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The grave of a famous Confederate general has been dug up and his remains moved to a private cemetery as part of a larger campaign to eliminate monuments to the Confederacy.

The remains of Confederate General A.P. Hill, which had been interred underneath a large statue and monument at a prominent Richmond, Virginia intersection, were exhumed on December 13 and moved to a private cemetery in his hometown of Culpeper, Virginia, the Associated Press reports.

The large statue, which had been the site of protests, was removed the previous day.

“The coffin draped in an old Virginia flag was brought into the cemetery on a mule-drawn wagon followed by a riderless horse. After a eulogy, song and prayers, there was a 21-gun salute and three rounds were fired from a cannon,” the Associated Press reports.

Hill was shot and killed by U.S. troops in the final days of the Civil War, after riding to the front lines to demand their surrender.  He was originally buried in an undisclosed location, standing up, per his final wishes.

Hill’s remains were moved to Richmond in 1867, where his family originally wanted to inter him but were unable to due to its capture by Union forces.

In 1892 Hill was exhumed and his remains moved to the site of a monument to him, where they remained until 2022.  The removal of his monument was the subject of legal wrangling, due to the fact it was one of the few Confederate monuments that housed remains.

“City officials have said the removed statue will be stored in an undisclosed location and later given to the Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia. Attorneys for Hill’s indirect descendants agreed his remains would be moved to a cemetery in Culpeper, near where Hill was born,” the AP reports.

After his death the U.S military named a fort and World War II liberty ship after hill.  The fort has since been renamed as part of an effort to eliminate honors for Confederate figures.

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1 month ago

Absolutely shameful. Virginia has gone woke. One of the richest histories in this country is being dismantled.

Kenneth Bottomley
Kenneth Bottomley
1 month ago

It won’t be long and their will be no white history only black, just the way they want, little Africa !

William McBreen
William McBreen
1 month ago

Oh yeah! We can change history just by moving things around! How convenient!
Those jerkoffs are forgetting that those confederate soldiers are AMERICAN VETERANS and they were fighting for what they believed in- states rights. Funny how the democrats divided us during the civil war, and now they’re dividing us again.