Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

Nigel Farage, the leader of Britain’s Brexit Party, recently found two bobbies knocking on his door. What the police officers said concerned him greatly.

They reportedly warned politician-turned-journalist to observe “essential travel” orders in the United Kingdom after he drove to the Port of Dover to report on illegal migrants arriving in the U.K. in an inflatable boat.

Farage tweeted about the incident afterward and promised to continue to shine a light on what he calls the continuing “illegal migrant scandal” when the rest of the country remains closed.

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  1. It’s becoming self-evident that it’s time for the US to reconsider Britain as a premier ally. We’ve just been having too many issues with them. ie. Chinese 5G network for intelligence work, issues with retaliation on conservative MP’s, do-nothing police officials, illegal immigration scams, etc. Where does it end? Good honest conservative politicians themselves are telling us to beware. We should be heeding their advice.

  2. The libs just want to keep you home by offering you more money ($2000 a month)so that the economy could go down a very deep shit hole! And create a great depression the likes you never seen. Don’t be fooled! You can’t trust these evil liberal Commie Demoncrats!

    Bella Pelosi, better known as Dracula. Sneaked in a 1 billion Dollar funding for Plan Parenthood (The abortion factory) and other things that have nothing to do with the Coronavirus bill. Evil and Devious indeed! Never let a crisis go to waste is one of the Demoncrat 10 Satanic Commandments.

    Wuhan Virus Bioweapon AKA: China Virus, Coronavirus weaponized by China and their Globalist treasonous Godless demoncratic Commie party and cohorts Soros the MSM fake media, academia, Hollywood, crash the greatest US economy ever! And to take down the greatest president ever, President Trump!! Keep up the great work President Trump! 2020 and beyond! From the Patriots of a Commie free America!

  3. NR- I like your use of “Bella Pelosi (except it should be Piglosi) better known as Dracula” and hope President Trump see’s it and add’s it to his nickname list!

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