Many, including Rep. Ryan Zinke, (R-Mont.), who’s a former Navy SEAL, were not too fond of a Chinese state-owned balloon flying over the United States potentially for spying purposes made their voices heard about the balloon. Others viewed the Chinese balloon as potentially a red herring, thinking that while this is very on the nose and a direct spying effort, it may not compete with Chinese-owned technology, such as the social media phone app, TikTok.

Thursday, Rep. Zinke would Tweet:

“Shoot. It. Down. The Chinese spy balloon is clear provocation. In Montana we do not bow. We shoot it down. Take the shot.”

Others, while not sympathetic or condoning a Chinese state-owned balloon flying over American airspace, looked to the big picture. TikTok is currently downloaded on over two billion phones, and has over 1.2 billion monthly users.

TikTok is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, which has led to concerns about the platform’s connections to the Chinese government. Given the Chinese government’s strict censorship policies and monitoring of online activity, there have been concerns about the Chinese government’s access to and control over the data of TikTok’s millions of users, particularly those located outside of China.

Additionally, the Chinese Communist Party’s influence over Chinese companies and the Chinese government’s ability to request or demand data from these companies have raised concerns about the potential misuse of TikTok user data. While some Republicans, including then-President Donald Trump in 2020 attempted to ban the app from the United States due to the potential security issues the app creates, these attempts so far have fallen flat.

In a similar line of thought to Rep. Zinke’s Tweet, Wisconsin governor, and Young America’s Foundation President Scott Walker Tweeted that perhaps shooting down one singular balloon won’t fix the issue of Chinese spying, and more has to be done to combat it. On Thursday, Gov. Walker Tweeted:

“First, shoot it down. Second, [TikTok] is a much greater security risk to America. Shut it down,”


  1. Joe Biden and the democrats are in on this deal. The chinese and the Bidens are asshole buddies,or haven’t you heard. Biden has given up many secrets to the chinese. They are also buying up our prime farmland and we just let them do it.

    1. Well yeah…that’s why there was a delay in the shoot-down. Joe had to clear it with Xi that his and Hunter’s checks wouldn’t be impacted if he allowed it to be shot down.

    1. Punck a small hole or three in it and BRING IT DOWN SOFTLY.. Be smarter than the average democrat congress PERSON===like Omar and the other spineless useful idiots that are pro China

  2. Why we haven’t shot down that balloon is pure treason and the Biden administration should have to answer to the American people why they are letting The commies rats spy on us .Joe is probably being paid by the commies not to.

  3. what heck wrong with Bidenthere senting spy balloon bring it down sounds like biden for china not this country

  4. Do we have any idea what information was collected by this balloons attack on America or did we destroy it so that information was also destroyed so our government would not have to explain how it was not destroyed long before it travelled over American territory and secret and classified military areas.

  5. Why are so many people STUPID in America’s Government ??? Why not simply fly above it and FORCE IT DOWN—the Soviet Communists did it to OUR U-2Spy Plane in 1960’s—and captured Our technology and Gary Powers—are Communist “useful idiots” in charge of 2023 America? grvn

  6. The Chinese and the Russians both OWN BIDEN AND HIS FAMILY. HUNTER WITH THE HELP OF Joe have been selling American military and intelligence secrets for money. In the tune of 6 million from China alone.

  7. I’m not sure what people are thinking about the country and it’s leader!?! The fact that a sitting President allowed this to be on our soil as long as it did is treason to its people and the country. The WH as a whole has not put this country in a good state of security at any angle, unsecured documents, laptops, border unlawfulness, dismantling cops, crimes not enforced, discrimination and division, illegal voting, economy turned upside down, money worthless, inflation, should I continue and if anybody thinks any of those in office are making it better? Wake up people! It’s time for we the people to start picking some real leaders and hit Washington with a no vote for the President and his crime ridden family to step down. Each state should be represented and go down in history for saving our country…

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