Tuesday, April 7, 2020

California Inches Closer to Tyranny

California’s “progressive” Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom is a piece of work. He has alerted the state’s National Guard Commander to be ready in case he has to impose “Martial Law” as part of California’s war on the Coronavirus.

Governor Newsom has already closed the Golden State’s public schools and said earlier this week that few if any will reopen at all this year. He also stated that he is seeking a federal waiver so that while parents are being urged to take advantage of on-line learning, California’s students will not have to be tested on whatever they learn this year because, as he put it, “it is totally inappropriate for kids to worry about coming back and being tested.”

Meanwhile bars, clubs and gyms are also closed – and the state is reopening several closed hospitals and negotiating with some 900 hotels to rent tens of thousands of rooms in case California’s hospitals can’t handle all those needing help.

Actually, many if not most of the hotel rooms the Governor wants are not slated to house patients, but to house the state’s burgeoning homeless population. Nearly half of all the homeless in the United States are to be found in California according to a recent government study – and the Governor has been arguing that the state should provide them housing at taxpayer expense. It looks as though he is making that happen – under the guise of protecting them from the Coronavirus. 

It seems that like former Clinton White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, Newsom doesn’t want to let a crisis go to waste when he can use it as cover to accomplish other goals.

Newsom reminded people in a press conference that “we have the ability to do martial law … if we feel the necessity” if citizens don’t do as instructed by the state’s political leadership.

Across the state, residents have been told not to leave their homes except for food, medicine and other essentials and groups of more than ten in any location are discouraged if not banned. Much of this parallels what other states and cities are doing, but in California one group of “essential” retail establishments that are being allowed to remain open are the hundreds of marijuana shops in places like San Francisco.

The state’s potheads need marijuana and the Governor isn’t going to stand in their way. Marijuana retailers are classed with grocery stores and pharmacies as essential to the survival and “well-being” of state residents.

A Reuters reporter talked recently to marijuana dealers in the San Francisco Bay area who told him proudly that there are more people lined up to buy pot than groceries.

One dealer told the reporter that “We’re a necessary service. People need this (marijuana) for medical purposes and recreation.” The Coronavirus may be a serious threat, but Governor Newson for one isn’t about to let it get in the way of his state’s voters and their recreational needs. 

So crisis or not, California is still California.

David A. Keene
David A. Keene
David Keene has been at the center of conservative politics for decades. He is a former Chairman of the Young Americans for Freedom and the American Conservative Union and has served as the elected President of the National Rifle Association. He worked as a campaign consultant, lobbyist and commentator. His writing has appeared in Human Events, National Review and many other conservative publications and remains Editor at Large for The Washington Times after more than four years as the paper’s Opinion Editor.


  1. California is also inching closer to the deaths of all tyrants. In their arrogance, they will never see it coming till it is at their door.

      • guns stores in California, are sold out. there all closed. the lines were terrible. Newson is going to do to California,what he did by screwing up San Fransico. The homeless population is worse there than LA.

        • It is on purpose. You see, the elite, ONE WORLD ORDER will not be able to take control until they have destroyed our dollar and our economy
          The 2 trillion bill just passed by the Democrats, which includes 15 billion to GIVE to Africa, will cause inflation. The shutting of most business will take the economy down. And why is there a shortage of TOILET PAPER? That is just crazy

      • Google “Crisis on Federal Street”. It is an amazing video about poverty and our government. Most of you will never watch this – but everyone in the country should….

        • AOL is doing the same thing to us. I am a paid subscriber and have been since 1995. After I have signed into my email account, when trying to post on a comment on one of their home page stories there is a box at the bottom that says “sign in to post”. Yet there is no place to sign in. You have to exit out, l go back to the article or reply to and start over. I have to do that as many as five times before it would let me post my comment. I have seen some one post and say, “have you seen what AOL IS DOING TO THE CONSERVATIVES? MAKING THEM SIGN IN TO POST!!! LOL” There is not a damn thing funny about it!!!! It is merely cesorship hoping we give up and not post our thoughts….

