Midterm 2022 Watch: Kathy Hochul Trying To Stay Above Water Vs Lee Zeldin

The far-left Democrat governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, who previously was disgraced ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s lieutenant governor is facing the fight of her life for re-election, according to a new poll. The survey done by Quinnipiac University shows Hochul barely hanging on against her Republican opponent, Congressman Lee Zeldin. Zeldin is almost within the margin of error, with Hochul leading by only four percentage points.

Hochul, who was granted the position after former Governor Andrew Cuomo was pushed out of power, never found her stride the same way Andrew Cuomo did in New York. Now, for her first election was governor, she’s already fighting to stay in power.

Real Clear Politics has similar findings – showing that as of Oct. 19, Hochul has a 6.2-point lead over Zeldin, however, this comes with a margin of error of 6.2 points. Hochul and Zeldin, according to an average of multiple polls, are neck-in-neck.

NY Post reports:

The Quinnipiac College survey — with a margin of error of 2% — shows Gov. Hochul with 50% support among likely voters to 46% for Zeldin, the Long Island congressman.

Hochul leads in New York City 59% to 37%.

But the race is very tight in the suburbs with Zeldin receiving 50 percent and Hochul at 49 percent.

Zeldin leads upstate 52% to 44%.

“In the blue state of New York, the race for governor is competitive. Democrats have cruised to victory in gubernatorial races since 2006, but Governor Hochul’s narrow edge puts Republican Lee Zeldin well within striking distance of her,” said Quinnipiac pollster Mary Snow.

While Hochul has attempted to ride the abortion issue to victory, as many other Democrats are attempting this election, the poll found most New Yorkers’ concern was with crime, ranking first in importance with voters at 28 percent. Coming in second was inflation at 20 percent, while “protecting democracy” came in third at 14 percent.


  1. The irredeemable whackos residents of NY who elected a complete, degenerate disaster in Mayor Eric Adams, will probably miss an opportunity to elect a great man in Governor Lee Zeldin. In all honesty, why would he want to take on such a great undertaking? The state is beyond help & really don’t deserve him to save them.

  2. New Yorkers are so fking stupid the reelect aoc, so look for their stupidity to carry that stupid commie pig Hocul.

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