Authorities respond to a train derailment in Van Buren Township in Detroit. (WJBK)
Authorities respond to a train derailment in Van Buren Township in Detroit. (WJBK)

Coming nearly two full weeks following a train derailment and explosion in East Palestine, Ohio, breaking news is coming out that a train has derailed in Van Buren Township, just outside of Detroit, Michigan. Similar to the train in Ohio, this train in Michigan was also carrying hazardous materials.

This is a developing situation, and updates will be released as they’re made available.

At this time, the “hazardous materials” on the train have not been identified, and neither has a cause for the derailment. There were no injuries during the derailment.

As there was no explosion and no controlled burns of the materials on-board, currently the situation is not a hazmat situation.

According to Fox News:

Officials that spoke to WXYZ, which reported that at least six cars were seen off the track, said one of them was carrying hazardous materials.

Police tell Fox2 Detroit that roads will be closed in the area while an investigation is ongoing.



  1. RR Solutions:

    Reform DOT
    Update RR tracks
    Drone cars scan track status
    More sensors
    Train RR crews more
    Local Rapid Response Teams for RR wrecks

  2. What in the Wide Wide World of Sports is going on with transporting of hazardous material spills by both rail and roadways? There has been all too many of them lately! How come the Department of Transportation is so lackadaisical in responding to these events? Could all these hazardous material spills that are occurring be the result of some sort of foreign or domestic terrorism going on? Are the country’s railways and highways in such disrepair that they are unsafe to travel? Come on Joe! You need to get to the bottom of all these incidents and find out the causes and similarities.

  3. Seriously WTF?!??! Maybe Pete Buttplugs isn’t as stupid as we thought. China must be pleased with the progress their puppets are making in destroying the USA.

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