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According to a disturbing new report the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) revealed to congressional investigators that it had repeatedly accessed data on the locations of US citizen’s cell phones in spite of not having obtained a warrant for such information.

The revelation is especially concerning in light of the Biden Administration’s apparent plans to target conservatives after the attack on the Capitol Building on January 6th.

As The Wall Street Journal reports:

The Defense Intelligence Agency told congressional investigators that the agency has access to “commercially available geolocation metadata aggregated from smartphones” from both the U.S. and abroad. It said it had queried its database to look at the location information of U.S.-based smartphones five times in the last 2½ years as part of authorized investigations.

Such data is typically drawn from smartphone apps such as weather, games and other apps that get user permission to access a phone’s GPS location. A robust commercial market exists for such data for advertising and other commercial purposes. The Wall Street Journal first revealed last year that numerous U.S. government agencies were also buying access to that data from commercial brokers without a warrant, raising questions about whether those agencies were adequately safeguarding the privacy and civil liberties of Americans.

The ability of U.S. intelligence agencies to access data on Americans for intelligence purposes is typically circumscribed. A warrant from the secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court is required for most kinds of surveillance. However, the Defense Intelligence Agency told Congress that it didn’t believe it needed any sort of court authorization to acquire commercial data for foreign intelligence or national security purposes.

Does the possibility of having your constitutional rights violated by a federal government led by Joe Biden concern you? Let us know what you think in the comments below.



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    1. Why do you have a low opinion of the military? Maybe I just didn’t get the ironic wit. I served 14 yrs in the USN Communications Intelligence. I speak five languages. Do you?

      1. Do you feel/know if the military of today admired and supported Trump for the support he gave them? Propaganda and many news media have painted to the public that Trump was not well received by the military and there certainly were military men in high positions that were outspoken. Unfortunately, many have been indoctrinated against America and the true values our country stands for, especially the truth.

        1. Military ranks supported Trump. Generals & admirals end up going political. very few survive being Patton/ Swartzkoff types.

      2. I don’t believe anything personal was directed at you personally. It’s kind of like Down Escalator, jumbo shrimp, and pretty ugly. It was a poor attempt at humor. My dad was 21 years USN and did a lot of communications work during the big war, and I know it was one heck of a tough job for him. Thanks for serving.

      3. It’s a joke that has been told many times over the years. Get over yourself. Kind of like: what’s the opposite of pro? Con? So what’s the opposite of Progress? Congress. See? A joke.

    2. You seemingly know so little about serving in the military, being deployed, and the logistics required and supplied by our Intelligence officers and staffer.

      1. All that college degree means is they have lots of book learning it does not mean they are or are not smart. It also does mean they/you do or don’t have any common sense.

    3. The house intelligence committee is an oxymoron when it has members like Adam Schiff and Nadless. It should be changed to the house LACK of intelligence committee.

      1. If you have a cell phone your already being tracked. The towers pings your phone to locate it for incoming calls. Ever notice how fast police find people doing crimes or missing persons (In most cases) ? Also how fast they find people all the way across the country that run from crimes. I assume they ping their phones, Cars (Many cars have internet connection built in and are watching / listening to you. Also plate readers or AI on major highways watch for their cars and alert the police. So how do you stop the tracking? I have heard rumors that these Covid shots include nanobots that they track and also that’s why they want you to stand six feet apart because the signals get scrambled when closer. I don’t really know and there is always lots of “What if’s” out there. All I do know is GOD is still in charge and this country is going to go through a rough four years if it makes it at all. I feel the commie Obiden and Obummer are trying to take it down with the NWO and U.N. We will see. GOD BLESS and Pray for America.

        1. You are right on on all if what you said. I’ve been wanting to buy an old truck before they started putting computers in vehicles and get rid of my cell for a landline. and get rid of my computer.

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  3. The communist dementia bastard needs to be removed from office immediately. The danger to that is Kamala Harris. Our country is in serious danger.

      1. Yeah, she’s declared war on us, so that does make someone like her who’s in a position of power, very dangerous.

  4. Obama did it, so you know Biden will! There isn’t anything this corrupt government wouldn’t do now to stay in power… Petty, evil, small-minded people will do and say anything to get and stay in power!

    1. They are petulant children.

      The Supreme Court had something to say about this very issue.

  5. STASI is in full force again, this time in US. Socialists mindset does not change whether they be communist, national or woke socialists. Socialism is a disease of the mind the removes humanity and install hate.

