Photo edit of President Joe Biden and Hunter Biden. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta.
Photo edit of President Joe Biden and Hunter Biden. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta.

Suspecting a possible scheme to sell White House access to foreign figures, congressional investigators are asking a Communist Chinese-tied art dealer to turn over documents on anonymous and suspiciously-lucrative sales by untrained artist and presidential son Hunter Biden.

House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer (R-KY) is calling on Georges Bergès, owner of the Georges Bergès Gallery, to “provide information related to the anonymous art purchasers of Hunter Biden’s art and all communications between his New York gallery and the White House about their deal to hide these purchasers’ identities.”

“Given Hunter Biden’s history of questionable business dealings with foreign adversaries and foreign governments using high value art to evade U.S. sanctions, Chairman Comer is concerned Hunter Biden continues to sell his artwork and is the recipient of anonymous, high-dollar transactions,” the Committee notes in a statement.

“The Committee on Oversight and Accountability is investigating President Joe Biden and his family’s foreign and domestic influence peddling schemes,” writes Comer in a formal letter to Bergès.

“For over a decade, the Biden family has profited from Joe Biden’s positions as a public official. Your arrangement with Hunter Biden raises serious ethics concerns and calls into question whether the Biden family is again selling access and influence. Despite being a novice artist, Hunter Biden received exorbitant amounts of money selling his artwork, the buyers’ identities remain unknown, and you appear to be the sole record keeper of these lucrative transactions,” writes Comer.

“During the 117th Congress, Oversight Committee Republicans requested information from Georges Bergès regarding his gallery’s sale of artwork by the President’s son. Georges Bergès failed to respond to Committee Republicans and has since hosted another Hunter Biden art exhibit at the New York gallery,” the Committee notes.

“You have advertised that Hunter Biden’s latest artwork ranges in price from $55,000 to $225,000. It is concerning that President Biden’s son is the recipient of anonymous, high-dollar transactions—potentially from foreign buyers—with no accountability or oversight (other than you),” writes Comer in the request to Bergès.

“The American people deserve transparency regarding certain details about Hunter Biden’s expensive art transactions. We believe you possess important information related to this investigation,” Comer notes.

Comer also requests Bergès appear before Committee staff for a transcribed interview on the matter, giving a Feb. 15 deadline.


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