Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

As Gavin Newsom remains in hot water amid multiple crises in California, Republicans in the state are ramping up for a recall election that could take Newsom out of his position a year before his term expires and possibly replace him with a Republican. Here are the top GOP contenders running to take him out.


    1. I drove through San Francisco each day while Newsom was the mayor. There were illegal aliens at the Ocean Beach parking lot who would yell obscenities at people, and even follow them making threatening gestures. Some of them drove cars, and they played games in traffic, driving very slowly in front of you, then when you tried to pass them, they would speed up and nearly ram you as they pulled ahead. Of course, the finger was employed after this maneuver. There were also the endangered-species pedestrians he aimed to protect. These people waited until you approached a crosswalk, then just as you drove within 5 feet of their position, they would dart out onto the street and force you to slam on your brakes. This would be followed by a vulgarity-laced tirade by the ‘victim’, as you tried to proceed. Deport a liberal, save a country.

  1. Pick anyone of these Republicans and the state of California will once again lead the nation in getting rid of DEMOCRAP GARBAGE,,,,

  2. New some is a Pelosi piece of shit nephew. She’s the biggest cunt to ever hold office. And a liar and lunatic . Don’t divas I do do as I say. What a fuckin hypocrite and this little asshole ids just like her

  3. Our elections are rigged. We’re not going to get rid of Newsom–or any other parasite in our government, for that matter–unless the resolve of Californians to remove his regime rises to the level of a 2nd Amendment solution.

  4. Vote for someone who can walk the talk, keep promises and is a good example to the young people Therefore sadly, I would eliminate Jenner (previously known as Bruce) You need upstanding God fearing family orientated people in Office

  5. There are some good and not so good people running against Newsom. However; my choice if he were running in my state, I would choose Mr. Larry Elder. He does nothing without research first and a lot of thought. He is smart and will work for the people and not his wallet. Newsom is for his wallet and the wallet of his cronies, this must stop if California is to change.

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