  6. We are being forced into a communist gulag by an illegitimately elected government! As I’ve said before, I see no typical remedy, certainly not new elections 😅, not petitions, not letters and definitely not protests or marches. Breaking the blue states away from the U.S. might be a solution but it would create a very ugly national border along with other difficulties. Unpopular as it may be a civil war seems like the solution with the best chance of saving America.

    1. Those that are trying to preserve the Constitution now feel desperate to save America. Desperate times require desperate measures.

  7. Sounds like a law suit that needs to go to the Supreme Court. Those that were responsible need to go to prison. No slap on the wrist. The government continues to disregard our constitutional rights. We must make examples of those that disregard our rights. 10 years in federal prison for each offense. Go from the decision maker on down. Military has to obey LAWFUL ORDERS, not unlawful orders. Mostly likely civilians were involved with a few lawyers thrown in for good measure.

    1. You propose ONLY ten years for each offense? Nah, 20 is a lot more just followed by seizure of their assets to pay in full for the period of uncarceration then follow that up with permanent deportation.

  8. Didn’t know I lived in Communist Russia or China. Why doesn’t the Supreme Court step in and put an end to this attack on our Constitutional rights? What has happened to these Leftists that they think Conservatives or Independents don’t have a right to their own opinion? Someone has to stop these egregious attacks on the rights of people with different opinions! Someone has to stop the attacks and calls to remove Senators Cruz and Hawley for doing their job for their party and President by speaking against what they believed to be incorrect electoral votes. THIS IS AMERICA. The Democrats think they’ve been named God or at least Emperor and can rule as they wish without question. Someone please stop them!!!!!

    1. Elizabeth it’s been said that someday we won’t recognize our country. But we the people can stop the commie bastards

  9. Slow down a trifle.

    1. What is the law on this? Apparently the Defense Intelligence Agency believes it is allowed to do this-by law. Is it right or wrong?
    2. How is this to help the DIA in its function?
    3. How is it likely to adversely affect American citizens?
    1. Keep mine in a metal box. Only use for emergencies when away from home. Plus, I have VPN and change countries from time to time.

  10. the Militar Deep State , Pentagon Deep State , Intelligence Deep State….if they have accepted the Biden victory signify that Deep State has accepted the collaboration with China Communist party. Who decided to fired Trump was the Deep Pentagon Lobby….the confirm is coming also from the CIA that asked to cancel the China from the John Ratcliff Report. This my opinion from Italy. Sorry for my bad english.

  11. When are we going to be totally communist? I don’t want to be here. I imagine Apple is a big player in this sting.

  12. I served for 42+ years, because I love this country. If everyone was like and other “lifers” we would not be where we are now. I and many others put our life on the line to serve and protect every lawful/legal citizen, lowlifes included. There are great and wonderful people in this Nation. We are obliged by our oath to support and defend. The time has come to band together and file complaints in Federal Courts against those who are warring on our Constitution. I am filing in two courts against Biden, Harris and Pelosi. God bless us all and the USA>

  13. Tel commie Beijing Biden I monitor him also and if he has the guts see me in person for a TX ass whipping

  14. I was an Army Counterintelligence Officer. While operating in the US we could not conduct surveillance on US civilians unless they were involved in a counterintelligence investigation that the FBI felt was beneath them. I’m an old guy so this was before cell phones and gps in everything. I understand that the 9/11 attacks caused the wall between intelligence and law enforcement to be dropped. The DIA or any of the numerous military intelligence organizations should not, in my opinion, be gathering info on US civilians. I spent quite a bit of time in Russia and other east bloc countries and we really don’t want to operate like they did.

    For those that haven’t served in the military, it is not unusual to make fun of ourselves. I was an infantryman at first and heard all the names…grunt, pigs, idiot sticks (referring to our crossed rifles insignia). And yes military intelligence being an oxymoron. For those that haven’t served, you don’t deserve the usage of those “insults” because you haven’t earned the right to. There probably are dumb MI Officers, but I never met one. The closest, most trustworthy people I know are veterans, from all branches. Veterans have a level appreciation for freedom that civilians can never have.

  15. No government agencies should be allowed with a warrant because they CANNOT be trusted !!!!!!!
    Collecting data for commercial purposes is exactly that commercially used.

  16. Here’s the good news…. I woke up this morning, one day closer to the Rapture!

    Other than that, what are we to expect from the evil hearts of men?

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