Congress has demonstrated once again why most Americans hold it in such low regard. On Sunday, Senate Democrats refused to approve emergency legislation worked out in good faith by a bi-partisan task force to deal with the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the House simply won’t pass what so many believe essential to preventing not a recession but a depression unless Republicans include provisions that have nothing to do with the crisis.

The major media reports that the problem is that House and Senate Democrats feel the legislation is “too pro-business,” but this language masks what the Democrats really want. Like former Clinton Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel who said famously some years ago that every crisis should be used by politicians to get what they really want. He said as the 2008 recession began “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that [is] it’s an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.”

Congressional Democrats apparently see the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to do just that. They are holding up the negotiated package of relief by demanding, among other things, that pro-union measures, which have failed time and again to get enacted be included along with the environmentalists demand that airlines meet new fuel standards to fight “global warming” and that Congress extend expiring wind and solar tax credits. None of these demands have anything at all to do with the pandemic or with providing relief to a public suffering from the current economic shutdown, but they are a part of what congressional “progressives” who obviously see the current crisis as an opportunity to be exploited.

The decision to demand their agenda be incorporated in any virus relief bill came after a Thursday teleconference called by the House Democratic Caucus during which Majority Whip James Clyburn (D., S.C.) told caucus members last week that the bill was “a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”

Maine Senator Susan Collins, well known as a “moderate” Republican who often works with Democrats on a variety of issues cannot believe what’s going on in the Senate and was dumbfounded when Democrats tried to prevent her from speaking on the floor. Fortunately, they failed and what she had to say should be read by every American voter before the next election: 

“I will tell you, Mr. President, I’ve had the honor to serve in this body for many years. Never, never have I seen Republicans and Democrats fail to come together when confronted with a crisis. We did so after 9/11. We did so with the financial meltdown in 2008. Here we are facing an enemy that is invisible but equally devastating to the health of our people and to the health of our economy. And yet unbelievably the Democratic leader objected to my even being able to speak this morning. Is that what we’ve come to?”

The answer is yes, that is what we’ve come to. The ideologues in control of the Democratic Party today are willing to risk American lives and the possibility of crashing the economy of the most prosperous nation in world history to further their ideological agenda.

Every Senator and Congressman should be asked if they agree with their leaders holding America’s future and hundreds of thousands of jobs hostage to get their way on these issues. 

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  1. McConnell must move to fire Pelosi by referring her to Barr/DOJ for putting American Citizens in Death’s Way and to replace Americans’ Constitution with Communism. – he’s sending out emails asking for support for his reelection, well, now, he and GOP can show the stuff they’re made of to see if they’re eligible.


    2. Sirdirkfan – Also, buried somewhere in her 1400-page monstrosity is an abortion plan also. I think the time has come to put the hag out to pasture.

      1. Pusslessy and Scmuucker should be in solitary confinement together in one cell max prison and AAAA OOOOO CCCCC should have to clean there toilets once a year the only time she gets out of her cell

      2. It appears that Everybody / Politicians want to see to it the the kids/children get their food “allowance/delivery” while the schools are closed and want to see to it that everybody is fed, etc ,etc etc and yet
        they want to see to it that PPL is funded to continue ABORTIONS and kill/murder INNOCENT LIVES x So keep the food flowing to help kids/children alive and healthy but ABORT Innocent Lives x Something is definitely wrong with this Picture ?????

      3. The abortion thing they tried to sneak in was dropped after they were caught trying to do it. Piglousy should really be ashamed of herself for playing their games with the lives of our country men.

  2. Just like the idiots that are buying up all of the toilet paper, the democrats are trying to do the same with this bill; Holding every American hostage for their own selfish ends.


