A British court blocked construction of an additional airport at London’s busy Heathrow Airport, on the grounds airplanes emit carbon dioxide, and the project would violate the United Nations’ “Paris Climate Agreement.”

The radical leftist group “Extinction Rebellion” praised the ruling and lambasted airport officials.  Environmentalists have tried to forcibly shut down the airport by flying drones at aircraft, forcing officials to ground flights to avoid fatal collisions.

“The court just found that your current policy on airport expansion was incompatible with the commitments you made in Paris,” it said. “There is no way to expand Heathrow and meet those commitments. You should say it, show leadership and that you take responsibility of government seriously.”

Such rulings could soon come to the United States, placing Americans under the control of the United Nations.

Every leading candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination wants to put the U.S. back in the Paris agreement.  Former Vice President Joe Biden “will not only recommit the United States to the Paris Agreement on climate change – he will go much further than that,” his campaign vows.

They are joined by around two dozen Republican senators and representatives who are members of a “Bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus.” The congressional group, organized by two far-left Soros-funded groups, the “Citizens’ Climate Lobby’ and the “Friends Committee on National Legislation,” seeks to restore the Obama administration’s signature on the U.N. document.

Caucus members “ agreed to sign a letter urging Trump to keep the U.S. in the popular, nonbinding accord,” the leftist group “Think Progress” reported in 2017.

The group is also pushing a radical “carbon dividends” program which seeks massive federal taxes on energy intended to force Americans to use less electricity.  Realizing price-hiking energy taxes are unpopular, the scheme then redistributes the taxed money to Americans as “dividend checks,” giving voters the opportunity to loot U.S. companies in the name of “environmentalism.”

Along with the numerous Republicans in the “Climate Caucus,” leftist groups and activists are bankrolling at least 12 new organizations that call themselves “conservative” or “free market,” and are pushing ecosocialism as “market solutions” to “climate change.”

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  1. Maybe there should be restrictions for private plane useage. If there is such a concern for carbon emissions, those non commercial airplanes should be addressed.

    1. Banning private jet travel worldwide would have the greatest impact for climate considerations out there, that would have the least disruptive effects upon everyday life we have available to us. But, since it directly affects the Elitists – it will NEVER happen!

  2. All those jackass’s that are pushing for this nonsense and are proud of this decision all of them need to start walking and when they need to take a trip to another country they can swim in the ocean to get there. These groups are pathetic they have no business being on this planet

    1. A purge may be coming and you will get your wish.
      There is no other way to stop this nonsense.
      Sadly many good people will be put into positions of s*it or get off the pot.

  3. More stupidity.
    The USA does not need or want the U.N Or any nation telling us what we can & cannot build in the USA.
    What we need is to remove the U.N from American soil . Place it on some dessert island in the Atlantic or Pacific

    1. Or one of the third world countries that they claim they want help, but never do. The UN complains about America, but never leaves.

    2. FINALLY someone who has there head on straight !! The UN should go f themselves we don’t want or need them running OUR country !!
      we had this crap once before & sent them back to England.

    1. DITTO, why the hell are Americans allowing the Feds to help the UN and their Socialist Agenda operate on America’s soil. They’re the reason terrorists are migrating to the US, they’re a large reason we’re having a difficulty controlling our borders. The Democratic Socialists (Communists), are only a part of the equation, but they’re a primary Cause, and the current Coronavirus spread is due to them, and the Obama hold-outs in Washington. It was an Obama Official who disregarded the Presidents orders and flew contagious individuals into the United States. And Pelosi and Chucky knew this was going to occur. Their intent was to spread the virus, causing an economic disaster so that they could blame Trump. They’re sure that people have forgotten that this virus was one of many things Trump spoke of when he was pushing to protect our borders.

  4. Well, it’s all funded by George Soros, so what else can we expect? What seems to be the reason why that anti-human piece of garbage is not in prison? He personally is responsible for hundreds of deaths.

  5. How about these Climate Zealots Target the two Largest Emitters of carbon dioxide India & China since these two Countries are Increasing their Emissions and the USA is already the Leader in carbon dioxide Reduction on a Nation State scale!!!!

  6. People emit carbon dioxide too and there’s lots more people than airplanes, SO WHAT ARE WE GOING TO ABOUT THEM???!!!!

    1. CO2 is not the problem. As a matter of fact, without it we would all die; yes, all plant and animal life on earth would cease to exist. You see; plant life can not live without CO2. They need it to thrive which enables them to produce oxygen which all animals require to survive, including humans. So, without plants providing oxygen for us to breathe we die. It’s a fair exchange and an important part of nature’s plan for our continued presence on the planet. The earth has been around for four and a half billion years and has managed quite well without our presence. We are not the stewards of earth and will never be because the power of nature is in charge and actually owns us and permits our presence here. Our role is to use the tools we have been given by nature to survive and improve the human condition which so far has been painfully slow. Hope eternal, onward and upward !!

      1. Adrian Maclean thanks for your excellent and scientifically accurate comment on CO2 — More people need to understand that scientifically CO2 is a Trace Greenhouse Gas at a mere 0.04% (i.e., ~400 ppm) and Man-Made emissions represent a tiny 5% of that (i.e., ~20 ppm or 0.002%) and its Infrared Heating property that contributes to the Greenhouse Effect quickly saturates (i.e., soon diminishes to zero) as its concentration is doubled preventing the false notion of “Run Away” Global Warming at the basis of the now falsified AGW Global Warming Hypothesis which continues to falsely claim a Global Warming Crisis when CO2 doubles to 600 – 800 ppm.