    • Communist , and all other despotic rulers, love having a DUMBED DOWN population that is also un-armed. unarmed both mentally and with the ability to defend Themselves against both organized gangs or an out of control government.


          • Stephanie
            There is nothing to “understand”. It is right in front of your face. Our culture since the end of WW2 has been “give the kids what they want, no work or grace to earn it”. Now it is what they NEED! There is no such thing as WANT anymore~~it is NEED. I NEED this, I NEED that. And parents are too lazy or ignorant to DISCIPLINE their kids. Each generation is worse. Now kids THREATEN parents with reporting them to authorities if they’re looked at cross-eyed. None of these kids know what it is to WORK and EARN privileges. EVRYBODY gets a trophy lest their little overcharged egos be offended. I am glad I grew up when I did. I learned how to be responsible, and I know that dad had ANOTHER use for his belt other than to hold up his pants! Parents, YOU brought this on yourselves. Now deal with it!

    • If any of my children, grandchildren or even my ex wife are seriously injured or hurt by this idiot and his band of goofy gumdrops there will be a bloodbath of such proportions that the entire National Guard will not be able to deal with. Semper Fi. Martial Law by the state will be countered by martial law by the feds and the fed law is above the state law(s). Even Guv Gruesome would not escape the wrath of relatives whose loved ones suffer seriously by Guv Goon’s and his band of gumdrops. stupid intentional conduct. And the FBI knows who I am

      • I used to love listening to Gildersleeve on the radio. His Hrumph was special! On the serious side this situation you mentioned could easily end up in a civil war…loonie libs against the rest of us. These Leftie politicians need to be held accountable with their lives for deaths of their responsibility. If we leave it go then we will get what we deserve!

      • It was THROCKmorton P. Gildersleeve. I remember the radio program — I’m 80+ years old. A funny character he was!

        • Congratulations old friend. I’m eighty-two myself and we both know more about what’s going on than the vast majority of Americans. We have seen it all.

          • SAME age here! Even sat in front of a radio when Pearl Harbor was being bombed. Still young enough to know it was bad, but TOO young to understand it all!

      • And the trouble is, they are bringing their STUPID POLITICS with them! Just like illegal aliens (I refuse to call them “immigrants”) want to come to THIS country, don’t want to learn the language, get a job, live off the dole and DEMAND more. Schools don’t teach anymore. They succumb to the prevailing population and their ethnic languages and customs.

      • We have nothing to offer any libtards and we don’t want anymore coming here we have to many right now and they are truly idiots lidrals trying to bring their ways with them. So they can just stay ithere in Commiefornia the land of nuts and fruits. We don’t need snowflakes up here and we don’t like them to begin with so to all commifornia’s keep out of our state.

      • I lived my entire life in arizona .60 years and i just moved to Texas because those dumb ass Californians kept moving to Arizona like refugees. Then the idiots kept voting the same way they did until Arizona is now turning just like California. Now i see that Texas is not far behind. God i pray that Q is real

      • Tony you need to wake up buddy. The only tyrants and traitors are the demoncratic party. If you can’t see that you must be blind. Do yourself a favor do some research and you will see truth look to history and facts don’t believe what cnn tells you are any of the fake news. Look it up online it will be ok. The main thing is having faith in GOD as he is the only savior man can’t rule man.

      • May I say, Tony, you are a jerk! President Trump has done a better job then Obama (even though Obama has political experience; Wait, he served a partial term in Congress; gone most of the time). With Trump we have had true leadership. What he doesn’t know, he seeks out advice (may not always follow it). What he does know, he uses it to the fullest (for the good of the country). Even being constantly attacked by the Dumbocrats, he has gotten a lot done. I hope he has 4 more years to build a wall, push the economy forward, stop the murdering of children, bring this nation together (if the Demos and never Trump will work with him) and stop the discrimination against law abiding citizens. So Tony, put on a better, clearer pair of glasses.