    2. Why cut their Pay – How about closing and disbanding this Useless Branch of Government ?
      Time to Assess on what this is costing the American Citizens/Country? What exactly has Congress done these last 3 years n before – Mueller Investigations , Impeachment Nonsense, Etc, Etc Etc x If needed put a Vote to the Country on whether to have this Branch of Government Continue or Disband

  3. Fire her. She and the demonrats are worthless. I hope the democrats see now what their party is really like. They are risking the lives of the american people regardless of nationality, race, party or gender. This will come back to haunt them next election.

  4. I’ve never been more ashamed of the democrat party than I am at this point. I hope that they lose EVERY congressional and senate race in 2020. They more than deserve it.

  5. And why have abortion centers been allowed to stay open when everyone else has had to cancel or reschedule elective procedures. Abortions are elective.

    1. No Problem on whether Someone wants an Abortion x One can do same on their Own ( No Help from Anyone wherein there is complicity on Murder ? and No cost to the Gov’t / American taxpayers x If Taxpayer funds are utilized – then when doing the Procedure – excise/remove
      the Ovaries so as to prevent future Abortions and each and everyone can continue on with their Liaisons ???

  6. It is Nancy Pelosi who is at fault. She and her family have made millions using the benefit of her position. She has no understanding or feeling of the average American’s way of life. WE NEED TERM LIMITS to send her home. But she does not bear all the fault – our pathetic representatives in Washington are supposed to represent us – not be pathetic puppy dogs to Pelosi and Schumer. VOTE EVERY DEMOCRAT OUT OF OFFICE TO DELIVER A MESSAGE IN THE NEXT ELECTION!

    1. Term limits? YES, however Pelosi needs to be recalled! She proves every day that she is a danger to the country.

    1. The Dems impeached Trump for withholding aid from Ukraine…. NOW, The same party is witholding aid to AMERICANS !!!

      1. Let’s impeach her and her cohorts for quid pro quo. What’s fair to use against Pres. Trump should be equally fair to use against the Dems

  7. The liberals want to kill babies, now let our older people die of the virus , if they keep this up they will have almost no body left to vote for the scumbags …then when they finish there will be almost no one left in our world, including them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I feel so ashamed of these Democrat leaders. I wonder sometimes if they really care for this country and it’s people anymore than their socialist agenda. What a shame. Having said that they will either soon wake up or the people will get rid of them in the next election. I pray for the former.

  9. AMERICANS are watching and the elections are coming. Trump wants to secure OUR borders – The Democrats demand unrestricted open borders then the coronavirus hits the Democrats “Sanctuary Cities” and they blame Trump
    The Democrats try to buy votes with “FREE” healthcare for all – FREE college and housing. The Democrats want ILLEGALS to be showered with benefits including the “right” to vote. BUT when President Trump wants to give relief to AMERICANS the DEMOCRATS are against it or they try to bargain to push THEIR agenda. America will NEVER be Great Again with Drunken Petulant Nancy Pelosi and the DO NOTHING DEMOCRATS blocking the way. On the ither hand NANCY PELOSI seems hell bent on DESTROYING what is left of the Democrat Party. Help her along – Vote accordingly.

  10. This situation is a test of fire for the Republican politicians. If they hold fast to the truth and stand-up to the Democratic assault from the left, they will prove to the American people they deserve to hold office. If not, they should retire from office. Our situation with China, our dependence on China was all created by the politicians and corporate business elites who put profits and greed above the well being and stability of our great nation. We now see how foolish it has all been. Actually, anyone with commonsense would have kept all the factories and production of critical goods here in the United States of America. It’s time we wise up and wake up to the failures of our collective leadership and stop the madness of dealing with foreign nation states who are clearly enemies of our country. I certainly wouldn’t sell my feuding angry neighbor a firearm so it could be used against me, nor would I submit to having that same neighbor control the production of bullets for my own firearm, in case the war escalates. You see; just a little commonsense makes a huge difference moving forward into the future of are own nation’s survival.

  11. Pelosi and anyone who stands with her, needs the rug pulled out from under their feet. It’s time they went home for good. They forgot who sent them to Washington to begin with. This nation needs to send them that message loud and clear.

