Wikimedia Commons, By Office of the President-elect

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blasted China’s Communist government for continuing to stonewall a US investigation into the true origin of the Coronavirus. As The Daily Wire reports: 

China is still blocking U.S. scientists from entering the country to study the coronavirus, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday.

“Even today, the Chinese government hasn’t permitted American scientists to go into China, to go into not only the Wuhan lab or wherever it needs to go to learn about this virus, to learn about its origins,” Pompeo told Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle,” according to The New York Post.

The Post also reported that Hong Kong researchers estimate the number of coronavirus cases could be four times higher than China has reported. China claims no one has died from the virus since mid-April and has reported the number of cases stopped growing after just over 80,000, statistics which strain credulity.

“Look, we know it began at one [lab], but we need to figure this out. There’s an ongoing pandemic. We still don’t have the transparency and openness we need in China,” Pompeo added.

Pompeo and the Trump Administration have recently stepped up pressure on the Chinese government to come clean about the full extent of their knowledge about the virus.

On Wednesday, Pompeo also went on to call out the World Health Organization (WHO) for its massive failure in properly warning the world about the danger posed by the virus.


Jake Walker has written for American Action News since the summer of 2019. His passions include geopolitics, history, and contemporary American politics. Jake's arrival in Washington, D.C. followed a rural New England upbringing in a tight-knit family.

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bart williams
1 year ago

mike this isnt rocket science , elections are comming in november the rats are scared trump will get re-elected , the rats and china are joined at the hip, so we know whos responsible for the virus, trump2020-2024

A. D Roberts
1 year ago

1, I would not expect China a let us look. That is like asking to see their plans for world domination. They have them. Not showing
2. How long have we dealt with China. Lead in their paint. PVC in their dog food. Just about everything they make is junk. And so why do we buy our pharmacuticals from them? Want to ask how much gold they are stockpiling while we have emptied Ft. Knox? Want to ask them about their plans for their money to be the reserve currency of the world.
Who is making these decisions for us? ONE WORLD ORDER. WHY? They have to destroy our economy before we will surrender our freedoms, rights and guns.

1 year ago

The thieving Chinese just cannot be trusted under any circumstances.
The PPE and other crap they have been sending around the world is typically third-rate and as usual, there is no chance of monies being returned.
Ask Sir James DYson on that score.
Ask him also about Chinese who have ‘worked’ for him, (but in fact for their Masters in China!) and you will find that with China you just cannot win…………they only have one simple agenda………..the total furtherance of Chinese influence over the world….by hook or by crook. They are answerable to NOONE, only The Emperor Xi.
End of story.