      • PLEASE add the idiot mayor of LA, especially since this pandemic is hitting us all hard. Oh sorry , garchetti would not like to disturb them or any illegals. They come first before WE THE PEOPLE, who are taxpayers!

    • What a disgusting festering piece of rotten SHIT! Seems nothing’s off the table with gavin ‘giveaway the store for free’ newsom. Of course this ass wipe’s going to designate the fancy hotels for the homeless instead of the many gravely ill people, as if he gave a rats ripe ass about the hardworking taxpayers, many who’re sick with this virus that he’s robbing blindly to finance all of his utopian socialist projects. Who in their right mind votes for slugs like this who treat the residents like walking ATM’S, constantly jacking up the taxes and lying about the purpose all while nothing gets done and the place hits the S*****T, and sadly’s become the ‘doo doo’ capital of the USA. I’ll leave you to figure out the reason. Really this lying, thieving ass wipe will destroy California if he’s not stopped by whatever means possible. There was a recent recall being circulated and it failed, had to be on legal sized paper otherwise the signed sheets were deemed ‘invalid’ Am I missing something here? How can people allow this bastard to have his way with the peoples lives and the future of this former golden state that’s now Americas version of the third world! The fact that he’s ‘nasty’ nancy ‘pigliosi’s nephew speaks volumes.

      • Yeah I agree his new name should newscum! Just got a letter saying water is going up! Hey scummy, seek PERMISSION to build water plants off CA shore like the carriers used to desalinate water were needed!. Build them out 10 to 15 miles in the driest parts of CA! JOBS galore, run pipelines into at least 3 different places along the coast! Buoys to mark off where pipelines are. We can even sell it like we do nat/gas to the dry states. It would be a win win, and our farmers and animals could have all the water needed, AND we would not be taxed to DEATH! Use your brain for a change, money does not grow on trees!

  2. I can’t believe anyone In their right mine would want to live In California and be under progressive rule.
    Now the homeless will destroy the Motels and God knows what else.
    Maybe It wouldn’t be a bad Ideal If they did go on their own.

  3. Since Newsome has some “friends” in the Castro District in San Fransissy, he should be more worried about Hep than the flu.

    • At the ballot box. As soon as Californian’s get their heads out o their asses and start voting conservative, CA will continue it’s death spiral.

      • I fully agree with you. California is turning into a Venezuela type situation. I used to live in California and I loved it there. However, since Nick Madnuwson took control of Kalifornia, and that idiot Comrade Newson is now the dictator, it has turned a beautiful state into a huge dump. Maduro and Castro must be sooo proud!!

      • I believe the tide is beginning to turn.

        As a CA conservative, let me say that your comments are wrong. It’s not a case of what conservatives must do. We have been voting conservative. But there is more to it than that. What we deal with here is no different that you find in other states with large cities. The cities lean liberal, and the rural areas lean conservative. Unfortunately, the liberal density in the cities trumps the conservative density in rural areas (which make up some 94% of the land mass of the state). What needs to be done, among other things, is for POTUS to continue to install federal judges who stand by the Constitution as it was written and intended (according to the men who actually wrote it). And, those politicians who in any way infringe upon Constitutional rights, need to be punished (and severely). In CA, every politician, in accordance with the state constitution, swears to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and the State of California… and that oath must be posted on the wall of their office.

        • I agree with you totally. I too am a California conservative and am noticing there seems to be a change beginning in this state. People are fed up with the California mafia and are starting to change their voting. Most Americans will tolerate for a time then when they tire of the wrong and then it’s Katy bar the Door get out of the line of fire.

        • And that would mean NO NO illegals in any office city or state positions! Some rat in frisco says well their kids go to school here so they should have some say! Or H/P picks illegals in positions that TRUE citizens should have. ILLEGALS HAVE NO SAY IN OUR COUNTRY! And anyone in a position that allows it should be JAILED and fined!

