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Venezuela’s besieged socialist President Nicolás Maduro has announced to the world that his security forces captured two U.S. citizens among a group of 13 “terrorists” after a failed raid.

Officials in Caracas claimed the raid intended to capture the socialist leader. Maduro himself proclaimed there was no doubt the Trump administration orchestrated the incursion.

Fox News’ Edmund DeMarche reports:

In a nationwide broadcast appearance on state television, Maduro held up two U.S. passports that he said had been recovered during the attempted raid. He read off the names and birthdays of the two Americans.

“They were playing Rambo,” he said, according to The Guardian. “They were playing hero.”

The two U.S. citizens were identified as Luke Denman and Airan Berry, both former U.S. special forces soldiers. Video emerged that purported to show Venezuelan authorities with their captives lined up at a seaside marina.

The U.S. State Department did not immediately respond to an after-hours email from Fox News. The Washington Post reported that U.S. officials and Juan Guaidó, the leader of the Venezuelan opposition, denied any involvement with the action called “Operation Gideon.”

The requests for comment followed Maduro’s claim about U.S. involvement. Guaidó is recognized as the legitimate president of Venezuela by 60 nations worldwide, including the United States, Canada, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

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    1. Only if they were sent by our government. They could have been acting as mercenaries.
      I wouldn’t think there would be anything going on down there right now and why would there only be two? Usually there are a lot more than just two involved.

  1. Now what do we do. Americans are stupid, why go some place where you know you might get thrown in jail or killed. Stay home.

    1. I doubt they were sent by or sanctioned by our government. The two US citizens were mercenaries, probably doing it for money.

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised……nor would I be surprised if Mad Man tried to extort money for them.

    2. This was a mercenary operation that fell apart due to lack of organization and money. Mercs get involved in a lot of these things because that is what Special Ops people are trained to do. This is their work like you pick up trash, direct traffic, drive truck, manage a grocery store, invest money, or any of 200,000 other jobs.

  2. Typical 3rd world dictator propaganda. What is the nationality of all the other “mercenaries” captured in the raid. No mention of that. If they are truely mercenaries there is no reason to invade Venezuela, they knew what they were getting into when they became mercenaries. If you ignore this POS dictator eventually it will all come back to bite him on his ass. It has always been that way with these South American wannabes.

    1. While much of the world recognizes Guaido as president, the Venezuelan government, especially the military, only recognizes Maduro as president.

      1. Its totally bizarre – but our young people especially think the idea of socialism and its kissing cousin communism is a grand plan and somehow if it happens in America it will all work out well and not collapse as it has in every place its been tried – and don’ t cite Denmark and Sweden – they are going downhill now too


          IF they come back, they may have a much diferent view of Socialism.

  3. I hope the President immediately works to free these Americans. Venezuela has to held accountable.

  4. The Democrat Party believes too that President Trump is also a dictator. Would you support the attempted capture of President Trump bu invaders sponsored by Democrat Party billionaire George Soros? Of course not. Then what right do you have to call for the invasion of Venezuela to kidnap President Maduro? Trump was elected because he campaigned in part against US-British sponsored wars. He staked his Presidential campaign on building peaceful relationships with nations including with Russia and China. And since I brought up the subject, the same neocons and permanent bureaucrats in the Justice Dept and FBI who accused Trump of collusion with Russia. They tried unsuccessfully to frame Trump with a Made in Britain garbage pale of lies, paid for by the Clinton campaign. A dossier was fabricated by MI6 chief, Richard Dearlove and hand delivered to the FBI by MI6 spy Christopher Steele. Richard Dearlove btw is the same MI6 spy who came up with the lie that Iraq had WMD that led to the US invasion of Iraq. These are the same Anglo-American forces that are united around regime change in Venezuela and war with China. THEY DO NOT SUPPORT TRUMP! Nor his policy of of peaceful development. Instead they defend British geopolitical wars and regime change. Trump does not support either. To defend the policy of the Presidents enemies is to oppose the President. So stop being led around by the nose and start thinking strategically. Britain’s great game being played this time against the US involves a cabal of British neoliberals in the Henry Jackson Society, British House of Lords & Harvard’s Nial Ferguson who are allied with the US Military-Industrial Complex, neocons & permanent bureaucracy in the JD. Now you know. ? is, what r u going to do about it?

    1. Sadly too many liberals just swallow the misinformation machine called the Media and have no idea what is really going on to take our country and freedoms away – Trump is the only thing between America as we know it and a socialist regime

      1. PresidentTrump is only the inspiration to get real US citizens to take a look at what these past governments have done…its up to you and i to act upon it..

    2. Thank you for that information. I was aware of some of it but not everything that you said…
      What am I going to do about it? Stay informed and vote for President Trump again. And anything else I can do I will do….

  5. I suppose those involved will be like any other person who volunteers or takes money to do dirty work some place else in the World. If the US tries anything to get them released the USA by the World will be looked at as complicit in the operation, just like Bush was in the overthrow of nother South American leader, remember Iran Contra affair.

  6. yeah, about President Trump being involved…

    IF he had been involved, there would have been no failure!

    He would have sent the best, and the plans made would have included the team members, the best Tacticians, and from the top Generals on down to iron out any possible wrinkles.

  7. You got that right. Kennedy had egg all over his face on that one. after that we had a stand-off with Russians.

  8. If, and only if this plan was conceived by Democrats would that happened. If President Trump and his team planned it, there would be nobody left alive to make a statement. Words from a Veteran of the USAF.

  9. I doubt it was the US Govt. We would have sent at least 5 or 6 people to take over the whole Maduro regime.

  10. I doubt that these “Americans” were there at the behest of President Trump or our Military people. NO Seal or Special Ops. person would carry his pass-port on him in a raid, that’s BS. If anything this despot is trying to lay blame on us with phony pass-ports or ones confiscated from other people at another time. Further more if we were going to do it, it would have been better planned and executed. The man in the White House isn’t Jimmie Carter, This President don’t do things half-assed.

  11. I think it is foolish for the two Americans to attempt what they did. Plain foolish. They must have had a lot of money dangled in front of them. If the picture of the boat is of them, their chances for success were not good. By getting caught they put the Prez in a difficult position. I hope they can be released.

  12. There were eight people in the boat, two of which are U.S. citizens according to the pass ports that were showed by Maduro. And than apparently more people have been arrested since the TV arrests of the boat eight. Why would these two Americans carry U.S. passports when on a get the fake president operation. Don’t these people doing these operations make themselves free of any type of identification. Maybe I am wrong.

  13. their own people will sooner or later take out the scum , and please stop sending your video to tweeter so they can say who sees them they need to be stopped

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