San Francisco PD has released the bodycam footage from the night when Paul Pelosi was attacked with a hammer by David DePape. The incident initially occurred in October, 2022.

The footage shows DePape attacking Pelosi with a hammer and also shows Pelosi defending himself in the altercation. It is clear that this was an incredibly dangerous situation for both men, as each have a hand on the hammer at the time police arrived. The police have since released DePape on bail pending further investigation.

Questions have been raised about the initial reporting, and how the reports were said to have been inaccurate at the start. Initial reporting claimed that Pelosi was in his underwear at the time when police arrived, however, the video clearly shows that Pelosi was in his underwear, and the two had not begun a physical altercation before the time police arrived.

While initial reporting can at times be inaccurate and jump to conclusions, many aspects of the initial reporting can be shown in the video to have been correctly documented.

At the time police opened the door of the Pelosi’s residence, both Pelosi and DePape had a hand on the hammer. Following the police asking a handful of questions and assessing the scene, DePape pulls the hammer away from Pelosi and begins to hit him before police are arent to apprehend DePape. During the attack, Pelosi would suffer and skull fracture but has since made a good recovery.


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