      • Far too MANY thugs head the government, same rich evil people calling the shots. Thats why nasty shows up every now and then! Needs to get her talking points from the evil ones! Born and raised here and too old to move. Makes me sick to see what these evil ones are doing to it!

    • To Jack. It was done through control of the media by special-interest groups that are of a globalist (read puppet master) mindset. They control the media through interlocking boards of directors and outright stock holdings. Now you know how it happened.

      • And someone had a list of all the talking heads of stations and the leaders in DC! They are told what to say and can twist it any way they want, just make it mean what they are told to say! And the list had how all the dc heads were related to station heads! Wish I knew how to copy it. Whom ever posted it please do it again! We the People need to know why the news is so fake. Watch the sayings, BOMBSHELL THIS JUST IN WE HAVE IT ON GOOD AUTHORITY SOURCES SAY…… ALL THE SAME, TALKING PUPPETS!

    • to easy an answer. Just look a the party of the elected officials. And the answer is obvious. Just look at the states that are in deep trouble from the Chinese Virus. California, New York, and Washington state. The three most liberal states in the USA. That give you a hint.

      • You need to consider, too, that Chinese visitors to the USA from infected areas, arrive in CA first. How many were traveling that were infected before the crises was revealed? Taiwan claims they notified the World Health Organization of the caronavirus back in December.

        This is why open borders are a major mistake. We have people from all over, carrying who knows what, seeking uncontrolled entry into the land of streets paved with gold.

  4. The covert Sanctuary State of Hawaii’s 1-Party Democrat-Regime is fast catching up with those other but bigger communist States like California!

    Makaala, Hawaii! The SHTF already, and corrupt politicians are pushing even Hawaii into tyranny behind the red flag of the flu !!!

  5. Governor Newsom is out of his fricking mind. He will really cause a citizen’s revolt if he were to institute martial law. What a jerk. I’m glad that I moved out of California 16 years ago when I had the chance. I just hope my other kids and grandkids get the heck out as well.

    • And I hope you brought a Republican voting record with you and do intervention with any other new refugees from there..

  6. If I lived in California, I would make sure that any federal money from the emergency funds that were appropriated from Congress does NOT go to the housing of the homeless as this article suggests. The homeless problem is a state problem not a federal problem. California should be taking care of this. They had this problem long before the pandemic.
    This is the problem you will have when a politician gets “free” money. They will use it to solve problems they created or were created by other administrations

  7. just in case you forgot or perhaps were not aware, Comrade Newsome is Nancy Pelosi’s nephew. The Brown’s, the Newsome’s, the Pelosi’s, and the Getty family have been running california for 60 years. take a good look at california, this is exactly where pelosi intends to take the US

  8. the entire pelousy family needs to be used for rope tests..just use the golden gate bridge then california can re-name it the GOLDEN GRATEFUL BRIDGE

  9. Newsom is a piece of work. He is the consummate democrat. His policies and politics go hand in hand. He has failed California and America knows it (unfortunately, Californians still vote for the Newsoms, Schiffs, and Pelosis of this world {and California} even though they continue to fail both California and the American People. His Royal Highness, Gavin Newsom, will rule California and be its lifetime Governor (or King) before this Pandemic is over. He will rid his state of those mettlesome conservatives and Republicans. California is becoming (or has become) a lost cause for anyone who truly cares about American values anymore. California Democrats, walk away. This is the leadership your party has chosen for your once great state, walk away before it is too late. Stop Newsom and his drive to power by walking away, please!

    • MUST STOP his and nastys mob family and the other 2 who have wayyyy too much money and power to back it. Gotta wonder if sorass is one of the mob buddies. Wouldn’t it be nice to see them and the hollyweirdos taken down a few pegs!

  10. WOW…I never knew that marijuana was the key to anyone’s survival or well being!! Sounds like he just wants to keep a y’all stoned so he can do anything he wants with that state. Y’all better be careful….

