On Wednesday, the U.S. Supreme Court granted a request from the Trump administration to reinstate restrictions on the abortion pill (mifepristone), the second drug in a regimen used to end the life of a baby in the womb by inducingthe equivalent of an early miscarriage.” The abortion pill has been used to kill millions of babies in the womb since its introduction into the market 20 years ago. 

The decision by the Court would ensure women’s health and safety by necessitating an in-person visit with a medical professional to pick up the drug. Previously, women seeking abortions could receive the pill through the mail after a telehealth visit. This case is the first the Supreme Court has taken since the addition of Justice Amy Coney Barrett on the bench. 

After the decision, Susan B. Anthony List, a pro-life group, lauded the decision, telling NPR that pro-abortion advocated “sought to exploit the Covid-19 pandemic to push abortion by mail, promoting DIY abortion at home, upping the risk of serious complications.” 

According to the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AAPLOG), “The most accurate study to date, of 42,000 women who underwent surgical or chemical abortion demonstrated a four times higher rate of serious complications from chemical abortion as compared to surgical abortion.” 

Now, a new study shows that the demand for the abortion pill has skyrocketed by 27% during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The abortion pill can be revered by a medical professional prescribing progesterone after the first pill, Mifeprex is taken. More information can be found about the reversal pill by visiting AbortionPillReversal.com or by visiting a local pro-life pregnancy center. 

AAPLOG supports the use of progesterone, writing, “By giving a woman progesterone, the Mifeprex abortion can be stopped and the chances of the baby surviving increase from 25% (the survival rate without natural progesterone) to 68% (the average survival rate after giving natural progesterone). This is a significantly increased chance of the baby surviving the attempted chemical abortion after Mifeprex.”


  1. No matter the means it is still murder of a human being even if not yet fully functional. Those murdering Downs Syndrome babies in the womb seem to use the same argument. To paraphrase: They are not going to be able to function in society so lets kill them before they are born and useless.
    Next on the list of the Margaret Sanger devotee’s is to kill the elderly who need care for they too are useless.

    1. They are already doing that underhandedly like has been going on in rests homes like in New York under the pandemic scare .

  2. Well….it;s a start.
    At least we HAD a President that tried to help the unborn. Can;t say that for Jojo the Dodo.

  3. The demonrats baby mills have to be stop.

    “But this is going to be much bigger than just one account and it’s going to go on for much longer than just this day, and this week, and the next few weeks and go beyond the inauguration. We have to expect that, and we have to be ready for that.” Jack Dorsey Twit

    Twitter and Facebook ARE NOT Private companies they have gone PUBLIC as they are publicly traded.
    Mexican President Manuel Lopez Obrador, is also mounting an International Campaign Taking On Tech Companies After Trump Bans. All this “Conservative” sites should disconnect from Twitter and facebook use something else why anyone is sharing to FB or Twitter they are banning every conservative. Twitter down 15% from $52 to $45, from last week to today, make sure everyone keeps telling everyone else to help this is the war we are fighting.. This is the next path forward, first Blocksite twitter and facebook from your internet provider, the state of Idaho internet provider blocked them both, in North Dakota banned users can sue Twitter and Facebook. Use Ramble, GaB instead. Tech bubble is imminent, close twitter, FB, Instagram accounts, dump their stock if own any from your IRA, 401K check your mutual funds that have Twitter or FB included, Twitter down again, dump before they go to zero, stop buying from Amazon, NO more made in the CCP purchases, buy direct from the mom’s and pop’s stores near you, made in America only, don’t wait DO IT TODAY.

  4. The Author of life has already issued His commands. Only fools ignore God’s unwavering and absolute will in this regard. Hence, the evil of moral relativism is, in fact, the deadly cancer that pervades the collective conscience of society. Shame on this country!

  5. We need president Trump to lead the Right To Life March in cesspool D.C. later on this month. Spread the word and let’s get as many members of the Trump administration involved as possible.

  6. I guess they helped Trump now out of guilt…. that they would not look at his evidence of voter fraud. Trump allies had ample evidence of fraud, but courts wouldn’t even let them show it….they just said it wasn’t reliable. John Roberts probably urged this. He was overheard saying that HE would see to it that Trump never got a second term. Roberts should be kicked all the way out of the Supreme Court.

  7. its still murder unless a person is raped by a bad person (anyone who rapes is not good) But to me its the only circumstance. Especially when baby tissue is made to harvest for profit and Andrechrome made from highly stressed tiny souls. The cruelty is beyond comprehension

  8. I can’t even get my statin prescription renewed without a visit and lab work. Any Dr prescribing an “at home, do it yourself” abortion pill without even confirming the development is lunacy.

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