Photo edit of Dylan Mulvaney. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.
Photo edit of Dylan Mulvaney. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.

Ad campaign exposes hypocrisy of 'woke' corporations - Metro Voice News

Companies across the board are succumbing to the “woke” agenda, pushing everything from Black Lives Matter ideology to transgenderism and LGBT advertising. It’s disheartening to realize that your everyday purchases might inadvertently support these woke ideologies.

Scroll through the following list below, and discover which brands you should consider skipping in order to avoid furthering this misguided agenda!


    1. you do realize that some of us still have a webster distionary – woke is a verb to wake with one of the meanings to become aware of something AND we are awake now on the WOKE agenda

  1. People really need to boycott these companies. When people want something from that store and for them it’s okay to buy it. They can continue boycotting it the next day. Have some integrity and boycott it completely. They need to pay completely for their stupidity. They are one way the communist dumbocrats are trying to ruin this country. Don’t help them by buying their products.

    1. Woke a mind controlled imbecile to dumb to realize he is the fascist terrorist he claims to be fighting against. The moron who is racist as F but points at those who aren’t the dumb shit who says he hates corruption but votes for the corrupt the idiot who says he doesn’t support wars but everyone he votes for is all in on starting illegal wars. The dumb shit that want free everything but contributes nothing . The useless offspring of privileged ignorant parents who failed to correct him . I e The butt f that stuck. Chit Fer brains little dribblins

  2. Is there a non-woke auto insurance co. out there? I am ready to drop State Farm for their insurance programs that cover TG surgeries for juveniles. Adults can do any stupid F***ing thing they want to, provided it does no harm to themselves or others, but when they start endangering juveniles w life altering surgeries, it is time to rein them in.
    Adults are supposed to be responsible and protective of their children. Govts and vendors that support such child abuse need to be addressed as well. I vote w my check book… bye bye, State Farm…

  3. It’s really disgusting that people have regressed to where they can’t even tell if they are male or female. It’s like they are mentally ill.

  4. All this woke agenda is to unravel the nuclear family. This is moral decay. Starting with the very young to brainwash them early. That’s how Hitler indoctrinated the children to be warriors, he had them in military camps as young as six. We are ahead of him, we start them in infancy. Sick. Identify, nilify and crucify.

  5. won’t buy or promote this ideology. You can be anything you wanne be, but don’t indoctrinate our children or force your views on others

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