  11. The Peoples Republic of California has been a TYRANNY for ages. Along with food and medicine, ammo should be considered a necessity. Don’t leave home without it.

  12. If did call for martial law could he call for gun confiscation, wouldn’t put it past this progressive Communist power hungry jerk.

  13. Californication is one of the ground zero bullseye for this virus. If ever there was a place in this country, besides NYC, for this disease to flourish and thrive it is in these two places. Combine that with any other Demoncratic run city and state, the statistics will probably prove conclusively that area’s of the country run by and controlled by Demoncrats and have the most influences by Liberals, progressives, LGBTQ, commies and radical left of every ilk, will be hardest hit with virus infections and death. Why? The powers that be don’t really care about the everyday person. They have a huge number of homeless, drug problems, gang wars, poorly run and deteriorating neighborhoods, and lawlessness that can not be addressed by the proper authority’s because these governments hogtie their law enforcement agencies. If ever a clearer picture of how a society breaks down at every level when under Demoncrat influences this will be a case study. Will these places actually see what sane Americans see about the radical left? Probably not. They will just dig in harder to push their ideologies and throw blame on the rest of Americans who actually work for the betterment of all and actually come up with solid solutions. Talk is cheap. Giving everything for free and being the “nanny state” is counter productive and a failure. It takes away freedoms by controlling thoughts, actions and deeds, stifles creativity and innovations and leaves people with a sense of defeat and hopelessness. While the left throws up their hands and cries about doom and points fingers, the right actually forms a cohesive and helpful plan to move through crises. Talk is cheap. Action is constructive. That’s why we see how much the “do NOTHING” Demoncratic House of Representatives and Senators, for the most part have failed the country their constituents and the citizens by making every effort either a failure or a chaotic mess. Shut up, get out of the way and let the sane steer the ships away from the rocks. To my knowledge there has not been ONE idea out of the Demoncratic Party since the election of Trump that has had ANYTHING that has achieved ANYTHING worth a lick!!!

  14. This piece of crap Governor had better re-read the specific laws on Martial law. His special orders don’t qualify it’s use.

  15. The New Bear flag revolt is about to burn all the commies in Cali. Grizzly claws are coming out. The California Nightmare is about to return to California Dreaming again!

  16. Scary that you elect these people over and over. Turn your state city by city into a third world country and now when the proverbial chickens come home to roost you complain and threaten. Take you state bsck at the ballot box, be quite or move. Not to Texas please, we have enough qho leave theirstate but bring their failed politics with them.

  17. Yes I agree with everyone the homeless population is out of control and California keeps offering more freebies so no wonder everyone comes from other states to California to take advantage of all the free stuff which taxpayers have to pay for I for one would love to leave California as a God fearing Second Amendment supporting freedom-loving Christian just like New York I’m not welcome here anymore.

  18. California and Newyork the most populous state lead by Marxist Fascists who hate Trump so much they prefer civil war to an elections – and they are pushing for Civil war because they know they have no hope at the polls. Thew Wuhan pandemic is just the excuse they begged the Chinese for. And also “coincidentally” the Seasonal Flue Vaccine chosen last spring of 2019 is world wide in both hemispheres entirely ineffective against both the seasonal flu and the Wuhan Virus – and in 2017 they knew the Wuhan virus was imminent. And now American Governors of Blue states are pushing for Martial law in case people want freedom of association and wont stay in their houses ? You cant make this stuff up.

  19. Its a virus were trying to eradicate not providing housing for the homeless you dumb SOB! Leave it to a lib to never let a crisis go to waste,at $120 a nite for a motel room plus damage deposit that should add up to a little over $3600 a month.These motels for the homeless will become breeding grounds for virus’s that will make the Corona virus look like a runny nose.

