Monday, August 3, 2020

Teenager Gets Trader Joe’s to Self-Censor

A woke high schooler with an online petition containing 1,400 signatures has gotten grocery store chain Trader Joe’s to censor itself.

Hot Air’s Karen Townsend has more:

Trader Joe’s prides itself on providing a relaxed, fun kind of shopping experience. The labels on many of its products are designed to be quirky. One of the ways the company promoted ethnic food products was by turning the Trader Joe name into a generic name of a different culture, like Trader Jose or Trader Ming. It’s a marketing gimmick. This is 2020, though, and the cancel culture mobs run our lives. The grocery chain is changing its packaging on international cuisine.

A California high school student started an online petition calling for the change. With only 1,400 names on the petition, the company is making news for caving to the demands of a few. Let’s be honest, 1,400 names on an online petition is a really small number of people these days, especially for one that criticizes a national grocery store chain. Trader Joe’s, however, says the company was already in the process of changing its labels for ethnic food products, long before the petition was created. As a matter of fact, the company claims the change was happening “long before” the petition made the news.

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“We have been in the process of updating older labels and replacing any variations with the name Trader Joe’s, and we will continue to do so until we complete this important work,” Friend-Daniel said. “At this time, I don’t have an exact date but we expect to have the work completed very soon. Packaging for a number of the products has already been changed, but there’s a small number of products in which the packaging is still going through the process.”

Of course, the grocery chain’s mea culpa and promise to change the “racist” wording on its packaging aren’t good enough for the crusading teenager.

After Trader Joe’s statement that the labeling would be changed, Bedell wrote that the company should “commit to a date in which the packaging changes will be completed. If a date cannot be established, we ask that Trader Joe’s immediately remove all products that the company recognizes have not been inclusive and have not cultivated a welcoming, rewarding customer experience.”

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12 days ago

1,400 signatures …& Trader Joe folds like a cheap suit…If I produce 1.401 will they bring those items back ? Absolutely Ridiculous .. Joe’s has signed it own DEATH KNELL. I like many WILL NOT BE SHOPPING THERE EVER AGAIN.. BYE-BYE , or should i say ..CIAO…ADIOS…ADIEU…

11 days ago
Reply to  Ronnie

I agree, Trader Joe’s ethnic names such as Trader Jose for Mexican products are not offensive and these teenagers need to get a life and stop the idiotic censoring of products.
We should boycott many of the other corporations that folded or gave money to the radical racist BLM as well. We outnumber the whack jobs who are pushing this and they should take notice that our money is just as green.

9 days ago


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