  12. Every American should remember this in November. Democrats only want power over YOU. Especially

  13. The Do Nothing Democrats are Clearly trying to destroy American as we know it Like No One has EVER seen to only Blame Trump ! Trump would offer all Americans relief and the Do Nothing Democrats are there to STOP IT ! perhaps this will wake all you democrats up and face reality NOW !

  14. This is a “Qued-Pro-Coe” and as a result any politician who attempts to block should be removed from office and charged by the DOJ with neglident homacide. Every day that the Democratic leaders refuse to sign this bill, more people will die. If anyone dies in my family, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi will be facing the biggest personal liability they’ve ever seen. They make me sick. Any registered Democrate who supports this kind of bu_ls_it must know that this is uncalled for when people are dying. I pray that every voting Democrate remember this when the 2020 elections are here. Also, everyone please call your Congressional and House Representives to object to such behavior.

    1. On behalf of ALL the people who DIE from this day forward, a massive lawsuit should be started against every Democrat in Congress who have held up this legislation. The death penalty would befit this atrocity to a T.

  15. Please for Gods sakes start term limits this has to stop and these same people have caused nothing but destruction And decent in America

  16. The Dems impeached Trump for withholding aid from Ukraine…. NOW, The same party is witholding aid to AMERICANS !!!

  17. So let me get this right. In january 2020 our president did what no one was able to do or didn’t want to do. He made China deal with us on a level playing field. They signed an agreement they really resented. Do you know in order to do business in China a company must give up all proprietary info. Then this virus occurs. All the markets go down and China buys low priced stocks now. Their market is up nearly 2 %. Ours is down big time and may go down further. These are yours and my IRA’s taking the hit. The dems orchestrated this along with China. Isn’t it funny that the coronavirus is gone from that country already?

    1. While I agree with you I seriously doubt the virus is gone there – they are faking the factories being open – I just read all about it – once again saving face over the good of their own people – which is a very strong instinct with them – they are Communists!! and Biden and the boys want to sell our country a big pile of Bull to point us all in that directions saying “Oh but this is a different kind of Socialism ” – really? – but Millennial who have not faced serious crisis all screaming that it is the way of the future – wonder why the Bible does not mention America? this could be it as Democracy as we know it will disappear

  18. Over & over again we see Pelosi & Schumer trying to stop Trump and what he tries to do FOR the American people.Pelosi wants power and does not care about the American people.She is from a rich California family who must have given her whatever she wanted.It is time that the American people stand up to her and stop her requests now

  19. I can’t help wondering if Pelosi gets the virus, if she would be willing to go along with the Repubs in trying to find a way to help the people of this country, or will she scream bloody murder that she contracted the virus because of her selfishness and blame everybody else for it.

  20. I am an Independent. People I know who are Democrats are leaving the Party because of this horrible demand by the Party. They want nothing more to do with them.

  21. I don’t understand why anyone ours vote Democratic. Nothing they do is ever for the people. Just special interest who feed $ their pockets. What about people trying to feed their families and pay their rent. Wake up people!!! Most of us don’t fix in the category of special interest!!!!

  22. This shows the Democrats true colors. They are more interested in helping themselves than helping the American people. PLEASE REMEMBER THIS COME NOVEMBER AND VOTE THEIR REAR ENDS OUT OF OFFICE

  23. For all of us who have or are investing for retirement, please note one of the demands of Mrs. Pelosi: NO DIVIDENDS on our investments. For those of us who have invested our life savings for retirement, how are we supposed to live? Or is that the point?

  24. I want Pelosi out of the office and in Prison where she belongs. She is a danger to our Country and our Republic. She wants things that has nothing to do with the crisis at hand just to get leverage over the Senate. The Democrat’s have got to be embarrassed or Stupid. She is just a vicious old hag.

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