foil hats … that’s a government order.

    1. Start looking up, my friend, so someday maybe you too will be fortunate enough to have your faith in every physical law you thought you knew shattered forever. Your curse from that time forward will be to put up with the legions of experts, know-it-all’s and total fools who laugh, point, call you names but refuse to get the glass bellybuttons they so disparately need for a better view before expressing their worthless opinions about what you couldn’t possibly have seen.

    2. They pulled the wool over some supposedly sage eyes, and forced people to shut down their businesses, get vaccinated, socially distance themselves, stay at home and other nonsense. Funny thing was, a major HMO was treating this ‘Pandemic’ as a flu, which it was (And I’ll guess it still is.) People are sheep, and they’ll bleat the party line just to adhere to trends and fashions.

    3. Space Force know exactly what tis going on . The baddies were shot down long ago, now the good aliens are slowly taking an interest in Planet earth Download Era of Light

  4. I believe that there are many Unidentified Flying Objects, seen by thousands of people of impeccable character and honesty. I do not believe that any of those UFOs were alien space ships. There are dozens of good explanations that do not require the alien-space-ships explanation.

    1. I dunno. The one I saw could not have been reasonably explained. The first thing I noticed was the motion of this object. It oscillated side-to-side while it descended slowly, as if the crew was having control difficulties. It then ceased moving for a brief moment, tilted on its edge, and shot into space at incredible speed. The acceleration alone would have proved fatal to humans.

  5. Those of us who have seen machines in the 1960’s close up moving absolutely soundlessly through the air without wings, rotors or motors really don’t need someone from the “government” to tell us what we have or haven’t actually seen. And, yeah, my coworkers and I also watched the pastel “beams of light” pulsate up into the sky out of a meadow in daylight clearly viable even when looking into the setting sun near Willetts, CA in the 1970’s. The lasers we were using during the weather modification program at the time would have been invisible in those same conditions.

  6. They are probably Catholic aliens so alfie had better hide. There might be a horny priest among them

    1. I was thinking the same thing. You know, I saw Tommy Lee Jones talking to the Pope…………

  7. Oh no, the pentagon released another video is like saying what??? and since they support climate change, what am I supposed to think about the truthfulness of a blurry video.
    It’s called deceiving, and misleading.

  8. I’m not sure about UFOs, but I see an identified idiot every time I look at a picture of Beijing Biden.

  9. I think that if this an alien(Earthly type from another Country) they are observing our military and defense settings and have been intelligence gathering however whatever the origin of these craft, Earthly or “Other Worldly, have not displayed any Aggressive behavior so we might be prudent in trusting but verifying before acting

  10. Declassify ALL UFO documents since 1947 onward If serious & legit worldwide to date Then Open up Area 51 NV NTR to reveal ALL

  11. Of course they exists. We have known of their existence for a long, long time. The question is, why is the Government finally admitted to their existence? What is going on in space that we have not heard about. What are the aliens up to? Why is the Government shaking in their boots now?

    1. The Military conducted research into this topic, which was to determine whether these craft were hostile. They labeled the project “Blue Book”, and that project took place many years ago. I think our government simply went along with the DoD findings, that these ships did not present any threat.

    2. They may be pretending to be shaking in their boots, but you’re not addressing the fact that our government is top-to-bottom liberals. The means they employ to bolster their level of power is to fabricate threats.

  12. They are real my self and 3 others seen the tictac ufo up close frome about 200 yards we watch it come from deep space at a 45 degree angle going at speeds you can’t even think with no sound no sonic boom nothing no engines nothing no tsl no wings nothing and it did a L turn just before it hit the ocean oooo thete real alright! I worked in the Aerospace ind for 37 years we have nothing that can do what I seen that do .I’m would love to talk to someone about it but no
    One in our government seen to be worries about it .

  13. This is so stupid for Conservatives to even discuss UFO sightings. We look like the crazy left wingers. CNN was smart enough to calmly make fools out of us. STOP falling for bullshit!

    1. I’m a conservative, and I saw a UFO, in broad daylight, directly above me at around 30,000 feet. This was a UFO. It could not possibly have been an aircraft. (I fly them things, so I know what they look like.) I think you should confine your ‘crazy left wing’ criteria to those who claim they were abducted, examined, then raped by red lizard people from Planet Zinko.

  14. Of course there is life on other planets! We are one tiny pin prick in our little galaxy! there are thousands of galaxies in the entire Universe. Didn’t Jesus say to the one thief, “In my Fathers house there are many Mansions” From what I can gather, President Trump and the White Hats shot down the evil Satellites of the Deep State and now the Starlink Satellite is now operating which will bring free power World Wide, med Beds and more

  15. Of course UFOs are real The question is who or what is behind them? Are they optical illusions created by some kind of electronic wave to cause harm to our military and citizens, much like the Microwaves that have been found to be bombarding the White House, our embassy in Cuba and other places? We already know that the Chinese are behind the Microwave attacks, as well as the biological warfare attack better known as COVID-19 which originated in the Wuhan Lab in Communist China. I’d say three possibilities about UFOs. 1. Russia 2 China. 3. Actual space aliens. I doubt aliens advanced enough for space travel would allow their craft to be seen, and if they meant us harm they would have already done it. Whatever they are they will be used like the COVID-19 “pandemic” to try to control Americans and deprive us of our Constitutional rights in an attempt to bring about Socialism and/or the One World/New Word Order.

  16. I can attest to aliens actually living amongst us. Go to any WalMart late at night, you will see them.

  17. This is BULL…..
    UFO’s containing aliens from another planet is BULL…..
    God put man on this earth and will never be able to live on any other planet. He did not create other beings on another planet. There is no purpose for such.
    This is being used to put more fear in people.
    Used as a diversion for other evil goings on.

  18. When you see a picture of the entire Universe, our Universe is but a tiny speck and Earth not even visible to the naked eye. What we term UFO,s are space ships from other planets. Some are good and some are evil. Fortunately, President Trump and the Space Force team eliminated the evil satellites of the Deep State. I think people in Florida witnessed some falling. Jesus said to the one thief who acknowledged HIM on the Cross, this day you will be with me in Paradise. He also said in my Fathers House there are many Mansions, I go to prepare a place for you. (On another occasion) So we cannot write off life on other spheres. Sometimes I think this is hell and for Believers the best is yet to come on the other side? Louie Giglio did a marvelous presentation on the Universe

  19. Look, Look, Look at the shiny object and don’t pay any attention to the dismantling of our Constitution and Bill of Rights
    Just another distraction coming from the communist democrats to enslave our Republic!
    If there are space people they are too smart to want anything to do with the morons in the communist democrat party! (and there would not be anything this world could do to stop them!)

  20. Wake up people! UfO’s, fake climate change, cyber attacks, and more plan-demics are the new ways the NWO are planning to lock us down and get the sheep to agree that we need a one world government and one world army to protect us from this UFO threat. They will not be happy until they close all of our businesses and make us all dirt poor and dependent on them for our daily bread.

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