  20. Certainly better than the President and Fox telling millions of people that

    The virus is a hoax
    It’s being contained
    It’s totally contained
    It’ll go away with warm weather
    It’s ok to continue going to work
    It’ll go away “like a miracle”
    It’s something cooked up by the Democrats to make him look bad
    Anyone who wants a test can get a test

    This is the same Administration that *drew on a map with a Sharpie* to contradict what experts were saying about hurricanes making landfall.

    Rather have people getting high and staying home than a feckless, reckless government* wontonly lying to the public. We’re a laughingstock.

  21. Liquor stores are also remaining open as an “essential service!” I’d love to move, but we have very deep roots here.

  22. Dumbass liberals think they want to start a war.
    It ain’t going to turn out well for them.
    Semper Fi! Hooray for us and FC’K you!

  23. This is why the state of California is now begging the Federal government for Medical supplies, Food and Money. As they spent billions on aiding ILLEGAL ALIENS and Criminals. They could have improved the medical System instead.They could have upgraded they’re hospitals. But NO they spend it on supporting ILLEGAL ALIENS AND CRIMINALS. Let them be last at the government trough for aid of any kind.

  24. California with the most incompetent and clueless DemocRAT Polyicians it is know wonder this state is a catastrophe in the making! They care more for illegal criminals than the citizens of this country! The DemocRAT Mayors cannot solve any problems and cater to the criminal and doggie population! I hope the citizens will vote them out of office and maybe will get some sanity back,

  25. Extend The Wall block off California & Stop California liberals from entering the USA!! Maybe think about selling the state to Mexico!!!

  26. Just another step in dumbing down the population so they can gain more control.My question is why isn’t the federal government doing more to stop this lunacy of stepping on the rights of the people????

  27. Academia has hijacked our younger generation and filled their heads with leftist propaganda. Many studies confirm that approximately 90% of the college-level and high school educators in our country are left to extreme left. Is it any wonder then why so many of our young people graduate with strong attitudes regarding global warming, open borders, free education, free healthcare, trans-gender acceptability, globalism, anti-religion, life of the unborn, anti-capitalism, anti-Constitution, etc. America needs to take our schools and universities and re-establish traditional values.

  28. Just glad not to live in a dim wit state nor live in a city full of illegal aliens and joined by dim wit lemmings like those in Hollyweed. The chinese virus is bad enough without all the other BS.

  29. Some never missa chance to make a big issue of anything a state which has a Democratic State Governor. Now this article is so rediculious about every thing that it say, now California ias and is not doing everything every other state is doing. Now when every other state is making arrangen\ment to get the homeless off the street and tested, just like Califormia is, no about the Marijuana stores staying open that also is being done in every state along with places that sell rdrinkable alcohol in any form, not one state has made or suggested the Liquor stores be closed, just saying how many can be in the store at one time.
    It does make the person or persons who write this CRAP look like total idiots, or biased racist persons.

  30. As I am 71 year old native Californian, I can only say one thing, “I WISH I HAD MOVED TO TEXAS 40 YEARS AGO!”

    But California has a lot of things to brag about, the highest taxes and housing costs in the U.S., a giant state debt, a public school system that rates in the bottom 5, but our teachers are the highest paid in the U.S., the highest poverty and illiteracy rates in America with 1/3 of all the U.S. welfare cases.

    The Socialist/Democrats have accomplished miracles! (That stink!)

  31. Hotels, opening closed hospitals….where are the nurses for these beds coming from? ICU nursing is a special skill set that is not learned overnight!!

  32. in case you did not know or where uniformed Comrade Newsome is Nancy Pelosi’s nephew. The cabal of the Browns, the Newsomes, the Pelosi’s, and the Getty’s having been running California into the ground for the last 60 years. They have forced millions of freedom loving property owner tax payer Californians to flee the state in the last 8 years. Billions of dollars of businesses have left, millions of jobs have left the state and continue, how much longer my fellow citizens will we allow the destruction of California before we take action?

  33. Acquire democomm center mass in sight picture.
    Breath in. Let half breath out. Carefully squeeze trigger…do not jerk…follow through with eyes open.


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