Photo edit of Don Lemon. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.
Photo edit of Don Lemon. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.
CNN’s “CNN This Morning” host Don Lemon is in hot water following sexist remarks made about 2024 GOP Presidental candidate Nikki Haley.

Following Thursday’s airing of “CNN This Morning,” host Don Lemon finds himself in hot water when controversy arose following his comment that 51-year-old 2024 GOP Presidental Candidate Nikki Haley is:

“…not in her prime.”

The comment shocked many, as many found the comment to be both sexist and agest. Many also noted that Lemon was a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter in 2016 – when at the time, Clinton was 69 years old, yet Lemon never made comments about Clinton being too old or “not in her prime.” Lemon has also steered clear of making comments on Biden’s advanced age, as he is now 80 years old, shows signs of obvious aging and no longer being as sharp as he once was.

Of course, the comments may have been about Haley’s appearance as opposed to Lemon’s possible opinion that Haley has lost some of her cognitive ability, which may result in a larger issue if the intention behind his comments was based on Haley’s appearance.

During CNN’s daily editorial meeting, Don Lemon apologized to his colleagues for his comment, saying:

“I’m sorry that I said it… And I certainly see why people found it completely misguided.”

“When I make a mistake, I own it” Adding, “And I own this one as well.”

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