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While the Obama administration abandoned both Israel and the Arab states to appease Iran in pursuit of its disastrous Iran nuclear deal, President Trump has succeeded in finalizing a historic and transformational agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This should only be the first of several individual Israeli-Arab agreements that will create a true regional coalition to contain Iran – and could change the entire strategic landscape of the Middle East for the better.

As explained by The Algemeiner, “For years, statesmen and diplomats from around the world have claimed that it is impossible for Israel to reach a peace agreement with any Arab state without first signing a peace agreement with the Palestinian Authority. They said Israel would have to give up land beyond the Green Line — plus evacuating settlements, splitting Jerusalem and establishing a Palestinian state.”

The announcement of normalizing relations between Israel and the UAE has proven that this is simply wrong, and Team Trump correctly knew that. It helped coordinate the details, building on Trump adviser, and son-in-law, Jared Kushner’s work as part of a hoped-for broader Arab-Israeli peace deal.

While announcing the news at the Oval Office, reported Politico, President Trump said the deal was the biggest step towards peace in the region in the past 25 years. “Everybody said this would be impossible.”

Trump added:

By uniting two of America’s closest and most capable partners in the region, something which said could not be done, this deal is a significant step towards building a more peaceful, secure, and prosperous Middle East. Now that the ice has been broken, I expect more Arab and Muslim countries will follow the United Arab Emirates’ lead.

Most significantly, as former NATO Commander and Trump critic, retired Admiral James Stavridis, notes:

Above all, the deal is worrisome to Iran, because it reflects the Arab world’s growing recognition of Persian Iran’s long-term threat: its growing population and its persistent campaign to consolidate influence in Syria, parts of Iraq and other the Shiite Arab states. Especially if the remaining Gulf Arab states join the UAE in recognizing Israel, the potential for anti-Iranian military and intelligence activity will grow significantly.

The new coalition could create advanced early warning systems against Iranian missiles; a connected command and control network for missile defense; naval operations in the Red Sea, northern Indian Ocean and Arabian Gulf; shared military technology; and a regular exchange of intelligence.

Stavridis adds that “Given the lack of demonstrations by the ‘Arab street,’ other Israel recognition deals may soon follow — first by Bahrain and Oman, and eventually Saudi Arabia.”

Despite the Democrat-leaning retired Admiral’s attempts to downplay Trump’s pivotal role in this diplomatic success, even Stavridis can’t deny the wide-ranging regional impact of this historic Trump victory.

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  1. Now when Trump had almost nothing to do with this agreement, and no Americans were involved in the negotiations in any way. Those negotiations have been going on for before Trump came to office. Now once they were supposedly finalized Trump wants to take credit for what happened.

    1. I have read your comments before. I don’t believe a thing you said here. but to give you a chance, tell us when these negotiations started and who are the lead persons from the US And Israel.
      Now, bright boy, you are just another lying Democrat who pops up to attack Trump as NOT doing the good things that get done and claiming the good things he does are NOT GOOD. Like his shutting down of America when the CORONA was JUST GETTING STARTED.

  2. As Yassar Araphat said, “It is only words”. The Arabs are just like Democrats. Words mean nothing to them. And they can lie all day long. Look at Joe Biden. So what did they get? A peace agreement? I don’t trust any MUSLIM since I learned about taqqiya and muruna. They have a license to lie in order to gain on their enemy.

  3. LOOK, Not to change the subject but what I have to say is much more important. If President Trump really wanted to put a stop to all of these ANTIFA and BLACK LIVES MATTER Groups and to stop all of the violence all he really had to do is to Send out the National Guard of every State to put a stop to it all. Trump as President has that power but the Destruction and the killing of white people is still going on? Wake up America.

  4. Paul Crespo is a real journalist, I always enjoy what ever he writes explaining a news event. Finally a real journalist with real style and honest news.

  5. The 95% of our media pushes leftest propaganda new, they begin inciting the riots then till this day defend the terrorist that control our cities at night fall. Absolutely, mad pretty much explains the media, press, magazines, majority celebs, and the Democratic socialist workers Party.

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