        However, since CO2 concentrations on Earth have for millions of years been greater than 1,000 ppm and as high as 4,000 – 8,000 during both warm and cold periods, even Ice Ages. Clearly, CO2 does not Drive Climate Change and CO2 is Not A Problem which then implies that Fossil Fuel CO2-Emissions are also Not A Problem — Simply Progressive & Democrat Political Propaganda to Control Energy, Tax You and Control You!

        1. I have two things to comment on. The first is the idea that plants produce oxygen. On the surface that would seem right, but it actually is incorrect. Plants just strip the carbon out of CO2 and leave the oxygen unused. The second part is how much of the atmosphere CO2 makes up. You are always reading about how horrifying the 400 ppm level of CO2 is. But, let’s break this down. Nitrogen makes up 780,000 ppm (78%) in the atmosphere. Oxygen makes up 210,000 ppm (21%). The rest of all the gasses together make up 10,000 ppm (1 %). CO2 makes up 400 ppm (0.04%). And one must consider a very important fact. The CO2 level is measured on Mount Monaloa in Hawaii. It is a VOLCANO. The mountain itself emits CO2. A single volcanic eruption emits MORE CO2 than mankind’s entire industry does in a year. So, why aren’t the measurements done in an area away from volcanos? Simple. That would ruin the whole ACC propaganda scheme.

  7. Simple answer. Let’s just get rid of the humans that emit CO2 that believe that they are causing environmental climate change.

  8. Lest we forget…we ARE carbon based entities…and ALL life depends on C02. The factual data, which the alarmists have not yet found a way to expunge from the record, does NOT tally with their irrational “findings”…

  9. These climate change activist are ignorant of facts. The Paris Climate Accord is as bad as the Kyoto According. Neither applies equally to all nations. Select nations are exempt, i.e. China and India among others. While select nations bear the brunt of the penalties, I.e. the United States, Great Britain, and other European countries. Besides, the United States has actually done better than other countries by relying on market forces and not on forcing the markets.

  10. The Paris Climate Agreement is a total fraud because it does not hold into account China and India, the world’s two biggest polluters. Unless it does, then the best they will do is tread water. Perhaps, all those holier-than-thou Global Warmists should insist their countries don’t do business with either country until they comply.

  11. How incredibly stupid and unscientific are the invalid political and governmental decisions have become related to the most important and beneficial gas CO2!

    Richard Lindzen, an eminent American Atmospheric Physicist, An Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at MIT and Lead UN IPCC author of Chapter 7, “Physical Climate Processes and Feedbacks” third Assessment Report on Climate Change – Who Called the it, the UN IPCC and the Progressive / Democrat positions: Unwarranted “Climate Alarmism”!

    He correctly said: “What historians will definitely wonder about in future centuries is how deeply flawed logic, obscured by shrewd and unrelenting propaganda, actually enabled a coalition of Powerful special interests to convince nearly everyone in the world that CO2 from human industry was a dangerous, planet-destroying toxin.

    It will be remembered as the greatest mass delusion in the history of the world – That CO2, [the basis for] the life of plants, was considered for a time to be a deadly poison.”!

    In other words, CO2 is a Colorless & Odorless Atmospheric Gas that is Beneficial and Absolutely Essential to the well-being of all plant and, in turn all animal life for the Earth is CO2-starved today at a mere 400 ppm.

    It has been Scientifically PROVEN that our Climate & Temperature is “Insensitive” to changes in CO2-concentrations – Rather, it has been proven that Sun-Induced Changes in Temperature cause evaporation and increases in the atmospheric Greenhouse Gases Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Water Vapor (H2O); The opposite claimed by the AGW Alarmists, Al Gore, etc.

  12. When actual math and science is applied to climate, both win out. For example, the age of the earth is about 4.5 Billion years (4,500,000,000 years). Weather patterns including temperatures, have been measured for about 250 years (and that’s being generous). Exploration of various elements on the earth have been examined to find CO2 levels that are older than 250 years. Regardless, the ratio of 250 years to the age of the earth is so small the result cannot prove anything. (5.5 x 10 -6th power) (0.00000055). The non-scientific politicians and radical scientists (?) are saying that this small number represents a trend…what a laugh! During the time period of 4.5 Billion years, the earth has had massive numbers of climate changes, all happening before mankind. Think about it for a few moments. It’s just plain stupidity to believe our CO2 is different than the CO2 during the volcano period on earth when the atmosphere was totally toxic…to later become clean enough for animal and human life. The “Paris Agreement” is nothing but a “feel good” governmental control concept to run the world.

  13. What are we supposed to do? Ground all our fighter planes, cargo planes, Ships, Trains, Airliners ? Just think how many people would loose their jobs and how many people really want to be in the hands of United Nations that is run by kings of the world?

  14. These eco freaks never seem to think things through. So they want to shut down fossil fuels. Do they ever think what happens next? Sane people can. It would destroy the economy and cause untold suffering. Just what the Democraps want.

  15. It is weather manipulation/weather warfare not fossil fuels as much. People need to wake up! Mike Morales explains it daily on Youtube. They are not helping.

  16. They got many stuff attacking us geo engeneering, dirty water, high taxes, homeless people pooping on streets, illegal aliens criminals, indoctrinated of our kids, china supplying all our medical supplies and medicine too. Americans been paying for abortions here in the USA and in China. Finally corona virus what else they got coming our way. Oh wait they panic buy all toilet paper so Americans get none. They need to take out guns and we are done. Never agree to give up your guns. God Help Us all we are home of the brave people enough is enough.

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